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15 Best Places to eat in Edmonton Alberta + Map

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At first glance, it might seem like Edmonton doesn’t have many restaurants to check out. But little did you know that it actually has plenty of places for foodies to check out! Here’s presenting 15 amazingly best places to eat in Edmonton from cafes, baked shops, to romantic fine dining options.

Places to eat in Edmonton
Places to eat in Edmonton

If you ask an Edmontonian where to eat, they might answer with Whyte Ave or Jasper Ave. Those are two good areas to check out but you can actually find hidden (and non-hidden) gems all around the city! 

I’ve grown up here my whole life and I still haven’t run out of new places to try out. There are plenty of food businesses popping up here and there, including food festivals to check out as well. 

Here is a list of places in Edmonton that you must check out if you’re seeking a food adventure! 

15 Restaurants in Edmonton to try out on your next visit

Instagram worthy places to eat in Edmonton
Instagram worthy places to eat in Edmonton

Note: This post is contributed by a fellow Edmontonian – Stephanie, check her out at @mshangryfoodie, and edited by me (Mayuri)


If you’re looking for a Korean restaurant with a great atmosphere, look no further. Hanjan has recently expanded to 3 locations this year, each one with its own aesthetic. 

The original Hanjan location on 99 Street resembles an indoor patio that you might find in Korea with dozens of string lights on the ceiling. The location off Whyte Ave is part restaurant, part bar on the weekend. 

Hanjan Edmonton

The newest location in Oliver has a modern feel with wooden accents around the place. What these 3 locations have in common is a menu of traditional and unique Korean dishes and cafe drinks, along with alcohol like Soju, fancy cocktails and Canadian beer! 

Must try: Bulgogi Fries and Bulgogi Tacos in Hanjan
Must try: Bulgogi Fries and Bulgogi Tacos in Hanjan

These locations all have late hours so you can satisfy your craving when you’re hungry at night. My favourite items here are the Bulgogi Fries and Samgyeopsal. For dessert, you cannot go wrong with the Honey Butter Bread! It tastes like a giant cinnamon bun. 


Huma prides itself on offering Mexican comfort food and that’s exactly what it does. The food at Huma is hearty and delicious, and I can confirm that it does taste pretty close to what you’d get in Mexico! 

Huma Edmonton
Huma Edmonton

The tacos here are a must-try, especially the Al Pastor. The size of one taco is equivalent to the size of two tacos elsewhere. Their menu has tons of traditional Mexican items to try. Whether you just want to try something new or step way beyond your food comfort zone, there is something for everyone. 


One of my go-to places to satisfy my sweet tooth is Yelo’d on Whyte Ave. This is a small dessert shop that specializes in Filipino-inspired ice cream and baked goods. They change up their soft-serve flavours on a weekly basis. You can find flavours like ube, keso, and champorado. 

Fancy places to eat in Edmonton

For baked goods, there are cookies, brownies, and cakes. They also have milkshakes made from their soft-serve ice cream. 

Since Edmonton is a snowy city for more than half the year, Yelo’d offers hot ice cream during the colder months! Just simply ask for your favourite soft-serve (if it’s rotating) in the form of hot ice cream.

Made By Marcus

Another dessert shop that I like to get ice cream from is Made By Marcus. Originally stemming from Calgary, us Edmontonians were quite happy that we didn’t have to drive 3 hours for ice cream anymore! It’s tucked away in an alley on Whyte Ave. 

best cafes in Edmonton Made by Marcus
Made by Marcus

During the summer, you can expect to find a line-up down the alleyway. In the winter, there probably won’t be one but you’ll find some Edmontonians who are willing to eat ice cream in -30 weather (like me). They have flavours that are always available and special features as well. 

Little Brick 

Little Brick is a cute cafe that’s actually inside a super old house! 

Found near the River Valley, this cafe has one of the first winter patios in Edmonton. Along with offering delicious cafe drinks (I recommend the chai latte), you can grab a light meal from their menu of heart-warming food like Baked Potato Soup and Beef Stew. 

Little Brick Fancy places to eat in Edmonton
Little Brick

The inside of the cafe has plenty of good photo ops if you want to create some Instagram content! Don’t feel like sitting down? Pick up a drink and take a stroll around the nearby River Valley. 


A restaurant that offers brunch 7 days of the week? Count me in! 

Ask anyone in Edmonton where to go for brunch and one of the places they’ll probably list off is OEB. You can find classic breakfast items here but also creations you won’t get anywhere else. 


I would definitely recommend trying one of the Breakfast Poutines. There are 10 different kinds to try and each one is topped with a brown butter hollandaise that you’ll have dreams about. There are 2 locations, one in Downtown and one on 124 Street.

Under The High Wheel 

Another restaurant that has brunch everyday of the week is Under The High Wheel. It’s a small cozy place tucked along Whyte Ave. It’s been a favourite of mine for many years. 

Under the High Wheel Edmonton
Under the High Wheel

I normally don’t prefer to eat sweet dishes for brunch but I can’t resist the Sweet Belgian Waffle whenever I come here! 

Dorinku Tokyo

I’ve never been to Japan (hopefully one day) but I imagine that it has restaurants like Dorinku there. There are actually 2 Dorinku locations in Edmonton – Dorinku Tokyo and Dorinku Osaka. Both are great, but Dorinku Tokyo would be my main choice. 

Fancy restaurants in Edmonton
Dorinku Tokyo

Specializing in Tokyo street food, it’s a restaurant with chill vibes and dishes that are great for sharing. I absolutely recommend getting the Pressed Salmon Sushi and Shaka Shaka Fries. Don’t forget to check out the heated toilets in the washroom, too! 

YEG Burger 

Of course you have to go to a restaurant in Edmonton with “YEG” in the name! Hidden in the northside, YEG Burger is pretty much a secret for people that aren’t Northsiders. I guess you can tell which side of the city I’m from now. 

Edmonton award winning YEG Burger
YEG Burger

Their award winning burgers are juicy and delicious, and they have the best milkshakes. I’m not kidding when I say that they’re the best. There are plenty of flavours to choose from as well as a milkshake of the month. 

Warning: the milkshakes here are made with lots of ice cream so come on your cheat day! 

Destination Doughnuts

Certainly make this doughnut place one of your destinations to visit in Edmonton! 

Destinations Donut Edmonton
Destinations Donut Edmonton

Tucked away on 124 Street, you can find gourmet doughnuts with flavours that will have your mouth water. Their flavours aren’t too extravagant but every bite will leave you satisfied. The doughnuts are also very Instagram worthy. Grab just one or treat yourself to a whole dozen!

Swiss 2 Go

Cheesecake lovers will fall in love with the cheesecake here! Shaped like a teacup, not only is it cute but it’s also delicious. There are over 100 flavours to choose from. 

Swiss 2 go

They don’t offer all of these flavours everyday so it’s best to call and order in advance. The cheesecake teacups are a little bit on a pricier side as it’s more of an indulgent treat. Along with cheesecake, you can find Swiss-style sandwiches and soups here. 

Turquaz Kebab House

This is definitely a not so hidden gem in Northside Edmonton. Specializing in Turkish and Lebanese food, they are known for being one of the best kebab houses in the city. 

Turquaz Kebab House Edmonton
Turquaz Kebab House

I highly recommend trying the Chicken Shawarma here. The portions are huge and the food is fresh. The chicken is juicy and tender, and it comes with sides to fill you up like fries, pita bread, garlic sauce, hummus, and salad. 

Sepp’s Pizza

One of my favourite local places for pizza is Sepp’s Pizza! 

Sepp's Pizza Edmonton
Sepp’s Pizza

This pizza joint is take-out and delivery only. It’s New-York style pizza not Italian, and the  creations aren’t your typical Pepperoni or Hawaiian. Their pizzas come in 14” and 18” sizes so make sure you have a hungry stomach before ordering. 

In the summer, I like to pick up a pizza from here then drive to the Walterdale Bridge (only a few minutes away) for a picnic date or a romantic dinner at home. 

La Bosco Cafe

La Bosco is the newest cafe to open in Edmonton. It’s probably one of the best-looking ones as well. 

Here, you can find tons of desserts and cafe drinks, as well as baked goods. They actually flew in a baker from Korea and used flour imported from there! The interior is very open and the decor makes you feel like you’ve transported away to Asia. 

La Boscp Edmonton
La Bosco

For those looking to study or work, this would be a good space as they have table plug-ins and wi-fi. I know that when I was still in school, I struggled with finding a cafe to study at because many didn’t offer wi-fi. There are also parking spots in front which can be difficult when visiting other cafes in the city. 

The Bothy Wine and Whiskey Bar

For those who love a fancy wine bar, look no further than The Bothy Wine and Whiskey Bar, located on Calgary Trail. This cozy little place is home to over 175 varieties of whiskies, 16 wines served by the glass, including a range of unique beers, and spirits.

But you don’t have to stop at drinks, they have an amazing seafood menu: service available for lunch and dinners. 

You can also opt for a private tasting (for groups), which is perfect for friends or teams. Not only that every Thursday, you can head there for specials on wines. What, did we just give you a date night suggestion?  The Bothy Wine and Whiskey Bar is rated as one of the finest romantic restaurants in Edmonton. 

Google Map: Best Places to eat in Edmonton

As you can see, there are a variety of different eateries in Edmonton to try out. You can find something to suit every taste! 

Even though the city is nicknamed Deadmonton, I feel that the choices of food will never be dead. I hope that you will be full and satisfied after checking out my list of places to eat in Edmonton Alberta!

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  1. You should also check out the brown butter cafe, it’s far south down Parsons Rd. Their patisseries are divine.

  2. I appreciate the list you’ve made for me haha. There are a lot of great places in Edmonton, OEB is great but as far as breakfast goes, I can’t pass up sugar bowl’s chicken and waffles.

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