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16 Fun Things to do in Regina Saskatchewan

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Regina is the capital city of the Canadian Prairie province of Saskatchewan. We lived in Saskatchewan for over 4 years, and in this post we will uncover the best things to do in Regina! 

16 Things to do in Regina Saskatchewan

Regina arrival sign
Regina Sign – Arriving into city

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Regina is served by the Regina International Airport, which is the 15th busiest airport in the country. You can rent a car here, and explore more of the province from Regina.

Need a place to stay in Regina? We recommend staying in the downtown area, so that you can head to restaurants and city attractions quite easily. 

Popular hotels in Regina Downtown

What is Regina Saskatchewan known for?

Regina is not only the capital, but it is also the second largest city in Saskatchewan. The city is situated on Wascana Creek in the south-central part, and it makes it a beautiful oasis with the Saskatchewan Legislature Building located nearby. The Creek gave the city its character, which originated as a hunters’ camp and was known as Pile O’Bones for the heaps of bones left there after skinning and cutting buffaloes. 

Saskatchewan Legislature Building
Regina – Saskatchewan Legislature Building

Regina was founded in 1882 as a European settlement. The name ‘Regina’ is a Late Latin feminine name meaning “queen”. 

Is Regina worth visiting?

Absolutely! If you are visiting Saskatchewan you must visit the capital city. It is a cultural and economic hub for the southern part of the province, and has a rich history dating back to 1882. 

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Visiting Regina: Sightseeing Map

Take a tour of the Saskatchewan Legislature Building 

The Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly is the provincial legislative building in Saskatchewan. The building is located on 2405 Legislative Dr, in Regina. The complex was built between 1908 and 1912, and was constructed in the Beaux Arts style, by Edward and William Sutherland Maxwell of Montreal. 

Regina Saskatchewan Legislature

It is definitely worth taking a self-guided tour of the Legislature Building. It will take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to complete the tour admiring the frescoes, rooms, and history notes inside the building. 

Outside the building are beautiful gardens, and statues. The outstanding equestrian statue of Queen Elizabeth II was unveiled here in 2005, standing in front of the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens. The statue showcases the Queen atop Burmese, her favourite horse. 

Statue of Queen Elizabeth Regina SK at the Saskatchewan Legislature Building
Statue of Queen Elizabeth Regina SK

On the eastern side of the building, you will find a fountain, one of two was brought from London’s Trafalgar Square. The building complex is recognized as one of the National Historic Sites of Canada, as well as Provincial Heritage Property in 1978.

Tour Hours: Every day from 08:00 am to 5:00 pm (May to September). From September to May, they are open from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Admire the Wascana Centre Park 

Wascana Centre is a large urban park in Regina. It is designed around the Saskatchewan Legislative Building and Wascana Lake and is a wonderful spot to walk and stroll by the lake.

Wascana Lake Structures
Wascana Park

You can also swim in the lake, as you soak in the Prairie skies, and admire the greenery around it. It is an amazing spot to hang out in the summertime. 

The lake was originally created in 1883, and was later turned to recreational use and Reginans took to the lake for sailing and canoeing. 

They are open everyday from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm. 

Fun fact:  Wascana Centre Park is larger than New York City’s Central Park

Wascana Centre Park Regina
Wascana Centre Park Regina

Learn and play at the Saskatchewan Science Centre

The Saskatchewan Science Centre is located in the Wascana Centre in an old plant. It is a nice interactive science museum operated as a not-for-profit charitable organization.

The centre is a wonderful spot to take your kids to (or even for adults on a rainy day). They have over 185 interactive exhibits on display, and they are quite engaging, interesting and fun. There is an IMAX Theatre located here too. 

Check out exhibits at MacKenzie Art Gallery

If you are an art lover, visit the MacKenzie Art Gallery. It is the oldest museum in the province of Saskatchewan, spanning over 60 years. The gallery has a compelling display of original exhibitions by local, national and international artists. 

The art gallery is named after Norman MacKenzie, who had a passion and respect for Indigenous artists. You can visit the gallery in the T.C. Douglas Building, located in the heart of Wascana Park.

Learn at the Saskatchewan Royal Museum (RSM)

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is a natural history museum in Regina. The museum had a humble beginning as a Provincial Museum.  This is the first museum in Saskatchewan, and the first provincial museum in the three Prairie Provinces, so we highly recommend visiting it. 

The institution was created to secure and preserve the natural history specimens and objects of historical and ethnological interest. The museum was renamed the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in 1993.

Inside the museum, you can stop by a variety of galleries from dinosaurs, life sciences to learning about First Nations History.

  • Earth Sciences Gallery: Learn about the mineral resources, reptiles, dinosaurs and other extinct creatures that once lived in Saskatchewan (from two billion years ago). 
  • CN T. rex Gallery: This is one of the most popular galleries with the largest T Rex exhibit on display
  • First Nations Gallery: Home to research and historical display of Saskatchewan’s Indigenous people from the past 10,000 years
  • Life Sciences Gallery: Learn about ecoregions and seasons of Saskatchewan

You can check out seasonal events, and opening hours here

Visit the Government House 

Government House in Regina, Saskatchewan was originally constructed as a residence for the Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Territories. Prior to becoming a province in its right, Saskatchewan was part of the NW Territories. 

The house was actively used from 1891 to 1944, and right now it is a National Historic Site of Canada. You can explore the various rooms, decor and building complex today. 

If you like spooky things, here is one – it is believed that many staff members have observed strange occurrences at Government House, where doors would open and close on their own, or babies would cry or laugh (and that too at the dead of night!). Footsteps are also often heard shuffling through the halls. 

Government House is closed on Mondays, and open on all other days from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. 

Take a Stone Hall Castle Tour

Stone Hall is Canada’s only Medieval style castle. Located in Regina, (about 5-minute walk from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum), this medieval-style castle is also a hotel. You can book a stay here for the night, or embark on a guided tour of the castle interiors. 

If you are planning to stay overnight, you get access to the dining hall, a private cinema and an indoor pool. This is a very pretty place for an Instagrammable shot in the city of Regina. 

Explore the Regina Floral Conservatory

One of the amazing things to do in Regina for a date is to head to the Floral Conservatory. With pretty flowers, and colorful ambience there is no other place as romantic and tranquil as this conservatory. 

This spot is popular with tourists and city residents. It is also completely free to enter and explore (except on special events days). You can also pre-book photography sessions at the conservatory. 

Visit RCMP Heritage Centre

The RCMP Heritage Centre is a law enforcement museum that showcases exhibits, history and information of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It’s history traces back to 1873, and displays artifacts since then to the modern day Mountie.

It is an amazing educational experience to learn about RCMP’s work and past. You can also explore their exhibits online, via a virtual tour. To visit in person, you can arrange, and plan your trip here (fees, hours, etc.). 

Wander Downtown Regina 

We love walking city downtown areas, and Regina is no different. This is the city’s commercial centre, and is home to office buildings, cute coffee shops, and a shopping mall. 

Downtown Regina Views
Downtown Regina

You will also find cool pubs, lounges, restaurants and live music venues in the city centre. Do visit the neighbourhood in the evening for pizza or delicious Asian cuisine. The downtown area has a beautiful leafy park which turns into an ice skating rink in the winter.  

Stroll Victoria Park in Downtown

And that pretty park is the Victoria Park. The park is named after Queen Victoria. Located in the downtown neighbourhood, this park is a beautiful oasis with so much greenery in the middle of the urban jungle. 

This square was originally set aside (barren and treeless) in 1883. It was improved upon with many trees, the Regina Cenotaph, and a children’s playground (on the south side of the park).  You will also find a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald here at the park. 

Regina City Park
City Park Regina

Head to the Hotel Saskatchewan

Located close to the Wascana Centre park is the beautiful stately Hotel Saskatchewan. This hotel is a historic property, and was one of Canada’s grand railway hotels. It is located in downtown Regina, and overlooks the urban Victoria Park.

Today the Hotel Saskatchewan operates as part of the Marriott International chain. You must stop by there for an afternoon tea, or even a stay overnight. They have beautiful rooms, all equipped with modern amenities – free Wi-Fi, TV, living space plus tea, and coffeemakers. Rooms have separate living areas, and many also come with whirlpool tubs. 

You can check out photos and room availability here

Hang out at the Warehouse District

For those who wish to shop, and hang out in a chic neighborhood, head to the Warehouse District. The district is home to over 600 businesses – all locally owned and managed. 

Check out Regina Casino

Another beautiful Beaux-Arts style building in Regina, and this was a train station before. The Union Station was constructed in 1911-12. With the closure of railways in late 1990, this station was turned into a casino. The vacant station was also a designated heritage site in Saskatchewan. 

The casino is owned and operated by Sask Gaming, and is actually beautiful inside. It has about 800 slot machines, 35 table games, and a 9-table poker room. There are restaurants (rail car), as well as a CPR Lounge and VIP Lounge. You can also go on Union Station historic tours here to explore the site. 

Regina Casino
Regina Casino

The building still contains many of the old railway police jail cells in the basement that were used for transporting prisoners. You can also check out the tunnels that once connected several blocks of areas in Regina. 

Visit Holy Rosary Cathedral

Holy Rosary Cathedral is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Regina. The church was constructed in 1912, and since then has had many additions and upgrades to the structure. It is one of the Romanesque Revival architecture styles in the province. 

Watch a game of Saskatchewan Roughriders at the Mosaic Stadium

Mosaic Stadium is an open-air stadium and is the home ground of Saskatchewan Roughriders. Saskatchewan Roughriders is a Canadian Football League based in Regina. The team was founded in 1910 as the Regina Rugby Club.

When in Regina (or Saskatchewan in general), head to the Mosaic Stadium for a good game of football, yo! And wear GREEN!

So that’s a wrap! These are some of the finest things to do in the capital city of Saskatchewan – Regina. We hope you plan a visit there soon! Happy Planning!

Which is better, Saskatoon or Regina?

Many travelers wonder if they should visit Saskatoon or Regina. Saskatoon is the largest city in the province, and it does have quite a few advantages over Regina, when it comes to living and working in the province. 

But as tourists we feel you must explore both. Each city has a different vibe to it, and different things and places to check out. Like you won’t find the Legislature Building in Saskatoon, nor will you find many historic bridges in Regina – they are specific and unique to the city. 

We have done day trips from Saskatoon to Regina, and have traveled many times on weekend city breaks. It is doable. Saskatoon to Regina is 2 hour 40 minutes, one way. 

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