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15 Best Lululemon Travel Clothes and Accessories to Buy in 2023/24

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Lululemon Athletica is a Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver British Columbia. In this post, I will share my top 15 best Lululemon travel clothes and accessories that I LOVE and enjoy wearing.

I have been traveling for over 18+ years (including one major overseas move) and have tried and tested many travel clothing and gear. I like Lululemon for its good quality, durability, and good customer service. I have been proudly wearing them since 2011. 

15 Best Lululemon Travel Clothes and Accessories You Must Buy

Pin for Lululemon Outfits for travel 
Lululemon Outfits for travel 

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Top Three Picks

Icefields Best Lululemon Travel Clothes and Accessories_Effortless Jacket

Always Effortless Jacket

LOVE my Effortless Jacket. Lightweight to pack and carry, great for layering, and stylish for a cool look. It fits true to size, but you can size down for a fitted look.

Size 4 is perfect for me. I have a few in Size 4 and a few in size 6 for use in the cooler months.

Click to check the price here

Girl wearing Lululemon Align Pant

Align Leggings

These are my absolute favorite pair of leggings for travel. Aligns are super comfy and soft. They come in various colors and lengths!

Click to view prices here

Everywhere Belt Bag (1 or 2 L)

Very very trendy – these belt bags are a perfect companion for short or long trips. I own 4 belt bags in 1 L size (great for the minimalist), and 2 in 2 L size (for those to love to carry a little extra). Pick one today, you won’t be disappointed!

Click to check prices here

From leggings, and jackets to scarves and functional bags, Lululemon has a ton of gear for travel and everyday use.

I live in Lululemon leggings, and their Effortless Jackets and Scuba hoodies are a staple in my wardrobe. Having tried and tested them for over a decade I can provide you with a 100% first-hand experience!

Their in-store and online shopping is amazing. You won’t be disappointed! Read my detailed reviews below

1. Lululemon Always Effortless Jacket

Effortless Jacket + Dance Studio (cropped) in size 6

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Always Effortless Jacket. I have owned 6 of these since it was first launched and in various colors and 2 sizes (4 and 6).

They do fit true to size, but I prefer to wear them a little snugly in light colors during the summer months in Canada and use darker colors in size 6 for layering in the fall and winter. 

Effortless Jacket (size 6) + On the Fly pants

The Effortless Jackets are super lightweight to wear and pack in your carry-on. They are made of water-repellent material and come with a deep hood that is tucked inside the neck collar.

The high collar is also handy for chilly evenings or windy conditions. 

Girl at the Red Rock Canyon Park
Always Effortless Jacket (Size 4) + Align Pant

With multiple pockets, you can store your cell phone, keys, and even mittens – yes they are very generous. The jacket has a regular waist length, zips all the way through, and has long sleeves for comfortable wear. 

I could be wearing a tank top or a bulky sweater – as soon as I put the Effortless Jacket on – it makes me look put together (very effortlessly)! 

2. Lululemon Align™ Pant II 25″

Lululemon Align Leggings in Vancouver

Hands down, my all time favorite leggings and travel pants are these leggings – Lululemon Align™ Pant.  These leggings feel like skin, and they are super soft and stretchable

It is made up of moisture wicking ‘NULU’ fabric and has a little Lycra mixed in it for shape retention. They are super comfortable to wear on long-haul flights or road trips. I have even teamed it with short tops to wear in urban city sightseeing. 

Lululemon Align Legging

The leggings fit true to size and come in 3 sizes – regular, crop, and size 25 inch. I wear 25-inch leggings in size 6, and it fits me perfectly (I am 5 feet 2 inches, and weigh 121 pounds).

These leggings come in a variety of colors. I prefer neutral colors and have them in black, grey, and navy blue. I highly recommend them if you are looking for leggings or tights of good quality for travel or hiking.

Click to view the current price for Align Leggings

3. On the Fly 7/8 Pant 27″

On the Fly Pant Lululemon travel products
On the Fly Pant near Calgary

On the Fly Pants is another favorite of mine. They are roomy, and comfortable without being loose, bulky, or out of shape. For a pair of athletic pants, these look very stylish and put together.

I own them in black and olive green color, and have also worn them with dressy tops and formal blouses – they go very well together, due to the colors. 

Lululemon On the Fly Pants: Best Lululemon Travel Clothes and Accessories

If you are not a leggings person but want something with a little room (and pockets), you should definitely consider On the Fly Pants. I have been wearing them for the past 2 years, and have washed them a lot, and they are still in great shape.

It comes with 2 pockets, and a drawstring to adjust the waistband. I like wearing it by rolling up the pants a bit to make it look like cropped pants. 

What I love most about these pants is that they are breathable and easy to wear. It is not wrinkle-free like the woven On the Fly Pants, but they are still fuss-free travel pants, and I enjoy wearing them. It is sweat-wicking like most Lululemon pants. 

These pants are made up of Luxtreme material, which has a smooth and cool feel to it. It also has a four way stretch, so purchase true-to-size.

Click to view prices for the On The Fly Pant

As with most of the Lululemon wear, the On The Fly pant comes in a few variations. I own the ⅞ pant (at 27 inches, the one shown in the photo), and it fits true to size.

They have another version which is called On The Fly Woven pants, which is priced a little higher due to the material used. The woven pants are great for travel too, and the fabric is wrinkle free which is a BONUS when you are traveling.

Click to view prices for One The Fly Woven Pant

4. Dance Studio Pant III 32″ Unlined

Lululemon Dance Studio Pants
Lululemon Dance Studio Pants near Las Vegas USA

Originally created for dance and studio work out, I use these as track pants for a relaxed day or while lounging. Dance Studio Unlined pants are great for summer, as they are airy and roomy

Super comfortable to wear, it has a drawstring and 2 side pockets. It is also very lightweight to carry in your luggage and takes very little room. I find these pants to be fuss-free, and wrinkle-free.

The pant is made of Nylon (SWIFT material), and it is long at 31/32 inches. However, it has a little scinch option so you can make it shorter to wear. The pants are worn at mid-waist, and it has a generous flat waistband. 

I highly recommend these for comfortable travel wear and for lounging, camping, or picnics. 

Click to view prices here for the Dance Studio Pants

5. Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece

Lululemon Scuba Hoodie
Lululemon Scuba Hoodie Jacket in Grand Canyon

My first ever Lululemon travel product was this Scuba Hoodie (way back in 2011). It was a popular item back then and it still is. The cotton fleece is super soft to wear, and it is like a warm cuddle. 

I adore the thumb holes, and generous deep pockets are great for storing a cardholder and regular smartphones. The hood gives generous coverage, and the two-way zipper is super smooth. The zipper has a hair tie, which you can use in case you need one.

The older version of the Scuba Hoodie was a little stuff, very warm as it was made of fleece. The length was also a little longer than today’s cotton fleece version.

I still have my older Scuba Hoodie (in white and one in violet), and wear it in the fall. The size is generous for me to layer up as well.

Today’s Scuba Hoodies are made with lightweight cotton fleece, and they are more flexible at the arms and body – thanks to the stretchable side panels. The pockets, thumb holes, and the hood are still the same – A1!

The hoodie is very breathable and can be used as a mid layer in the winter. Or was it a fall and early spring outerwear? 

Click to view colors for the Scuba Hoodie here

6. Scuba Oversized Funnel-Neck Half Zip

Visiting Columbia Icefield Ice Explorer Glacier Tour Review
Best Lululemon Travel Clothes and Accessories

One of the newest Lululemon pieces in my collection is this oversized half-zip scuba jacket. I own multiple full-size versions of this but this one is amazing for fall and easy to pack and carry – as it is lightweight. 

The half-zip jacket is made of naturally breathable material. It’s comfortable to wear and very cozy. The jacket comes in 3 sizes – extra small/small, medium/large, and extra-large and extra extra large. It is oversized, and I’m wearing an extra small/small. 

It comes with deep pockets, a high collar, and thumb holes to protect you from the windy elements! So in love!

Click to check out the price here

7. Define Jacket

Define Jacket - Lululemon travel products
Define Jacket in Iceland: Best Lululemon Travel Clothes and Accessories

I use the Define Jacket on hikes, daily runs, and as a mid-layer (when I am traveling). It is a lightweight jacket made up of cotton-like material (LYON). The fit is very slim and figure-hugging, so I prefer wearing it when I am active, or as a mid-layer. 

Due to the snug design, it works well as a mid layer – check out how I am wearing a short puffer jacket. 

It comes in a variety of colors: go with something bright or pastel-like colors to wear with neutral outerwear. As with most Lululemon jackets, it has a two-way zipper and thumb holes. The Define jacket has no hood, but the collar is high enough to cover the neck. The pockets are deep, and have zippers. 

I wear my regular size (size 6, which is a small size), and it fits as it’s supposed to (slim fit). I machine wash it and hang it to dry. I own 3 of these, and the oldest one is from 2012.

Click to view colors and price here for the Define Jacket

8. Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

This is my travel day shirt. Swiftly Tech long sleeve is designed for hard-core training sessions, and it comes in-built with ‘anti-stink’ fabric, which is a plus when you are traveling all day long in buses, trains in Europe, or on trans-Atlantic long-haul flights. 

Here is what the website says, about this technology: ‘Anti-stink Silverescent® technology, powered by X-STATIC®, inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the garment”. 

I can vouch after wearing it on so many trips that yes – it is anti-stink, it keeps you feeling good and comfortable all day long. The shirt is slim-fitting, and breathable. I wear it in small (or size 6), which is my usual Lululemon size.

Click to view prices & colors here

9. Serene Travels Bomber

I ADORE Lulu’s olive green color and when I saw this bomber jacket I had to have it. It is warm, and a great option to wear in the fall. The material is a little structured and is made of water repellent fabric, which is perfect for Europe travel, or city getaways to places like Vancouver and Seattle.

This bomber jacket is also pretty lightweight, you can easily dress it up or not. I have also worn it to the office on casual Fridays. It is versatile as a cover-up over a sports bra or tank top.

The jacket features 2 pockets, and a hidden phone sleeve. 

Click to view colors & prices here for the Bomber Jacket

10. Vinyasa Scarf Rulu

Lululemon Rulu Scarf
Lululemon Rulu Scarf: Best Lululemon Travel Clothes and Accessories

Vinyasa Scarves are a super versatile piece and are priced reasonably lower than most Lululemon travel products like pants or jackets. They are made of jersey-like soft material, and you can wear them in so many different ways from scarf, vest, wrap, etc. 

Wear them as an infinity scarf, or as a long one, just slung around the neck.

It is a rectangular shape scarf, and it has snap buttons on the end. Due to this, it is very easy to wear it as a wrap or vest, or a triangular scarf. Watch this video to style it in different ways

Click to view price & options here

11. Down For It All Vest

Down For It All Vest is my national parks’ and outdoors’ favorite.

Super lightweight, and easy to pair up with my Define Jacket, long-sleeve tops, and jerseys. 

Lululemon Pack it down vest
Lululemon Pack it Down vest with Aritzia scarf, in Drumheller

It was originally created for running and serves a good purpose (while keeping you warm) in early morning jogs, or sightseeing. 

The vest is made of water-resistant material (GLYDE fabric), which is also great for insulation to keep your core warm. DWR-treated Tech Fleece Fabric is four-way stretch, breathable, and wind-resistant too. 

The down is certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) by Control Union and insulation is provided by PrimaLoft®. 

Click to view the price for the vest

12. Everywhere Belt Bag (Original 1L)

 Everywhere Belt Bag
Everywhere Belt Bag 1 L: Best Lululemon Travel Clothes and Accessories

The Everywhere Belt Bag is a versatile belt bag perfect to be worn on the shoulder, as a cross-body purse, or as a ‘fanny pack’.

Originally designed for running, this lightweight bag is great for hiking, walking trails, or just when you wish to go hands-free on tours.

What I like about this bag is that it is a decent size to store all essentials (phone, zip tie, keys, card holder, power bank, and lip balm) plus more. It is also easy to clean and maintain. The zipper is smooth, and there are separate compartments (one at the front and back) to organize your items.

I own them in 4 colors – black, burgundy, hospice, and silver. 

Click to view prices for the Everyday Belt Bag

13. Everywhere Belt Bag (2L)

Lululemon Belt Bag in black and trench: Best Lululemon Travel Clothes and Accessories

The newer 2 litre Everywhere Belt Bag has slowly become my new travel accessory. This one has a larger capacity and allows me to store all the essentials and some more. 

I keep my Insta 360 x 3 camera along with my sunglasses and key pouch very comfortably. I LOVE it soo much – I bought them in 2 colors (black and trench)!

Click to check out the price here

14. City Adventurer Crossbody Bag 2.5L

One of the must-have Lululemon travel accessories is this cool 2.5-litre crossbody bag. Perfect to carry your phone, keys, wallet, and other small essentials. 

The strap is adjustable and the body of the bag is made of water-repellent nylon material (which is also easy to clean)!

Click to check out the price here

15. Everywhere Backpack 22L

This backpack is perfect for use as a carry-on or to hold your day’s worth of essentials. Store your cash, cards, small cosmetic pouch, water bottle, umbrella, hat, or even a change of clothes (think swimwear, or scarf for cooler days). It also comes with a dedicated laptop, so you can use it for work. 

Roomy, yet it is sleek enough to make you look all put together and stylish! The travel bag is made of water-repellent material and has a capacity of 22 liters.  

Click to check out the price here

What does Lululemom make? My experience with Lululemon 

Lululemon is an athletics company, they produce leggings, pants, tops, sports bras, jackets, scarves, wraps, etc for running, yoga, sports, and travel & commute. 

Their unique selling point is their community building – as soon as you enter their stores (in Canada, the USA, and all over the world) you are greeted by locals and invited to join their yoga classes, goal-setting sessions, meditation, and marathon events. 

Their reusable bags are so popular, and you will LOVE them too – as it has quotes and sayings about staying active and living the best life.

I never had a bad experience with them, whether I am shopping online or in stores in Canada. I am not an active yoga person, but I use their clothing for travel (in-flight, road trips, or short getaways here in Canada and abroad).

Effortless Jacket and On The Fly Pants: Best Lululemon Travel Clothes and Accessories

Their products are made of good quality – I have a few hoodies, and leggings that have lasted me for over 5+ years and are still in good condition. I highly recommend washing them in cold water, gentle machine washing, and hanging them to dry to retain their shape. 

Most of their products fit true to size.

So there you have it, these are my all-time favorite Lululemon travel clothes that I adore and wear and use when I am out and about exploring or traveling in Canada and overseas. 

Do you use Lululemon travel products? What is your favorite?

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