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Welcome to Canada Crossroads – a Travel & Expat Blog! 

We are Mayuri & Salil, an Indian-Canadian couple living in Alberta, Canada. We moved to Canada in 2009, and have been calling it home ever since. 

Canada Crossroads is a travel resources website featuring destination and itinerary planning, moving, and living in Canada/expat stories to get you all excited about this beautiful country!

We love to travel and live and work full-time in Canada. We are out and about exploring cities and national/provincial parks every weekend, and enjoy road trips in the countryside.

Through this travel space, we commit to sharing some of the little-known towns, as well as bustling metro cities, food and hotel guides, bucket lists, seasonal experiences, and getaways!

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Cave & Basin Historic Site

Since moving to Canada in 2009, we have lived and worked across 3 provinces – Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Salil has worked in business and supply chain management (Senior Manager), and I have experience serving in the public and private sectors (I am also a Registered Professional Recruiter in Canada)! 

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If you are considering moving to Canada or traveling on a work visa, we think you will find our Living in Canada/Expat stories helpful. Salil and I moved individually on student visas, worked our way up into individual careers, and are now proud Canadians. 

About Mayuri

Mayuri was born and raised in the northeastern state of Assam India. She studied History and later went on to complete her MBA in International Business. 

The travel bug hit her pretty young and during her years in India, she lived in 4 states and explored many towns and cities (including New Delhi which was her home for 3 years, Chennai, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pondicherry and beyond). 

She moved to Toronto Canada in 2009 as an exchange student to complete her MBA. Since then she has lived in 3 provinces and explored countless parks and cities in the Great White North. 

Mayuri started Canada Crossroads in 2020 while working for the Provincial Government in the midst of the pandemic. Her goal was/is to showcase the beautiful country she lived in. 

Canada truly shaped Mayuri’s adulthood. This is where she got her first job, bought her first home, started her online business, got married, and re-ignited her love for travel and wanderlust….

She loves to share her lifestyle and professional insights as a young immigrant to the country. 

About Salil

Salil is the photographer behind Canada Crossroads. Mayuri and Salil met in Toronto while completing their Business Management studies. 

He was born and raised in Maharashtra and has extensive educational and professional experience both in India and Canada, spanning over 15+ years. He loves to travel, has a carefree soul, and is the practical lens behind the online business. 

Salil brings his expat and travel experience in Canada from his point of view through candid articles and captivating photography. 

Follow us on our journey – at Canada Crossroads!