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15 of the Best Edmonton Photo Spots

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From its stunning river valley vistas to its vibrant downtown core, Edmonton has something for every type of photographer. In this guide, we’ll be exploring some of the best Edmonton photo spots and providing helpful tips for each location. 

Best photography spots in Edmonton Alberta

Whether you are looking for a nature shot or an urban portrait, there are plenty of excellent locations in the city to capture your imagination. 

As an Edmonton local of over 8+ years, we have attempted to cover every season on this list of photography spots!

Best Edmonton Photo Spots to add to your itinerary

Best photo spots in Edmonton

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1. Alberta Legislature Building | The Ledge

A classic shot of the iconic Alberta Legislature Building is one of the most popular photography spots in Edmonton. 

Located right in the heart of downtown, this beautiful building was built in 1913 and stands as a symbol of democracy and progress in Alberta. The stunning Beaux-Arts architecture features a large domed roof and stained glass windows. 

Alberta Legislature Grounds

The use of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian architectural influences is very evident from its exterior! 

I worked for the province and the view of the Legislature building was one of my favorites!

For the best shot, get up close and capture the intricacy of the stonework or step back and take a picture of the building in its entirety. This is a must-visit location for any photographer who wants to capture an iconic view of downtown Edmonton. 


  • Entering the Legislature building (including guided tours) and visiting the Alberta legislature grounds are completely free
  • Capture the building in the morning or around sunset (mornings are not very busy, and in fact very quiet). Afternoons are usually busy
  • Explore the grounds all year round
  • We recommend getting there by public transportation (Government Centre LRT station)

Address: 10800 97 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

2. Muttart Conservatory

Capture some unique shots at the world-famous botanical gardens located right here in Edmonton. 

Mutthart Conservatory

The Muttart Conservatory is a great place to capture beautiful shots of plants and flowers. Located in the river valley, this four-glass pyramid building houses an impressive collection of botanicals from around the world. 

Each of the four pyramids contains different kinds of vegetation, ranging from cacti to tropical plants. 

A walk through the conservatory is a great opportunity to take stunning photos of nature in bloom. Whether you’re taking close-up shots of individual plants or capturing the exterior, there are plenty of photo opportunities at the Muttart Conservatory. 


  • You can capture the pyramids (outside) – best for sunset or sunrise shots
  • This Edmonton photography spot is perfect to capture downtown buildings as well
  • You will need to pay a fee to enter the Botanical gardens, and it is beautiful inside. No fees for entering the complex (outdoors)

Address:  9626 96a St NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 4L8

3. Lanes of Old Strathcona

Old Strathcona is a historical district in Edmonton with plenty of photo opportunities. The area is known for its unique architecture, eclectic shops and restaurants, and colorful murals. 

Walk around the streets and you’ll find many interesting buildings that are perfect for capturing your photos. 

For something different, check out Whyte Avenue during the summer. It hosts many festivals and events, which give you plenty of opportunities to take unique shots of people enjoying the activities. 

With a mix of old and new, Old Strathcona is certainly worth a visit for any photographer in Edmonton. 


  • This popular area has some great street scenes to capture perfect portraits or candid shots
  • Look for the colorful mural on this building Crawford Block
  • Visit Strathcona Farmer’s Market (indoor) for capturing market scenes 
  • Evenings are great to capture light photography 

Address:  83 Ave

4. Downtown Edmonton 

Downtown Edmonton is a great spot for photography. The city’s vibrant core offers plenty of interesting photo opportunities, both day and night. 

Stroll around the streets and capture some unique street scenes or admire the beautiful architecture of the surrounding buildings. 

You can also visit during special events such as food festivals and summer markets, which often feature live music, and street performers.

The downtown core is also home to many public art installations, including sculptures, murals, and more. 

With its mix of culture and urban life, Downtown Edmonton makes for a great photo spot. 


  • Check out the event calendar for seasonal events in the downtown core
  • Use public transportation (bus or LRTs) to get to the downtown area
  • Daytime and evenings are good times to visit 

5. Walterdale Bridge

The Walterdale Bridge is one of the most picturesque photo spots in Edmonton. 

Located over the North Saskatchewan River, this beautiful steel arch bridge offers stunning views of downtown and the river valley. 

Walterdale Bridge in Edmonton

For an interesting shot, take a picture from below or wait until twilight to get some amazing silhouettes against the sunset sky. 

You can find great views of the bridge from the opposite side of the river or stand at its base and capture a symmetrical shot. 

With its beautiful architecture, Walterdale Bridge is definitely one of Edmonton’s must-visit photography locations. 


  • Visit Queen Elizabeth Park or Queen Elizabeth Hill for an uninterrupted view of the bridge
  • Put up a little picnic in the summer with the backdrop of the Walterdale Bridge 

Address: 105 St NW, Edmonton, AB

6. High-Level Bridge

Get a different view of downtown from this bridge that spans across the North Saskatchewan River. 

It’s one of the four remaining steel truss bridges built by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in the pre-World War era in 1913. 

The bridge is located next to the Alberta Legislature Building and offers amazing views of the river valley and downtown skyline. 

Address:  109 St NW &, 97 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

7. Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton is a great photo spot for those looking to capture the city’s rich history. 

As one of Canada’s largest living history museums, Fort Edmonton offers plenty of opportunities to take pictures from different time periods. 

Stroll around the grounds and take pictures of the historic buildings, period costumes, and vintage vehicles. 

Girl at the Fort Edmonton Park
Fort Edmonton Park

There are also plenty of great photo ops with the trains (my favorite), Ferris wheels, and others inside the fort, including an old trading post, and more. 

Whether you’re looking for some vintage atmosphere or just want to take pictures of Edmonton’s past, Fort Edmonton is worth a visit. 


  • Use the historic structures as a vintage backdrop
  • Visit during winter festivals for capturing seasonal nuances 
  • There is an entry fee to enter the site (all attractions and rides are included in the entry ticket)

Address: 7000 143 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 4P3

8. Edmonton City Hall

Edmonton City Hall is a great photo spot for those looking to capture the city’s modern skyline. This impressive building stands at the north end of Churchill Square and features a unique glass structure that reflects light in interesting ways. 

Edmonton City Hall

Stand in front of the glass pyramid building and take pictures of its striking architecture or capture summer afternoons when kids enjoy the water fountain. 

For something unique, visit City Hall at night when it’s lit up in vibrant colors or during Christmas celebrations. In the winter, a large Christmas tree is placed at Churchill Square. 


  • Perfect all year round (great for winter decorations and festivities)
  • Use public transportation to get there

Address: 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB T5J 0R2

9. Manchester Square Edmonton

Manchester Square is a shopping complex in Edmonton. 

Manchester Square
Edmonton Instagrammable Spots

The building structure was inspired by the Dutch, particularly the canal houses of Amsterdam. So they look like 17th-century merchant houses (‘koopmanshuizen’), and they are great for photo backdrop without leaving the city 🙂

After a quick photoshoot, you can hang out and enjoy a drink or coffee at one of the cafes at the complex. 


  • Parking is free
  • The complex is not super busy at the moment (2023) so you should be able to get good shots at most times of the day
  • Walk over to the left side of the building complex and capture the bright red cycles and murals on the wall (left side)

Address: 10712 120 St NW, Edmonton

10. Devonian Gardens | University of Alberta Botanic Garden

The University of Alberta Botanic Garden is a great photo spot for those looking to capture some natural beauty. 

Devonian Gardens

Located just outside the city, this botanical garden offers plenty of interesting opportunities for photography. 

Stroll around the grounds and take pictures of the lush gardens, colorful flowers, and unique sculptures. 

Japanese Gardens in Devonian Gardens
Japanese Gardens in UfA Botanical Gardens: Most Instagrammable places in Edmonton

There are also many ponds and streams that make great backdrops for scenic shots. When you are tired you can enjoy a drink or an ice cream at their on-campus cafe!

With its mix of natural beauty and man-made structures, the University of Alberta Botanic Garden makes a great photo spot in Edmonton. 


  • Entry fee is required to access the site
  • Daytime photography is recommended 
  • There are seasonal events (like Luminaria) where you can capture nighttime photos
  • Will need a vehicle to get there. Parking is available

Address: 51227 AB-60, Parkland County, AB T7Y 1C5

11. West Edmonton Mall 

West Edmonton Mall is a great photo spot for those looking for something different. This massive shopping complex offers plenty of interesting opportunities for photography, from its huge water park to its indoor amusement park. 

Pop-up backdrop at the West Edmonton mall

There are pop-up backdrops set up seasonally (Valentine’s Day/Easter/ seasonal events or Christmas decor including a huge tree), and take pictures of the unique structures, and colorful art displays. 

There’s also an impressive selection of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options to choose from. 


  • Try to capture some of the mall’s many seasonal events such as Halloween, and Easter decor or Christmas light displays
  • Can reach there by car or public transportation. Lots of parking space 

Address: 8882 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2

12. River Valley Lookouts in Edmonton

There are various River Valley Lookouts that are free, and they easily make it to the list of the most Instagrammable places in Edmonton. 

Located in the heart of the river valley and nearby, these viewpoints offer breathtaking panoramic views of downtown, the North Saskatchewan River, and beyond. 

They’re especially great for capturing sunsets and night scenes since you can get a perfect view from above. Some of the popular lookouts include Wolf Willow Stairs, Gallagher Park, and the Promenade. 

Others are 

  • Yurinatus Lookout (5-minute drive from downtown)
  • Strathearn Drive Lookout (a 10-minute drive from downtown). Our favorite for views of Mutthart Conservatory and nearby areas
  • Rowland Park Lookout
  • Keillor Point lookout or End of the World Lookout

With so many incredible spots around the city, River Valley Lookouts are a must-visit for any photographer in Edmonton. 


  • Many of these lookout points do not have car parking nearby so expect to walk or hike for a bit
  • Biking or hiking is one of the best ways to explore the river valley lookouts
  • You can also enjoy a segway tour (or something similar)
  • Without walking a flight of stairs or hikes, you can catch a free ride on the 100 Street Funicular that connects Downtown Edmonton to the North Saskatchewan River Valley for views! More information on Explore Edmonton website
  • You can also stay or dine at a restaurant with River Valley views such as the Chateau Lacombe hotel

13. Borden Park

Borden Park is one of the hidden gems in the city. This large urban park has plenty of open fields and grassy areas that make for excellent photo backdrops. 

You can capture some stunning shots of the gardens, leafy pathways with its colourful array of flowers, and of course the unmissable public art installation!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more active shot, Borden Park is a great place to take pictures of people playing sports or enjoying outdoor activities. 

With so much to offer, Borden Park is definitely one of Edmonton’s top photo spots. 

Address: 11020 75a St NW #102, Edmonton, AB T5B 2C5

14. Elk Island National Park in Edmonton

Elk Island National Park is an excellent photo spot for any photographer. Located just east of Edmonton, this park has plenty of open grasslands, wetlands, and forests that are perfect for capturing nature at its best. Plus it is a UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve.

Elk Island National Park Sunset tours
Elk Island National Park near Edmonton

Walk around the grounds and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to take pictures of animals, landscapes, and sunsets. 

You can even capture some great shots of the night sky since the park is one of Canada’s designated dark sky preserves. 


  • Visit during sunrise or sunset and capture the beautiful Astotin Lake
  • You can also take shots as you enjoy the lakeside, picnic, etc
  • As this is a national park entry fee applies 
  • Access to a vehicle is required. Parking is available 

Address: 54401 Range Rd 203, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 0V3

15. Seasonal Events in Edmonton

Seasonal activities are a great way to capture some unique photo opportunities in Edmonton. 

Food festival in Edmonton

From outdoor festivals and markets during the summer months to winter light displays, there are plenty of interesting events happening throughout the year that make for great subjects for photography. 

Visit one of the many ice rinks in the city and take pictures of people skating or capture the festive atmosphere of Christmas markets. 

With its mix of vibrant activity and beautiful scenery, seasonal activities make for an ideal photography location in Edmonton. 

You can check out the seasonal events calendar here

Map of Instagrammable spots in Edmonton Alberta

Instagrammable places in Edmonton map
Click to view the full Google Map

From stunning views of downtown from high up in the river valley to unique shots at local parks, this vibrant city is full of interesting places to take photos. 

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur photographer, you’ll find something to capture in Edmonton. 

So grab your camera and let’s explore the incredible photo spots in Edmonton for your social media! Happy clicking!

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