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19 Gift ideas for someone moving to another country

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Looking for gift ideas for someone moving to another country? You are at the right place.

Having moved numerous times within a country, and overseas we know what products and gifts work when traveling and moving abroad. We have also given presents to our friends and family when they move, so I am sure this list will come in super handy no matter where they are moving to.

19. Gift ideas for someone moving to another country

Pin for Expat Gifts for someone moving away
Expat Gifts for someone moving away

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Top 6 picks – Gifts Items for someone moving abroad

We moved to Canada from India, and have bid adieu to our friends and helped them move to Germany, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. To be honest, people react differently when it comes to moving abroad.

Some are super tensed about the move, and they check (and re-check) their flight details and packing lists. Some are very emotional and they almost break down the moment you say you will miss them.

And then there are some who are very excited about the move, and can’t stop talking about all the nice things they are about to experience!

Regardless of the category your loved ones fall into, when someone is moving to another country, it is important to help them ease the tension. 

During this time, a gift should either be functional or emotional, do not present anything that is bulky, or that requires a ton of space or special handling. The last thing they want to do is buy another packing box to store and carry your gift. 

Functional items like money, gift cards, or subscription boxes are a neat idea. Sentimental (and thoughtful) gifts like personalized key chains (for their new residence), travel document organizers, or jewelry take so little room, and they are filled with sentimental value for the recipient.

So here are the top gift ideas for someone moving to another country:

1. Rosetta Stone Language Software

Rosetta Stone Language software is a perfect going away gift for someone who is relocating or moving to a country where they need to pick up and learn another language. So whether it is French, Spanish, or Italian this software has them covered.

Some of my closest friends who live an expat life, moving from one country to another in Europe love learning new languages through this software. It is easy to set up and go!

Click to view Language Options & Purchase

2. Backpack with wheels

During the moving away process, your loved one will be tied up with so many things. The last thing they have to be worried about is storing valuables (like jewelry, documents, or electronics). 

When we move places, we carry our valuable items with us as a carry-on item. A reliable backpack (with wheels) will be a nice addition to their luggage as they can carry it around without having to strain their backs. 

High Sierra backpack with wheels is a large size bag, which consists of multiple compartments to store documents, a laptop, and other valuables. The wheels are smooth for movement, and the shoulder straps are padded for extra support and comfort.

It also has a media pocket with a headphone jack to keep them entertained on the go.

This backpack is a very functional and thoughtful gift for someone going away – they can use it as a carry-on and a work bag too.

Click to view High Sierra Backpack with Wheels

3. Passport & travel document organizer

A passport organizer is a super handy gift item for someone going away. In it, they can store passport/s, ID, traveler’s cheques, any immigration documents, addresses, notes, etc. 

If your loved one (recipient) has never traveled abroad, you can help them by keeping little notes inside the organizer so that they know about security lines, immigration, and customs information, and the new residential address (or school or employer’s name and related information).

When I moved to Canada from India at the age of 22 years, it was my first trip abroad and I was traveling all by myself, and keeping all the travel documents together and organized was very helpful. 

This passport organizer is super functional and is roomy to store all documents (including A4 size sheets).

Click to read reviews & check prices

If you prefer something smaller, opt for this travel organizer from Amazon.

Click to check it out here

4. Passport Wallet

If you prefer a slimmer passport-related gift for your friends going abroad then this Wallet is your answer. This passport holder is made of waterproof material and has RFID protection built to safeguard your IDs and credit cards. 

The wallet has 2 clear plastic and 1 dedicated passport slot, and other slots to hold some important documents such as our ID card or driver’s licenses which can ensure that we do not forget to take, or even our family portrait.

There are 4 normal slots to hold at least 4 business cards and credit cards, and 1 bigger slot to hold boarding passes or receipts sufficiently plus room for 2 SIM slots for SIM cards. 

Love the design of the wallet and it also comes in a variety of colors! 

Click to check out the colors and prices here

5. Personalized leather passport holder  

A personalized leather passport holder adds a little luxury to the whole travel organization. This leather holder from ETSY seller is a gorgeous piece, with a lot of compartments and slots to keep travel documents (IDs, passport/s) and money organized.

The organizer can fit up to 4 passports, so it is a great option for a family moving overseas. It also has room for a small notepad and a pen.

View prices and options to buy here

6. Personalized Jewelry

Personalize a piece of jewelry for your going away friend. Engrave with a sentimental ‘word’ or just their name. This jewelry is made of silver (.925), and they can wear it all day long, and remember you and your special bond.

The chain length is adjustable, and the pendant is sturdy at 1.3 mm thick. This is a perfect gift for someone who is close to you.

Click to view prices on Amazon

7. Personalized Wooden Map

A personalized map on a wooden canvas is such a beautiful gift item for someone moving to another country.

You can choose any map – their native home, where they got married, or a favorite hang-out spot, this will definitely bring a smile and teary eyed in their new home.

Personalized wooden map - best gift ideas for someone moving to another country

These wooden maps are not heavy nor big, they measure 8″ x 10″ x 0.5″, so they can easily be placed inside a suitcase. As it has no fragile elements (like glass), no special packaging or handling is required.

This item is created using wood, and it is completely customizable. 

Click to view prices and gift options

8. Personalized T shirt

When some of our friends moved to the United Kingdom for higher studies, we presented them with a personalized t-shirt. We got an image from one of our parties and had it printed on the t-shirt.

It was a very sentimental item, as we knew we would be missing our girl gang very soon. 

You can easily personalize it using images, maps, or any ‘quote’. This gift item takes very little room, and they can even wear it, on the day of travel for comfort!

View prices for creating a personalized T-shirt

9. Personalized Key chain to the new home

A personalized keychain with a nice picture (or even just a name) is a very thoughtful gift. You can add a little note congratulating them on the new move and adventure.

They will get new keys (whether to their new car, house, locker, or work), and putting them in a new keychain with a message or a picture from you, will warm their heart each time they look at it.

Gift ideas for someone moving to another country - a personalized key chain in leather or metal

When one of our friends left for India (from Canada), we gifted them a personalized keychain with an image from Canada to remind them of our good times here. 

We have included 2 options below – keychain in leather and metal. We use and prefer the metal one.

Click to view the leather option and metal option here

10. Sony Mirrorless Camera

I received a camera (Sony Point and Shoot) as a gift when I moved to Canada. It was such an amazing and thoughtful gift. And I was super excited to take pictures with new friends, new landmarks, and places. 

Today’s mirrorless cameras are priced well and can be a great starter option for those who love to travel and are into photography. We own 2 mirrorless cameras, and the Sony Alpha series is a good choice for a going away gift.

Sony a6000 is super compact and lightweight and doesn’t require a bulky camera bag to carry. It is an all-in-one camera gear, so it can used right away, (with little to no learning curve) and no additional lenses are required to be purchased. 

We recommend adding a storage card and a soft pouch to secure the camera.

Click to check prices on Amazon

11. Kindle Paperwhite

I LOVE my e-reader, and so does Salil. It is our constant companion when we are traveling. Kindle PaperWhite is a thoughtful gift for the person going overseas if they like reading. 

The Kindle e-reader can carry thousands of books and it can keep the recipient entertained for days, thanks to the powerful battery.

Click to view prices here

12. Universal Adaptor and Converter 

No matter where your friend is heading, a universal adaptor is a functional travel accessory. Gifting an adaptor will not cost you an arm and leg, but it shows how thoughtful you are.

They can use the universal travel adapter to charge electronics during flight layovers, and in their new place.

Eventually, they will purchase electronics that will have a power adaptor from the country, but when they are just starting out, they will be carrying laptops, cell phones, and other electronics that might need an adaptor (or even a converter) to fit the wall outlet. 

Electrical converters help convert the voltage. Countries have different voltage levels, and a converter helps to change the voltage to match your devices.

The one listed here is an adapter converter duo. 

Click to check prices here

13. Luggage Tags

Cute and useful luggage tags come as a handy gift for any friend going abroad. Of course, they will have multiple suitcases, and with these colorful pack of 5 tropical summer beach luggage tags their bags will be easy to spot on the airport baggage claim.

Each tag comes with a card to include their names and addresses for easy tracking (and covered with a transparent waterproof cover). The tags are durable and made of a sturdy belt-like loop design to prevent them from breaking apart or losing the tags. 

They are also thicker than other cruise luggage tags, making them durable against shock and rainy/snowy weather.

Click to view prices and color options here

14. Portable Hard Drive

Anyone leaving their home country will need to safeguard their photos, documents, and other essentials or memories. A portable hard drive is super convenient for saving pictures, videos, birth and marriage certificates, university or college-related documents, etc. 

SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD is my favorite. It is compact to carry in your personal bag and can store a ton of high resolution files and more. This hard drive allows you to easily manage files and automatically free up space with the SanDisk Memory Zone app. 

As a side tip, I also always suggest anyone storing files also do an online back up as well (like Google Drive, iCloud, etc.)

SanDisk is great for protecting your files as it comes with password protection featuring 256‐bit AES hardware encryption. Plus their handy Carabiner loop feature is great to secure it to a belt loop or backpack. 

Click to buy the portable hard drive here

15. Portable Power Bank

One of the practical gifts for a friend moving abroad is an awesome power bank! INIU Portable Charger is one of the slimmest portable chargers available out there and it is compatible with iPhones and most of the Android devices. 

The power bank breaks the limit of 10000mAh and can be easily slipped into any jacket pocket or bag. Plus it comes in a few different colors (and not just the boring black or grey)!

Click to view on Amazon

16. Amazon Gift Card

A gift card such as one from Amazon is super handy for someone moving abroad. Most countries will have Amazon sellers and delivery networks, and your friend can purchase household items, food, or travel products once they settle in the new place.

Amazon gift cards can be emailed too, so there is no need to wait for delivery (nor does it take any room). If your friend uses Amazon related items like Audible (audio books) or Kindle eBooks, this gift card will also be very thoughtful (to keep them entertained on the go).

Buy an Amazon Gift Card here

17. Cosmetics or toiletry bag

A toiletry bag is super handy for moving as well as for travel. When I moved to Canada, I purchased many skincare items in bulk to bring with me (our skin is used to a certain PH level, and it is nice to slowly ease into the new creams and lotions, rather than a sudden change).

This toiletry bag is of a generous size, measuring 11 x 30 inches when open. It has 4 separate compartments with zippers and a back open pocket for organization. It has a transparent cover so you can see where everything is, at a glance.

The bag is made up of water-resistant polyester material and is well designed to last. I like how it has a 360-degree view with the hanging option. The bag itself is compact and takes up very little room when rolled up. 

Click to view prices

18. Travel Blanket

One of my favorite travel gifts is a blanket. You don’t know how handy they are in-flight, or even in a new apartment (as they are setting up their new place).

Each time we moved within a country like our home state or overseas, we didn’t have beds, mattresses and pillows all set up.

Having a blanket is handy to lay on or as a cover up at night. They are also one of the affordable gifts at less than $50 USD/65 CAD.

Click to view prices here

19. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are an uber cool gift idea. From fancy socks, cosmetics, and snacks to books you can choose what appeals to your going away friend.

When you purchase a subscription box, they receive a gift every month. For this gift item to work you will need their confirmed address (in the new country). If you do not have an address, you can send a subscription package once they are all settled in the new place. 

Subscription options:

It is hard saying goodbye to a loved one, but these gifts will make things a little easier. Living abroad might sound daunting, but it is also one of the most rewarding experiences one can ask for. Find the perfect gift that speaks to you, and connects to their heart! 

Happy Gifting!

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