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Victoria Seaplane Tour Review & Options

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Victoria Seaplane Tour takes off from the stunning Inner Harbour and welcomes you to views of the coastline. It is a must-do when visiting Vancouver Island. 

Victoria BC from above
Views from the Victoria seaplane tour

A seaplane tour gives you a front row seat to some of the most incredible scenery in British Columbia – soar above terracotta roofs, beaches, forests and mountains for unparalleled views of this beautiful region. 

Read our detailed review of the Victoria panorama seaplane tour and guide below!

The Ultimate Victoria Seaplane Tour Review + Options

Seaplane tour in Victoria BC

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What is a Victoria seaplane tour?

A seaplane is a powered aircraft that can take off and land on water. In Victoria BC the Inner Harbour is the runway for your seaplane tours. 

Seaplanes are of two different types: float planes and flying boats. 

Floatplanes in Victoria BC (sunset views)
Floatplanes in Victoria BC (sunset views)

When booking a seaplane tour like this one, you will be riding a floatplane. They are generally smaller and carry a set/limited number of passengers, making your flying experience intimate! 

Victoria panoramic seaplane tours are very popular. You can also see them take off from the harbor as you enjoy sightseeing in the city. 

Through this experience, you can soak the rugged landscape of Victoria – with its waters, lighthouse and buildings – from the sky. 

Each excursion is led by expertly trained guides, so you are in safe hands!

You can choose from 30 minutes to a full day experience covering sightseeing spots (from Vancouver). 

Seaplanes are led by an expert!

Typically for an experience flying over Victoria you can choose from a 30 or 45 minute ride with views of downtown Victoria, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains in the distance. 

The real highlight of the ride is the dramatic water spray during take-off and landing. 

If you want a shuttle service to your hotel, and a 45 minute seaplane tour, then book this excursion.

How to book this experience? Victoria BC Air Seaplane tours

Victoria Seaplane tours are an exclusive experience – it is undoubtedly special. 

View from Victoria Seaplane tour ride
View from Victoria Seaplane tour ride

Imagine riding on a plane that is especially catered for you (a small group) and you get all the BEST views below – uninterrupted, raw and truly yours to soak it in and bring back unforgettable memories from the sky!

These panoramic seaplane tours are unobtrusive and safe! You can book it online via GetYourGuide and choose from a variety of flying options. 

The most popular one is a 45 minute Seaplane Ride over Victoria BC, like this one.

View from Victoria Seaplane tour ride

If you are short on time, you can also combine rides from Vancouver to explore Victoria and the nearby Butchart Gardens. 

Seaplane rides and tours can also be used to connect from Victoria to Vancouver and Whistler.

See all the current available options below!  

Take to the skies on an air seaplane tour of Victoria BC and experience the beauty of Vancouver Island from above. These 2 tours take you on a short flight across the Strait of Georgia to Victoria, where you’ll get unparalleled views of the city’s skyline, Inner Harbour, beaches and more. 

You can choose from a 30-minute or 45-minute ride (the latter includes round-trip transportation from a hotel). 

Use this trip to connect to Whistler from Victoria and enjoy spectacular views by seaplane.

When you choose to travel via air seaplanes from Vancouver, you can also use this as a transportation conection between the two cities of British Columbia (instead of a regular flight or ferry ride). Some of the options also include sightseeing. 

Our experience and review: From check in, take off to landing

I booked my experience online on GetYourGuide and received my tickets instantly. This was definitely a BIG highlight of my Victoria BC itinerary.

Victoria Harbour Area

My hotel was located super close to downtown, so I walked to the Victoria Harbour Airport. My flight was in the morning, and it was an amazing experience to see sunrise and go on a stroll here. 

You can see seaplanes take off and land as you enter the airport area. 

Victoria Harbour area with views of the Parliament buildings
Victoria Harbour area with views of the Parliament buildings

The Victoria Harbour Airport terminal is situated in the Inner Harbour on Wharf Street. It is located very close to the Parliament Buildings and of course the port itself (the same spot to go on whale watching and other sunset tours and cruises).

The airport area is of a decent size – there are ample counters for assistance and frequent announcements are made for your departure. 

You can also sit inside while waiting for your flight, charge your phones/cameras to take pictures and also use the washrooms. 

Victoria Harbour area
Victoria Harbour area

There is a separate exit area to get to the seaplane. You will be greeted by an in-house representative and then the pilot. The seats are on a first come and first serve basis. 

For your flight, ensure you are there on time for take off and get to the plane early to choose a preferred seat. 

My seat 🙂
View from my window

I was seated on the right side of the aircraft and enjoyed my views from the window. 

The flight duration is for 30 or 45 minutes, depending on your selection. I do recommend setting an extra 30 minute each for checking in, disembarking, etc. 

Note that there is no security check. But like all air tours, carrying a valid ID or a government issued photo identification is a must (like a passport, driver’s licence, etc.) 

Lush greenery from above Victoria
Lush greenery from above

When in the air, you can take in views of the lush green parks and gardens to iconic landmarks like the Parliament Buildings and Empress Hotel

Plus you can enjoy downtown Victoria, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Seaplane ride over Victoria

The tour also gives you an intimate glimpse of the area in and around the Inner Harbour, and of course the epic water landing experience! 

It’s the perfect way to experience all that Victoria has to offer!

After the tour, you will arrive at the same spot! If you book the 45 minute tour, you will be driven back to your hotel by shuttle bus. Book here

About the company/organizer: Harbour Air and Westcoast Air operate the largest seaplane fleet in the world with over 50 planes. You can relax in the company of an expertly trained guide and fly sky high. 

Is the Victoria seaplane tour worth the money?

Absolutely! The Victoria seaplane tour is one of the most unique and memorable experiences you can have in British Columbia. Not only will you get to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the province, but you’ll also get to land right in the heart of downtown Victoria. 

Views of Victoria from above on a seaplane
Views of Victoria from above on a seaplane

You can get a bird’s eye view of the city’s landmarks, waters and beyond. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

Plus, the tour includes a water landing at Victoria’s Inner Harbour, where you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the seaplanes that call this place home. 

It’s the perfect way to experience all that Victoria has to offer. 

Book your tour today!

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