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25 Gift Ideas for Hikers: Something for everybody

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Looking for amazing gift ideas for hikers? We got you covered. In this post, we have teamed up with hiking pros to share some of the best hiking accessories and versatile travel products that are perfect for stocking stuffers and everyday gifts for yourself or your loved one!

All of the hiking gifts and accessories mentioned in this guide are from Amazon and REI & REI Outlet. I am sure, you will find something for everybody, and for all the budget levels.

25 Gift Ideas for Hikers: From Casual Hikers to the Pro

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Waterproof Jacket: Columbia Arcadia Rain Jacket

One of the essential hiking items in my arsenal is my rain jacket by Columbia. This waterproof jacket is super lightweight, and packable plus it allows for generous movement in the trails. I enjoy wearing my Columbia Arcadia Jacket in the morning, evening, or in high altitude hikes. 

I own the jacket in black and have been using it for years. Other than the fact that it is lightweight, I like its adjustable hood and the drawcord. It keeps me dry when it’s pouring, or when I am cold in the woods. The zippered hand pockets are great to store small knick-knacks like Airpods, keys, or zip-ties. The jacket is made up of nylon and is machine washable at home. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is also one of the nicest gift ideas for hikers and travelers alike, and due to its versatility I am sure the recipient will be thrilled. 

Garmin Mini Satellite Communicator 

This satellite communicator is a must for outdoors for staying in touch and communicate when needed. It is like a safety guard. This Garmin inReach Mini is compact, a palm-sized satellite communicator for sending and receiving text messages in case of emergency. You can also use it to track and share hiking and outdoor adventures. Use this to trigger an SOS alert to contact the GEOS 24/7 emergency response team.

Remember that this is meant to keep you safe, it is not going to help you for long chit-chats. When you buy this, you will need a subscription for it to work which is easily manageable online.

Cute Enamel Mugs: For Beverages 

Who wouldn’t love cutesy mugs for coffee? This makes for such an amazing gift, especially with a focus print of a hike, camp, or road – to fuel wanderlust. These mugs are lightweight and very easy to clean. They hold 12 oz of hot or cold beverages. 

These mugs are super versatile – from hikes, picnics, camping, road trips, and even usage at home! 

Here are some more options for you to choose from to gift your loved one!

Water Bottles: Lifestraw water bottle 

Recommended by Campbell and Alya from stingynomads.com

We do a lot of hiking and camping all over the world, from day hikes around Vancouver to multi-day hikes in the Himalayas, and never go anywhere without our Lifestraw bottles. The Lifestraw water bottle contains a powerful filter that makes most water drinkable by removing more than 99% of waterborne bacteria, protozoan parasites, filtering to 0.2 microns. 

The availability of water is often not a problem hiking or camping, but the water is not always drinkable without purification. Chlorine or iodine tablets are often used to sterilize water by campers but leaves an unpleasant taste and some water filtration system or devices are complicated and take time to filter water. 

With the Lifestraw no preparation is necessary, you just fill the bottle and drink through the attached straw, sucking the water through the affective filter. The product surpasses EPA filter standard since there is no chemical treatment the taste of water is not affected and no batteries are required. 

Stuff Sack: HMG Stuff Sack

For those looking for a stuff sack to store anything and everything from hammocks, camera gear, knick-knacks and more – get or gift this Hyperlite Mountain Gear Stuff Sack. This one is super durable and well made. It comes with a draw string with cord lock to keep the items secure inside. 

It is also 100% waterproof.

Hiking DayPack: Columbia Sportswear Northport Day Pack

Recommended by Paulina from Paulina On the Road

Backpacks are prominent hiking gears, especially for many of us, who are fond of hiking. After trying and testing many other brand-backpacks for hiking, I discovered that nothing could be more suitable than a day backpack from Columbia, known for being an affordable, sustainable fashion brand. Indeed, Columbia effortlessly combines functionality and fashion to design the fittest Hiking gear and accessories.

Currently, I have been using the Columbia Sportswear Northport Day Pack, as it’s the perfect track companion to help me while hiking through locations seamlessly. This Columbia day backpack can accommodate everything comfortably required for hiking, including sufficient water, snacks, headlamp, clothes, etc. 

The key features of my backpack include 600D-82T Polyester, weighing only 1.2 pounds and having padded shoulder straps with air-mesh, along with reflective safety accents. Alongside this, this bag has a main compartment, an organizer, a table/laptop sleeve, and side pockets to keep all my valuable items, such as phone, house keys, etc. 

Using this day backpack on a sudden or usual hiking trip, whether when traveling solo or in groups’ is essentially an ideal hiking gear for me. Besides that, I also prefer to purchase jackets, shoes, sleeping bags, etc. from the Columbia brand as well for hiking purposes. 

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Sleeping Bags: Lightweight hiking sleeping bag

To lay down in luxury, look no further than the Sleepingo Sleeping bag. This one is a perfect gift for a couple who loves to hike, and backpack. The sleeping bag is super comfortable, and you can use it in crisp fall evenings too (without additional insulation).

The outer shell is made of waterproof and camping grade polyester fabric, and is of queen size (2 sleeping bags zipped together, can be unzipped). The bag also comes with 2 pillows, and rolls up into a pouch, which is lightweight to carry for your backpacking/hiking trips.  Weight is less than 6lbs. 

Perfect gift for car camping too! 

Polarized Sunglasses: RayBan Erika

I LOVE my RayBan Erika in Polarized lenses. Just that it fits me well (on my tiny nose), and looks great in photos. RayBan is a world leader in sunglasses, and their line up of designs and frames are amazing. You can choose from various shapes, lenses and fit.

Camera Tripod: UBeesize Phone Tripod

This is one of our recent purchases and we love it! UBeesize is a very affordable tripod, perfect for cellphones as well as lightweight cameras like point & shoot and mirrorless cameras. We use it with our iPhones and Sony A6000, which are compact and lightweight. 

At 1.2 pounds, this is a perfect gift idea for hikers who love photography.

Solar Charger: 30000mAh, Qi Wireless Solar Power Bank

A solar charger is a must on your outdoor adventures from hiking, camping to backpacking trips. Highly recommend this charger, which is equipped with a 30000mAh wireless solar power bank. The solar panel is of high quality and it comes with an LCD display and flashlights.

The inbuilt flashlights are super handy outdoors (in case you forget yours). This solar bank comes with 3 outputs so you can charge your camera, and 2 of your cell-phone/s.

Hiking Boots or Shoes: Columbia Peakfreak X2 Outdry

Recommended by Mario from Rest And Recuperation.it

This is one thing I always recommend my readers to buy if they are preparing for a hiking trip: good shoes. And my favorite ones are the Columbia Peakfreak X2 Outdry. 

I bought them after being advised by a friend who owns a shoes-shop and never regretted it. I am now at my second pair and they accompanied me everywhere: Cambodian jungle, African savannah, monsoon season in Bangladesh, the Alps, Chapada Diamantina in Brazil and many more places. 

The old models had a little imperfection on the sole, fixed with the new model from Columbia. The best hiking shoes I have ever tried, I will go ahead buying the same model until the day that they will stop producing them!

Hiking socks: Darn Tough Socks

One of the must have hiking accessories are socks, and Darn Tough Socks are the best hiking gifts especially amazing stocking stuffers. These are no slip and no blister socks. Very comfortable to wear, seamless and feels close to skin. And did you hear? NO BLISTERS!

The material is comfortable to wear and is moisture-wicking. It pulls moisture away from the skin, and is fast drying too. You don’t have to worry about all-day wear, as the socks are naturally antimicrobial and it repels bacteria and odor. 

Note that the socks are made in the USA, and are made of Merino Wool.

Insulated Tumbler: Yeti Rambler Colster

So in LOVE with this tall tumbler from Yeti. At 16 oz Yeti Colster keeps your drinks really cold for a long period of time (hikes, camping or commutes). It’s Load-and-Lock gasket is very easy to work with, and the insulation is doubled walled.

This tumbler is made up of stainless steel, and it is easy to clean, and the color (in black) doesn’t fade after repeated washing. I have put it in the dishwasher too, and it has not chipped or worn off, definitely a great gift idea for hikers.

Hammock: Wise Owl for Outdoors

LOVE this superlight hammock for hiking and time outdoors. Made of nylon (heavy duty 210T parachute nylon), this hammock by Wise Owl is compact and super easy to carry on your trails. You can choose between single or double material for the hammock. Single is good for one person, and double for two.

The hammock, as a gift for hikers, is not expensive, and can be used as a stocking stuffer too.

Hiking Poles: Cascade Mountain Trekking Poles

By Beth at Frugal Female Abroad

Hiking poles are one of the most underrated pieces of hiking equipment. They should be one of the essential items you take on your next hike. 

The main reason for this is because they help to reduce the weight on your legs when you are going down hills or stairs. They help to transfer the weight through your upper body, reducing pressure and keeping your knees a lot happier. When you are going up hills or stairs, they help to support your weight also. 

Many times, on a hike I’ve shared my hiking poles as my hiking buddy hasn’t brought theirs and they needed the extra support. The benefits of using them cannot be understated.  

There are two types of hiking poles. They are either telescopic or fold down. Each has its pros and cons. Telescopic poles will pack down thinner, but they will still be relatively long. Fold-down poles pack down chunkier, but they end up shorter. Fold-down ones are perfect for if you are packing your poles in a suitcase or into your backpack.

First Aid Kit for Safety

A first aid kit is a must for your hiking adventures. We always keep one in our car, and in our daypack when we are out and about exploring. It is super handy for small bruises, scraps and cuts in the trail.

This first aid kit is Canadian – Canada made and has over 130 pieces of comprehensive FDA-approved essentials required for emergency survival items. The kit is very compact, yet it holds all the pieces inside a lightweight and water-resistant case.

You can easily see all the contents inside the case in different compartments. 

Survival Kit: ACVCY Survival Tin Kit

You can go a step further from a first aid kit, and gift this survival kit for your hiking friends. The ACVCY is an emergency kit that comes with 14 essential items, including a Flashlight, Multi-use Spork, Rope, Water Bottle Clip, Tactical Folding Knife, Pocket Blower, Carabiner, Survival Bracelet, Emergency Blanket, and Tactical Waist Pack. (plus Fishing Hook, Fishing Lure, and Fishing line).

The survival items are stored in a bag, which is durable and well made to last you a long period of time. You can easily refill them. The kit is compact, and easy to carry. 

We keep one in our car as well. And when we are camping, it is securely attached to our backpack.

Folding Chair: Coleman Portable Camping Chair

One of our absolute favorite outdoor gear is a folding chair – this is handy for hikes, camping, and picnics in our parks. Coleman Portable Chair is best used for camping. The chair is of a generous size. It comes with a built-in armrest cooler that can hold up to four cans. The chair weighs 4+ kg or 8.12 pounds.

If you want something just for hikes, opt for Coleman’s Mesh Foldable Chair. This chair is manufactured by the same brand – Coleman but is lighter at 250 pounds. This is an excellent chair, and the mesh back makes it cool! Read reviews here

Arm Sleeves: Eclipse Sun Sleeves

Submitted by Stephanie from Poppin’ Smoke

We do a lot of hiking while traveling, and our most indispensable gear includes arm sleeves. Arm sleeves offer convenient, comfortable protection from the sun, bugs, and sharp bushes, but they are easy to take off and stuff in your backpack when you don’t need them. They can also provide extra warmth at high altitudes. 

If you’re traveling and expect to do a lot of hiking at your destination, arm sleeves help you pack light, because you can bring them to wear with any t-shirt instead of bringing short- AND long-sleeved shirts.

A few features we look for in arm sleeves include: a good sun protection factor (SPF), breathable material (a feature that is often lacking in some of the cheaper versions), and sleeves that can be worn to cover the backs of our hands (these sleeves have a thumb hole). 

Sizing is important because they need to be tight enough so that they don’t slip down your arm, but if they are too snug, they won’t be comfortable.  

Head Lamp: Black Diamond HeadLamp

A very handy hiking accessory is a headlamp. This Black Diamond® Storm 375 Headlamp is super  powerful, yet it is small and compact that you won’t feel a thing! It’s PowerTap™ functionality is amazing, you can use the tap option on the right side of the unit to instantly transition to full power.

You will love that it is waterproof and dustproof. And it comes with an LED battery level indicator on the left to let you know when a charge is due.

Swiss Knife: Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Having a pocket knife with you on your trails is a good thing. This one is by Victorinox and is made in Switzerland. Of very high quality, this pocket knife is composed of eleven stainless-steel tools, including a bottle opener, can opener, tweezers, toothpick and more. 

It is very well made and durable, I am sure you know that!

Microfiber Towels: Amazon Basics

Microfiber towels in small size is an absolute life saver in hikes, camping or road trips. Use them to clean, wipe off face/hands!

This pack of towels from AmazonBasics is a steal. Its a pack of 24 and I keep a few in the kitchen, car, and travel/hiking backpack.

Beautiful National Parks Passes

Find out amazing gift ideas for hikers from essential safety gear to hiking inspiration & versatile products for yourself or your loved one! National Park passes

Every hiker and outdoor lover will enjoy a year of free National Park pass. The first one here is for the USA – America My Beautiful Pass. This pass covers entrance fee for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle or up to 4 adults at sites that charge per person (kids 15 & under get in free). Pass is valid for 1 year from the month of purchase. 

This National Park Pass is a very thoughtful gift for the recipient and their family/friends. 

In Canada, opt for the Discovery Pass to visit all of our parks for history, nature, and outdoor adventures. The pass can be purchased online and shipped your residential address. Pass is valid for a year after purchase.

Backpacking outdoor adventures by REI

Find out amazing gift ideas for hikers from essential safety gear to hiking inspiration & versatile products for yourself or your loved one!
Hiking Adventures

If you or your loved one is new to hiking, camping, and backpacking outdoor adventure, then opt for a guided tour with REI Adventures. These pre-packaged trips are led by an experienced tour guide in the US, and they have something for all levels (beginner to advanced levels of outdoor experience). 

You can choose from a variety of packages or destinations, and duration of your trip!

Hiking Guide Book Inspiration

The Appalachian Trail: Celebrating America’s Hiking Trail is ONE of the finest books that you can read on outdoorsy inspiration. The hard cover book is filled with more than 300 spectacular imagery with many unpublished historical photos, documents, and maps. Included in the book is a removable and full-size copy of the official National Park Service’s map of the entire Appalachian Trail to start your own adventures. 

I am sure your recipient will LOVE this thought hiking gift!

To inspire wanderlust everyday, give any of these Hiking & Backpacking guides to your loved one.

So there you have it! These are the 25 best gifts for hikers of all levels. Do you have a personal favorite?


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