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7 Mount Seymour Winter Activities to Enjoy This Year

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Maybe you’re a snow buff, or maybe you’ve never even seen snow before. Either way, you’ve got to visit Canada in winter. More specifically, you’ve got to visit and check out Mount Seymour winter activities!

Mount Seymour is an easy day trip from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) and is sure to satisfy those white winter fantasies. 

Mount Seymour is also the perfect winter fun alternative to the better-known Grouse Mountain: it’s easier to get to and easier on the wallet as well!

Things to do on Mount Seymour in winter: Mount Seymour Winter Activities

Woman on Mount Seymour in winter
Things to do on Mount Seymour in winter

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How to get to Mount Seymour Provincial Park from Vancouver?

There are two main ways to get to Mount Seymour, you can travel by shuttle bus or by car from Vancouver

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Shuttle bus

The first is to take the shuttle bus from one of two locations. You can catch the bus from East Vancouver at the Rupert Skytrain Station or from North Vancouver at the Parkgate Community Centre.

Information about shuttle bus fees and schedules can be found here, but know that the shuttle bus does not operate during summer months and typically operates between Oct 1st – March 31st. 

Important note: you don’t pay when you get on the shuttle bus, but rather need a ticket to take the bus back. Tickets can be purchased on the mountain at the Guest Services – Alpine Activity Center, Season Pass & Ticket Office, Enquist Lodge, or the Snowshoe Center.

Discover these epic Mount Seymour winter activities to enjoy this year from skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking and staycations! Snowy mountains in British Columbia
Snowy mountains in British Columbia


The second way to get to Mount Seymour is to drive and park, but the caveat is that winter tires are a requirement. Definitely, something to take into account when booking a rental car!

The Mt Seymour road is designated as a Winter Tire & Chain Up Route where weather changes can occur at any time.

You’ll also require a valid pass to park on Mount Seymour. For more information on parking lots and fees, please see Mount Seymour’s road information page.

Important note: The roads can get pretty bad in winter, so unless you know what you are doing, I strongly recommend taking the shuttle bus! 

The shuttle bus is the safest and easiest option, there is paid parking available at the community center where you can catch the bus. Always refer to the weather news and alerts to stay updated on the road conditions. 

The best Mount Seymour winter activities

Tobogganing on Mount Seymour

Sledding is definitely a highlight of all winter sports. It’s perfect for virtually all ages, as long as you have the strength to climb back up the hill with your sled in tow.

Tobogganing on Mount Seyour
Tobogganing on Mount Seymour

Whoever designed the tobogganing hills on Mount Seymour was definitely a kid at heart. There are separate sledding sections for small children, bigger children, and even special toboggan runs for adults.

The runs themselves are safely blocked at the ends to prevent you or little sledders from flying off down the mountain. It appears a bit precariously set up at first, but then you realize it’s been designed with safety in mind.

Someone has done some serious mathematical equations to get the heights of the barriers and their strength just right!

Mount Seymour in winters

Another reason why Mount Seymour is so great is that, unlike some other places, there are no height or age restrictions on the toboggan hills.

You can even bring your own toboggan (as long as it’s not inflatable) or if you need to, you can purchase a sliding mat at the mountain lodge for $8 CAD plus applicable tax.

How much does tobogganing on Mount Seymour cost?

Access fees to the tobogganing hills differ depending on the time of the week. Weekend rates are higher, but family rates are available and kids 3 and under are FREE! See up-to-date tobogganing rates here.

Snow tubing on Mount Seymour Park

Another absolute must-see and do is the snow tube hill. Basically, you sit inside a tube that looks like a giant donut and slides down an enormous hill at full speed!

The best part is that, unlike tobogganing, you do not have to pull your tube back up the hill. Mount Seymour has a pull system that takes you back up the hill while you relax inside the tube. Then you are ready to slide again!

This particular winter activity does have a restriction on height. Riders must be 122 cm tall (48 inches or) to go on the snow tube.

How much does snow tubing on Mount Seymour cost?

Snow tubing is charged beginning at 2-hour intervals with an option to add on another hour. Rates for snow tubing on Mount Seymour is per person, or you can also purchase a family package.

Snowboarding and skiing – Mt Seymour Resort

Or course there are skiing and snowboarding opportunities on Mount Seymour as well! Snowboarders can race down the same slopes as skiers, or enjoy a special area just for boarders. There are slopes of varying degrees of difficulty and risk, for beginners up to experts. 

Backcountry skiing up Mount Seymour during a sunny winter sunset
Backcountry skiing up Mount Seymour during a sunny winter sunset

Proper equipment is required and if you don’t have your own, you are welcome to rent gear from Mount Seymour for the day and get an introductory lesson if you want!

How much does skiing or snowboarding on Mount Seymour cost? Area Pass

If you are just visiting Mount Seymour for the day, you’ll want to check out how much a day pass costs. If you are a Vancouver British Columbia local who happens to live and breathe skiing and snowboarding, then season passes are worth checking out!

Tip: Check out Early Bird Season Passes

Ski and snowboard equipment rental costs on Mount Seymour

Mount Seymour also offers ski and snowboard equipment rentals, please note that anyone younger than 19 years old, must have a parent present to sign a waiver for any ski or snowboard equipment rentals. 

Equipment rental rates vary depending on the time of day. Rates are cheaper from 2:30 pm onward and begin at $20 going up to $43 for the day.


Have you ever tried snowshoeing? Well, you can do that at Mount Seymour too! This very unique winter sport is available through incredible trails that have varying lengths and degrees.

Girl snowshoeing in Mount Seymour in winter
Snowshoeing in Mount Seymour

The easiest trail takes approximately 2 hours and provides stunning mountainside views. 

Snowshoeing is a great winter activity for confident children all the way up to the elder years, as it’s a wonderful way to exercise. It’s also good for larger groups of people as you can snowshoe along and talk with family or friends the entire time.

How much does snowshoeing on Mount Seymour cost?

The great thing about snowshoeing is that all ages can do it! Rates include trail passes and begin at $19 per person and go up to $28 per person. For full snowshoe fees please see Mount Seymour’s information page.

Mount Seymour hikes in winter

During winters, you can also enjoy hiking at the Mt Seymour Provincial Park. Dog Mountain Trail is a beautiful and popular hiking trail here.

Located just North of Vancouver, the trail offers stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains. The trail is well-marked and relatively easy to follow in the winters, making it a great option for hikers of all levels. 

Although the trail is short, it can be quite steep in places, so be sure to take your time and enjoy the views. Be sure to dress warmly, as the wind can be quite strong at the top of the mountain.

Build a snowman or make a snow angel

Now I know technically these do not count as winter sports, but you can easily make them into one! Have a snowman-building competition or see who can make the most (or funniest) snow angels.

Either way, you are bound to make some great memories on Mount Seymour.

Staycation at the Mt Seymour Resorts

Prefer a quiet snow-kissed winter getaway, there are rooms that you can rent in Mt Seymour. Being a world-class ski resort, you will have all modern amenities and comfort at your disposal. 

Plus this destination is located in the heart of British Columbia, only 30 minutes away from the city of Vancouver. 

Mount Seymour at sunset
Mount Seymour Provincial Park in winter at sunset

Soak in the stunning natural scenery, matched with service, Mt Seymour offers an unforgettable family vacation, a romantic getaway, or an action-packed adventure.

When you feel it’s time to hit the outdoors, you can enjoy winter hikes, or go skiing and snowboarding. Mt Seymour is also home to a variety of unique shops and restaurants, as well as a variety of accommodations to suit every budget. 

Rent winter clothing at Mount Seymour Resort

Just in case you need any other gear, Mount Seymour has got you covered! Keep yourselves warm, protected, and snug by renting some awesome winter clothing.

Mount Seymour winter activities: in conclusion

Mount Seymour is full of fun winter activities. In fact, there’s so much to do that you may have to come back for more! Best of all, it’s right near the beautiful city of Vancouver, making it accessible to all winter sports lovers.

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