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Ultimate 3 Days in Vancouver Itinerary

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The mix of city life, outdoor recreation, and an amazing food scene makes coastal Vancouver an insanely gorgeous getaway for every type of traveler visiting British Columbia, Canada. We travel to VanCity often and love the ambiance and the plethora of activities it offers us. And here is the perfect 3 days in Vancouver itinerary for the first time visitor!

Beautiful Vancouver: 3 day itinerary

You will love the amazing location with mountain views on one side and the ocean on the other, and you don’t have to venture far from this greenest destination in the world to enjoy its historic neighborhoods and endless attractions, even if you are there for just three days. 

Excited? Let’s get started. 

The Best 3 Days in Vancouver Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

Vancouver in 3 days pin

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Vancouver is a beautiful, vibrant city with plenty to see and do. Whether you’re interested in exploring the great outdoors or checking out the city’s many attractions, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy during your stay. 

Vancouver Downtown in the summer
Gastown Steam Clock in winter
Steam Clock in Gastown in winter

In a hurry? Here’s a brief guide to help you make the most of your time in Vancouver, plus a Google Maps link you can download on your phone. We will share some essential tips we have learned over the years of exploring Vancouver and then go over the itinerary in more detail.

Best 3 days in Vancouver itinerary: Snapshot

  • Day 1 of Vancouver 3-day itinerary: Stanley Park, Lions Gate, Vancouver Aquarium, Robson Square and Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Lookout, Gastown
  • Day 2 of Vancouver 3-day itinerary: Canada Place, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Lynn Canyon Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Granville Island in the evening
  • Day 3 of Vancouver 3-day itinerary: English Bay Beach, Whale watching or Grouse Mountain Gondola, Kitsilano Beach Park

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Vancouver Itinerary 3 days sightseeing map

Click to view the full map

Trip preparation for three day Vancouver itinerary

The Vancouver International Airport is the perfect entry point to the country when flying from overseas. The airport is about 12 km (or 7.35 miles) from the city centre of Richmond, BC. 

YVR airport

You can pick up a car rental from the airport or the surrounding area if you’re driving. Alternatively, you can take public transit – Canada Line Skytrain and be downtown in no time. 

Taxis and Uber are also available if you prefer to use something other than public transit. Book a private transfer here.

Getting around Vancouver

Vancouver is very walkable, so you’ll have no trouble getting around on foot. If you plan to explore outside the city centre, consider renting a car. 

Vancouver public transportation
Public Transit in Vancouver

If you don’t have a vehicle, the city’s public transport system is fantastic. In addition, Vancouver is extremely bike-friendly, and many visitors opt for this mode of travel as it saves time and money and makes sightseeing a breeze.

The other popular option is the Sky Train, which mostly runs on an elevated track, offers wonderful city views and quickly gets you where you want. Vancouver also has a SeaBus service connecting downtown Vancouver to the North Shore.

Beautiful Vancouver

If you’re staying downtown, you may not need public transit – many of the city’s best attractions are within walking distance (so yay!).

Where to stay in Vancouver

Unless you want to spend countless hours commuting, Downtown Vancouver is the best place to make a base for your short stay in this metropolitan city. Moreover, Vancouver is surprisingly compact, which makes most of the popular attractions within walking distance of each other.

Downtown Vancouver
Downtown Vancouver

Choosing the right neighborhood to stay in is important as it will save you time and allow you to visit all the attractions easily. Considering you have three days, drop anchor at Yaletown as it is close to the waterfront. 

Kitsilano, south of the city, is stylish and extremely family-friendly.

  • Rosewood Hotel Georgia: Rosewood Hotel Georgia is a gorgeous 5-star property near the Vancouver Art Gallery. You will find a spa and a stunning terrace restaurant with city views (that are to die for! ahhh). Book your stay here.
  • GEC Granville Suites: This is a mid-budget property in downtown Vancouver, and we stayed here on our first visit to Vancouver. The rooms were spacious, and everything was within walking distance. Click to view availability for your visit.
  • Samesun Vancouver: The Samesun Vancouver is another affordable find in the city, centrally located near the Skytrain station. Nearby, you will find clubs, shops, and restaurants, which makes the atmosphere at the hotel very vibrant. Book your stay here

Looking for an Airbnb instead? These are the best Airbnbs in Vancouver.

The schedule for your three days in Vancouver has been crafted keeping in mind that you have arrived in the city the evening before and have had a good night’s rest before beginning to tick off the things on your first day Vancouver itinerary.

Day 1 of 3 days in Vancouver itinerary: Stanley Park, Lions Gate, Vancouver Aquarium, Robson Square and Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Lookout, Gastown

Coffee and Vancouver go hand in hand, so first thing in the morning, grab a cup and order a takeaway breakfast from any great downtown cafe like Small Victory Bakery in Yaletown, Canada Place/Harbourfront, or Propaganda Coffee in Chinatown. 

Vancouver waterfront and coffee (or hot chocolate in winters)

You will need to tank up as much as you can for the hectic day ahead, believe me.

Stanley Park (09:00 am to 11:00 am)

This largest park in Vancouver should be your first stop on your Vancouver itinerary. Here, you get to experience the city’s incredible history, culture, and talent all in one place. We recommend starting here in the morning so you can enjoy the day without harsh sunlight. 

The breathtaking greenery of Stanley Park, right in the heart of the city, is a great place to relax and mingle with some of the friendly locals.

Stanley Park in winter
Stanley Park

The park covers an impressive area of 400 hectares and is considered one of the top tourist attractions in Vancouver. The park was opened to the public in 1888 and has been a favorite spot for locals and tourists ever since. Plus, it is open all year round. 

Admire various works of art, from the famous Harry Jerome Statue to the Girl in a Wet Suit and the cool Totem Poles. 

Stroll around the West Coast rainforest, or rent a bike to ride along the Seawall. The Vancouver Seawall is a popular attraction that spans 28 kilometers (17.39 miles) along the city’s waterfront.

Vancouver Seawall

One of the main draws of the Vancouver Seawall is its accessibility. It is completely vehicle-free, making it the perfect place for walking, jogging, cycling, and rollerblading. You can start at the Stanley Park portion of the Seawall and spend 1-2 hours walking or biking before continuing to the next stop. 

Stanley Park is free, but expect to pay as much as $30+ for bike rental for a couple of hours. 

  • Address: Access the park from the main entrance at the west end of Georgia Street, west of downtown Vancouver
  • Tickets: Admission free

Prospect Point Lookout and Lions Gate Bridge (11:15 am to 12:15 pm)

Perched on the edge of Stanley Park, Prospect Point lookout offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and the majestic Lions Gate Bridge.

Lions Gate Bridge from Prospect Point Lookout in winter
Lions Gate Bridge from Prospect Point Lookout in winter

This remarkable green suspension bridge over the Burrard Inlet was an engineering feat completed in 1938 and is the longest in Western Canada. The stone lions guarding the bridge gave the place its name.

The bridge was designated a historic site in 2004 and looks beautiful when lit up every night. 

Vancouver Aquarium (12:15 pm to 1:15 pm)

Vancouver Aquarium is located inside Stanley Park and can be accessed by a short four-minute drive by bus #19, which stops at several places inside the park. The aquarium is the largest in British Columbia and attracts visitors from everywhere.

Dolphin performing an incredible jump in the Vancouver Aquarium

The building is home to various marine life and a dedicated research center for their rehabilitation and conservation.

  • Address:  845 Avison Way, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2
  • Hours: Every day, 09:30 am to 05:30 pm
  • Tickets: Admission fees $38 for adults, students/children $30-31

Robson Square (01:15 pm to 3:00 pm)

It will take only a minute by vehicle to bring you to Robson Square, a landmark civic center and public square in downtown Vancouver. Designed by the famous architect Arthur Erickson in 1983, the plaza is primarily a public skating rink during winter.

Robson Square is home to the Provincial Law Courts and the University of British Columbia. You can spot the odd street entertainers or vendors selling wares in summer. 

Vancouver Art Gallery (02:00 pm to 03:00 pm) 

Situated next to Robson Square is the world-renowned Vancouver Art Gallery. This gallery holds more than 10,000 exhibits, and houses some of the most important pieces of historical and contemporary art, and is the largest in Canada.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver Art Gallery and Robson Square in Vancouver on a beautiful sunny day

There is an entry fee to enter and visit the gallery for permanent and temporary exhibitions. On the first Friday evening of every month, there is free admission. 

  • Address: 750 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7
  • Hours: They are open every day, but their hours vary. Between 01:00 and 3:00 pm, they are always open.
  • Tickets: Starts at $18

Vancouver Lookout (03:00 pm to 04:30 pm)

The Vancouver Lookout is next on your itinerary. The observation deck offers stunning panoramic views of the city’s skyline and the surrounding mountains and ocean. 

Vancouver Lookout

The tower stands at an impressive height of 553 feet (168 meters), making it one of the tallest buildings in the city. At the lookout, you can ride the high-speed glass elevator to get to the observation deck in just 40 seconds. 

The elevator has floor-to-ceiling glass windows, providing a thrilling and unobstructed view of the city as you ascend. Once at the top, visitors are greeted with breathtaking 360-degree views that showcase Vancouver’s beauty from all angles.

View from Vancouver Lookout
Vancouver Lookout views

Before you leave the Lookout, enjoy a drink at the revolving restaurant (Top Of Vancouver) as you soak in the brilliant views of the ocean and the majestic North Shore mountains.

  • Address:  555 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4N6
  • Hours: Every day 11:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Tickets: Admission fees $17.50 for adults

Gastown Neighbourhood and Steam Clock (from 06:00 pm onwards)

Come sunset, and the energetic district of Gastown comes to life. This former red-light area of the city is now a major hub of bars and restaurants but with a much cleaner image than before.

Gastown is less than five minutes from the Lookout.

Vancouver Bucket list Gastown Steam Clock
Steam Clock Gastown in winter

One of the most iconic landmarks in Gastown is the Steam Clock. Built in 1977, it is one of the world’s only working steam-powered clocks and has become a symbol of the neighborhood. 

You can easily see the Clock’s elegance as you wander the neighborhood. People gather around the clock to watch it chime every 15 minutes, sending puffs of steam into the air.

Gastown Steam Clock, during one of our summer trips

But there is more to Gastown than just the Steam Clock. With its cobblestone streets, Victorian architecture, and trendy boutiques, it is a delight to explore on foot. You can wander through the historic Gastown Gassy Jack statue, where Vancouver was founded in 1867. 

Apart from the famous Gastown Steam Clock landmark, the vicinity has great food joints, such as Cuchillo or Belgrad Kitchen. Vancouver’s Chinatown is also nearby, famous for its authentic dim sum. 

You can also go on a walking food tour in Gastown (for dinner!)

You might like this tour: Lost Souls of Gastown walking tour (2 hours)

Day 2 of 3 days in Vancouver itinerary: Canada Place, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Granville Island in the evening

Kickstart day 2 of your Vancouver itinerary at the popular Canada Place. 

Canada Place (08:30 am to 10:30 am)

Canada Place is one of Vancouver’s most iconic landmarks. This white sail structure stands apart from all the buildings on the city’s waterfront.

Canada Place Vancouver bucket list
Canada Place

Venue for many local events, Canada Place is most famous for hosting the large Canada Day celebrations. It is a multipurpose facility that serves as a convention center, cruise ship terminal, and huge public attraction.

One of the main highlights of Canada Place is the Canadian Trail, a series of outdoor exhibits that celebrate the country’s provinces and territories. Each exhibit features interactive displays, artwork, and artifacts representing the region’s unique history and culture. It’s a great way for visitors to learn more about Canada as they explore the facility.

Girl wearing Lululemon Align Pant
View of the Canada Place building and walk by the waterfront in Vancouver

In the morning, walking along the promenade and enjoying stunning views of the harbor, mountains, and city skyline with a cup of coffee in hand is perfect. And this is our favorite thing to do at the Vancouver waterfront.

There are cafes available and open at the Canada Place serving breakfast. 

Vancouver Canada Place and waterfront area

You can also visit FlyOver Canada, a virtual flight simulation that takes them on an aerial tour of Canada’s most iconic landmarks.

Venue for many local events, Canada Place is most famous for hosting the large Canada Day celebrations. You can also check out the popular FlyOver Canada, which is a flying theater attraction.

  • Address: 999 Canada Pl #201, Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1
  • Hours: Every day from 09:30 am to 9:00 pm (FlyOver Canada)
  • Tickets: Starts at $20 (to hang out at Canada Place is free, these tickets are for FlyOver Canada) | FlyOver Canada tickets

If you are a fan of architecture, make a short detour and visit the Marine Building as well.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (11:00 am to 2:00 pm)

There are various pickup points where free shuttles pick up and drop off visitors headed for Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, which is about 20 minutes away. And you can find one just outside the Canada Place. 

At the Capilano Bridge Park

Set aside a few hours to see this large rainforest complex with suspension bridges and a cliff walk adventure. There are also informative displays, cafes, and totem poles. This is a refreshing and educational way to enjoy Vancouver’s finest flora and fauna. 

Fall in north Vancouver
Capilano Suspension Bridge

A little about the background of the Capilano Suspension Bridge – this park is in North Vancouver. It spans the Capilano River and offers an exhilarating experience with beautiful scenic views. 

The bridge was originally built in 1889 by Scottish civil engineer George Grant Mackay to access the other side of the river from his cabin and was made from hemp ropes and cedar planks.

Girl at the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver Canada in February
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

We enjoyed navigating the park and learning about its history. The Cliffwalk, Treetops Adventure, and the Kia’palano First Nations Village were also great stops.

You might like this combo ticket: Floatplane and Capilano Suspension Bridge tickets

  • Address: 3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1
  • Hours: Daily: 9:00 am-7:00 pm (hours subject to change)
  • Admission: Online rates are $3 cheaper. Book it here
  • Adults (18-64): CAD 62.95 | Senior 65+: CAD 57.95 | Student: CAD 49.95 | Child (6-17): $24.95

Tickets for entry after 5:00 pm are about a 39% discount. You can also save by booking online ($3). Alternatively, you can visit the smaller Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge park for free or by donation (around CAD 2 per person).

Lynn Canyon Park or North Vancouver (02:30 pm to 4:00 pm)

After spending time at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, you can drive to Lynn Canyon Park for a hike. Spend close to 2 hours and then return to downtown or Granville Island. 

Lynn Canyon Park
Lynn Canyon Park forest in Vancouver, Canada

Alternatively, if you took the free shuttle to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, we recommend returning to Canada Place (and heading to the Waterfront Station to visit the next attraction). 

Hop on the SeaBus from Waterfront Station to Lonsdale Quay to spend some time in North Vancouver. Kick off your trip at the Lonsdale Quay Market, where you can buy jewelry or enjoy massage therapy.

A few blocks away is the Waterfront Park, a great place to spend time with kids or wander off to the Tilford Gardens for a coffee-on-the-go stroll.

Queen Elizabeth Park (04:00 pm to 06:00 pm)

Take the Canada Line Metro to Oakridge to reach the immaculate Queen Elizabeth Park. The first roads in the city were made from the rocks excavated from this park. It is the perfect place to spend a few hours and explore the park surrounded by nature, a significant part of Vancouver’s heritage. 

Originally named “Little Mountain,” Queen Elizabeth Park was established in 1930 on land formerly a rock quarry. With over 130 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, lush green spaces, and stunning views of the city skyline and mountains, there is always something to see and do at Queen Elizabeth Park. 

Spend a couple of hours at the park strolling through the gardens, then visit the Bloedel Conservatory, a domed tropical oasis filled with exotic plants and birds.

  • Address: 4600 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2Z1
  • Hours: Daily: 6:00 am-10:00 pm (hours subject to change)
  • Admission: Free

Granville Island Public Market and bars (from 6:00 pm onwards)

Wrap up your second day in Vancouver and head to the coolest part of the city, the shopping mecca of Granville Island. Many trendy outlets retail everything from kids’ garments to toys. 

Inside Granville Island
Inside Granville Island

One of the main draws to Granville Island is its Public Market. You can find everything from fresh produce and seafood to artisan cheeses, baked goods, and more here. Grab a coffee or freshly squeezed juice and stroll through the bustling aisles, sampling various treats. 

The Public Market sells freshest food every Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Granville Island drinks

The food and art scene at Granville Island is also huge, with cafes selling homemade dishes and design studios dotting the place everywhere. Some local creations are ceramic bowls, vases, and handcrafted jewelry.

Hang out here for the evening, relishing seafood and drinks! We like to order craft beer and fish and chips here every time we visit.

The Granville Bridge and Granville Island surroundings, looking north at the Vancouver skyline

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Day 3 of 3 days in Vancouver itinerary: English Bay Beach, Whale watching tour or Grouse Mountain Gondola, Kitsilano Beach Park

From beaches to suspension bridges and mountains, today is all about soaking in the nature views (relaxing or making it full of adventure and loads of FUN!)

English Bay Beach (09:00 am to 11:00 am)

Arrive at the English Bay Beach, also known as First Beach, the first thing in the morning. This is a popular stretch of beach located at the mouth of False Creek and has been a beloved destination for over 100 years.

Views of Vancouver Downtown
Bay Beach

The beach features stunning views of the ocean and surrounding mountains, making it the perfect spot for relaxation and recreation. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and beach volleyball during the warmer months, while winter brings a cozy atmosphere with beautiful sunsets and brisk walks along the shore.

English Bay Beach is also known for its iconic landmark, the Inukshuk. This stone sculpture has become a symbol of Vancouver’s welcoming spirit and is a popular spot to take photos in Vancouver.

Whale watching or a trip to Grouse Mountain (12:00 pm to 05:30 pm)

From sunbathing to whale watching, Vancouver has it all. If you have this activity on your Vancouver bucket list, then book this 5 hour tour. 

Whale watching in Vancouver is an incredible experience that allows you to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. 

Orca Whale Watching from Vancouver

One of the best places to go whale watching in Vancouver is the Strait of Georgia, which separates Vancouver Island from the mainland. This narrow channel is home to a diverse range of marine life, including orcas, humpback whales, gray whales, and minke whales. 

When you join a tour, you can choose a high-speed zodiac boat or a larger covered vessel (equipped with washrooms and a small cafeteria). We have experienced both in Vancouver Island, and I like the adventure on the zodiac!

Click to book a whale-watching tour on a Salish Sea catamaran here.

Alternatively, you can take a quick trip to Grouse Mountain. It makes for a lovely break from the hustle and bustle of VanCity. We plan to spend the entire day there and then return by evening for dinner – you can do the same 🙂

Photo of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, BC, Canada

The 4100-foot-high Grouse Mountain is also called the Peak of Vancouver’ and can be reached by public transportation from the city center in just 15 minutes. The Skyride tramway takes another 10 minutes to get to the top.

Grouse Mountain offers hiking trails and awesome views – summer or winter!

A grueling 2.5 km (1.55 miles) hike, Grouse Grind, takes place every summer, where you can walk a one-way trail and return downhill by the gondola (about $20). 

Or you can enjoy the complete ride on a gondola. The Gondola ride costs $60 return. 

  • Address: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9
  • Hours: Every day 09:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Tickets: Starts at $20 (free to use the Grouse Grind trail) | Admission: Get tickets here

Kitsilano Beach Park 

Returning to the heart of Vancouver (from whale watching or Grouse Mountain), head to the lovely Kits Beach. 

Located in the city’s Kitsilano neighborhood, this beach offers fantastic views of Vancouver and its beautiful surroundings. During the day, you can also indulge in various activities, from playing volleyball to enjoying a picnic. 

Late evening is the perfect time for dinner at the Boathouse Restaurant, which does happy hours with special discounts on drinks and food. The glass facade provides excellent views of the ocean.

Now, your legs must be truly done, so take a bus to downtown Vancouver for a well-earned rest after three days of hectic sightseeing.

Alternate Vancouver 3 day itinerary

Because we have traveled to Vancouver so many times, here is an alternate itinerary to consider

Vancouver itinerary day 1:

Start your morning with a stroll through Stanley Park, enjoying the stunning city and ocean views. Then, head to Granville Island to explore and shop at the public market. 

Girl at the Capilano Bridge Park in one day in Vancouver
Capilano Suspension Bridge – Totem Poles

In the afternoon, take a short drive to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park for some light hiking and breathtaking views from the suspension bridge. 

End your day with dinner in Chinatown.

Millennium Gate in Vancouver’s Chinatown

Vancouver itinerary day 2:

Spend the morning visiting some of Vancouver’s top attractions, such as the Vancouver Aquarium, Science World, and the Museum of Anthropology. 

In the afternoon, take a stroll or bike ride along the seawall at Vancouver’s beautiful English Bay. 

Finish your day with a delicious meal and some people-watching in trendy Yaletown.

Vancouver itinerary day 3:

Get out of the city and explore Vancouver’s natural beauty today. Drive up to Cypress Provincial Park for a hike through the forest or swim at one of the many beaches along the Sea-to-Sky Highway. 

In the afternoon, take a cable car ride up to Grouse Mountain for panoramic views of Vancouver and the surrounding area. 

Vancouver at night

End your day with a romantic dinner overlooking the city lights.

Extending your trip to Vancouver British Columbia

If you are spending more days in Vancouver or wish to see some more attractions, these tips will have you covered:

  • Seaplane Ride: Take a seaplane flight to enjoy the city from above. You would never imagine how cool Vancouver looks from above.
  • Lunch cruise: A cruise along the city’s Waterfront includes a delicious lunch buffet with spectacular views of Vancouver and the surrounding areas.
  • Richmond Night Market: Richmond Night Market is a popular outdoor night market, one of North America’s largest. This summer market is known for its bustling atmosphere, vibrant colors, and delicious street food. 

Day trips from Vancouver 

Some of the most beautiful destinations lie within a short distance from Vancouver. See the list of day trips to plan your day of fun and adventure.

Whistler (1 hour 30 minutes)

The scenic drive on the Sea to Sky Highway or Highway 99 is enough to make your trip to Whistler worthwhile. The views are astounding, but none are better than at the 355 m high (or 1165 feet) Shannon Falls.

Whistler Blackcomb

Once you reach the ski town of Whistler, take a ride on the Peak-2-Peak gondola for mind blowing views of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Be sure to carry warm clothes as it is pretty cold up in the mountains. 

Read: Things to do in Whistler in the summer

Victoria (90 minutes by cruise)

You can drive, but the ferry ride to Victoria is far more popular as it passes through some of the most spectacular scenery of coastal British Columbia. Watch street performers as you stroll down the inner harbor or just relax on a bench and marvel at the parliament buildings.

Victoria BC

A top activity in Victoria is a visit to the Butchart Gardens and the Royal British Columbia Museum. Day tours cover both the capital city attractions and the Gardens; check it out here

Additional tips for 3 day Vancouver itinerary

Vancouver is a beautiful city with plenty to see and do. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your visit:

1. Get around on public transit

Vancouver has an excellent public transit system can get you around the city quickly and easily. If you’re staying downtown, consider purchasing a day pass to ride the bus and SkyTrain as much as you want.

2. Explore Vancouver’s neighborhoods

Vancouver comprises several unique neighborhoods, each with its character and attractions. Take some time to explore different city areas, including Gastown, Chinatown, and Granville Island.

3. Eat at Vancouver’s best restaurants

Vancouver is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. Whether you’re looking for fine dining or casual eateries, you’ll surely find something to suit your taste.

Food in Vancouver

4. Enjoy Vancouver’s nightlife

Vancouver has a vibrant nightlife scene, with plenty of bars, clubs, and live music venues. 

Explore different city areas to find the best places to party and enjoy Vancouver’s relaxed vibes!

5. Shop at Vancouver’s best stores

Vancouver is a shopper’s paradise, with plenty of great stores. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or designer brands, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

6. Stay connected with WiFi

Vancouver has plenty of free WiFi hotspots, so you can stay connected while on the go.

7. Stay Safe in Vancouver: Safety

Vancouver is a very safe city, but keeping a sharp lookout while venturing around the city is the key. It’s important to take precautions to protect yourself from crime. 

Downtown and West End are particularly safe.  

Be aware of your surroundings, and don’t flash valuables in public; you’ll be sure to have a safe and enjoyable trip. As always, don’t forget to add travel insurance to your trip!

8. Budget 

As far as budget is concerned, expect to spend $125 per day on your trip to Vancouver, keeping in mind the room price for a couple for one night is $150.

Lions Gate Bridge Entrance in Vancouver BC Canada
Lions Gate Bridge Entrance in Vancouver BC Canada

It is also easy to get to Vancouver from the USA, like Seattle, or even from the East Coast – New York City and others on a budget flight!

Are three days in Vancouver enough?

Yes, three days in Vancouver is enough to explore its main attractions and cover natural sights in and around the city. Three days will allow you to taste the city highlights and have a relaxed getaway with fine dining, restaurant hopping, shopping, and hikes. 

We highly recommend making a rough plan and setting aside time for food, beach, nature walks, and city sightseeing! If your itinerary is packed with activities, you might have little time to relax and take everything in truly. 

You should stay longer, and if that’s not the case, three days in Vancouver is just about enough to explore what is best.

Pin: Three days in Vancouver itinerary and guide

3 day Vancouver itinerary pin
3 day Vancouver itinerary North America Canada

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