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15 Best Canadian ETSY Shops worth checking out!

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Looking for the best Canadian ETSY shops to support local businesses close to home? Here are our top picks from the items we purchased and loved, plus recommendations (from our wishlist!)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Best Canadian ETSY Shops: Our Picks

I LOVE shopping from ETSY, so do follow me there to check out my wish list! Check out my favorites here 


Fine jewelry from AniSofia Best Canadian ETSY shops to buy from

LOVE this Calgary-based shop for fine jewelry. Their necklaces, rings, and earrings are tarnish-free, and they look amazing! I did a major haul with 2 lock pendants, a dainty choker, and a lovely coin medallion necklace – so pretty!

Packaging is nice, and the seller sends in a nice note with the items.

Paradise Planner Co

Planners from ETSY Canada

Paradise Planner Co makes amazing planner inserts, dashboards, covers, and refills. You will find something to fit any planner. I got a few plain inserts and motivational dashboards (laminated) for my Louis Vuitton agenda PM. 

You can also buy a divider with pockets, stickers, and tabs to organize your planner – in style! This Canadian ETSY store is based in Alberta. 

KOPRandCo Designs

KOPRandCo Designs Best ETSY Shops in Canada

Another Alberta seller. I LOVE her fine jewelry, especially this one with the wanderlust pendant. It’s my absolute favorite.

Snake necklace or choker is also really nice and made of good quality.

Great packaging and you also get a nice jewelry bag to store your goodies! The seller, Sarah is super helpful!


ETSY Shops in Canada
Photo Credit: ETSY

You guys, if you want to decorate your workspace or living room with succulents, then look no further than this store – BeardBags.

The planters are super cute, and they are hand-made locally. They will brighten up any corner of your home (or office) instantly.

Digital Decor 1

Illustrated customizable map
Photo Credit: ETSY

A thoughtful home decor item, this can also be a great gift idea. It is a print of an illustrated map of Canada with red hearts. (No frame, but you can buy frames to hang the poster. Size is 8×10). 

You can customize it with names (of the recipients), the date, and a heart to symbolize the city or town where they are from.

Upon ordering, you can add the following details:

  • Names, Date, and/or Quote
  • Locations
  • Background Color


Customizable pillow case
Photo Credit: ETSY

If you are looking for cute customizable gifts for kids, you will LOVE this seller. I ordered one for my friend’s daughter, and it makes for a nice present. You can customize it with the name, and choose from a variety of backgrounds, and occasions.

The pillow is queen size and is made of polyester. You can machine wash the pillow, without destroying it (it will last forever without peeling or cracking).

Pretty and Pine

Jewelry holder from ETSY
Photo Credit: ETSY

For my ladies who love to wear jewelry, this customizable wall-mounted jewelry organizer is a must. This beautiful holder is perfect for displaying all of your accessories and to store your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in perfect order!

Each piece is handcrafted from carefully selected solid pine wood and features high quality stains and materials. You can customize it by choosing a desired length, colour, and either silver or gold hooks and a matching bar. 

The bar comes with a very small elastic ring placed directly beside the hook so that the bar doesn’t move back and forth ensuring your jewelry stays where you put it! The holder is ready to be mounted on your wall.

Canadiana Cottage Series – Canadian Maple Sugar

Photo Credit: ETSY

Oooo…calling all candle lovers……fragrance lovers….try not to eat or lick this. This candle smells like heaven – buttery, soft and hint of maple and vanilla!

The seller – North Country Soy – has a Canadian Cottage Series, where you can find different scented candles from woody citrus-y notes, to warmer ones. 

Which one will you buy?

Canadian Heritage Map Print | Map of Canada

Photo Credit: ETSY

If you are a travel lover like us, I am sure you adorn your work and living space with wanderlust vibes. This beautiful heritage Canadian Map is stylish, and makes for a nice statement. 

With a black print it will compliment most interior decor (both with cool and warm tones). 

Maps are available in the following sizes – 8 x 10 in, 11 x 14 in, 16 x 20 in, 24 x30 in

For living spaces or doorways, opt for the largest size, the smallest one works best for studio apartments or offices. . They offer free shipping Canada-wide. This is also a lovely gift for those who LOVE Canada! 

Coussins Elegance

Pink leopard make up bag Best Canadian ETSY Shops
Photo Credit: ETSY

I adore this cute pink leopard makeup bag. It is perfect to store makeup at home or on the go. It has a generous size to store regular size cosmetics, including brushes. 

This item is handmade and is made of 100 % natural linen-cotton canvas. You can wash the makeup bag in case of spills, and grim/dirt. The interiors are also lined with natural cotton lining. 

The bag dimensions are 10 x 6 x 3 inches.

This shop also sells cosmetic bags in various colors and prints. Do check them out!

Personalized Cards

Photo Credit: ETSY

Based out of British Columbia, this female owned Canadian ETSY shop makes the cutest greeting cards. You will love that they are personalized, and available for a variety of occasions.

My favorite ones are for the Holiday Season, and anything that has a toque and mittens – so pretty!

Toronto Subway Station Sign Print

Photo Credit: ETSY

I have a confession, I LOVE travel related insignia and Toronto holds a special place in my heart – this was the very first Canadian city I ever explored. And this subway station art is so cute!

You can decorate a whole little corner with station names – how rad is that? (Maybe it’s time for us to move back to Toronto, eh?)

Bamboo Shelf Owl Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot

Photo Credit: ETSY

Plant moms and dads, you got to get this. This cute 3 Bonsai planter comes with 3 tiers to elegantly display the succulents. Each planter is equipped with a hole at the bottom to allow draining, with enough room for small potted plants, succulents, small cactus and flowers.

It is coming to my home office!

Schitt’s Kitchen Towels

Photo Credit: ETSY

Any Schitt’s Creek lovers will adore these kitchen and tea towels with quotes all over them. 

Display them, and buy an extra set for getting them to work! 

The towels come beautifully wrapped with stickers included, and they make for great gifts too.

The seller – Edina Katalin – also offers fast shipping to the US (perfect if you have to send goodies across the border).

Personalized Kitchen Gifts

Photo Credit: ETSY

Another kitchen favorite, and a nice gift idea for those who love to bake and cook!

This Canadian ETSY seller – ColoreCreations makes beautiful, and personalized linen oven mitts and pot holders. Each piece features a silver quilted heat-resistant pad in the back.

You can customize each item with name, initials, or logo and purchase them as a set (of mitts and pot holder) or separately.

So that’s a wrap! Do you have a personal favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Pin: 15 Best Canadian ETSY Shops

Best Canadian ETSY Shops

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