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Prince of Wales Afternoon Tea: Review of Prince of Wales High Tea

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Visiting the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta? You must add the Prince of Wales Afternoon Tea experience to your Waterton itinerary. 

The Prince of Wales is a showstopper and an iconic hotel in the national park, which offers a stunning setting for enjoying high tea with beautiful views of the lakes and mountains! We have outlined all the detailed information and our Review of the Prince of Wales High Tea experience below. 

Prince of Wales Afternoon Tea | Review of Prince of Wales High Tea 

High tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel

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The Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta is a stunningly beautiful hotel that offers visitors a chance to soak in the majestic views of this breathtaking area. 

Built in 1927, this seven-story hotel has maintained its original charm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Prince of Wales Afternoon Tea: Prince of Wales High Tea review

The hotel was constructed by the Great Northern Railway and was built as an addition to the Glacier Park Lodges. It still features many historic elements and is inspired by the style of the prohibition era, with period-specific furniture in the lobby and a cocktail menu that reflects this time. 

From its comfortable guest rooms to its award-winning dining room, we are sure you will love it here! 

Where is the Prince of Wales hotel located and where is the Tea Room?

The Prince of Wales Hotel is located inside the Waterton Lakes National Park.

The exact address is AB-5, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0. You can get to the hotel by car, or by sightseeing bus. 

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is the closest airport to Waterton. The drive from Calgary to Waterton Park is approximately 3 hours.

The Prince of Wales Hotel is part of the Waterton Lakes National Park, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

This stunning park covers over 500 square kilometers and features deep valleys, towering mountains, crystal clear lakes, and lush forests that make up this incredible region.

Because the hotel itself is located right at the heart of this amazing park, it makes for a great base from which to explore all that Waterton Lakes National Park has to offer. 

The Prince of Wales Hotel offers guests an array of activities and attractions, including stunning vistas from its parking lot, and complex. This hotel offers a beautiful view of Waterton Lake. 

Royal Stewart Dining Room

The lobby windows offer a stunning view of the surrounding seven-mile-long mountain range. 

Afternoon Tea is conducted in the elegant Royal Stewart Dining Room!

Did you know? The hotel was named after King Edward VIII when he held the title of Prince of Wales in Great Britain.

Prince of Wales Afternoon Tea Operating Hours

The operating hours of Afternoon Tea at the Prince of Wales are from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm during the summer months.

Prince of Wales Afternoon Tea Dining Hall
Prince of Wales Afternoon Tea Dining Hall

Prince of Wales High Tea Experience Prices

Here are the current prices for an Afternoon Tea Experience (each one comes with unlimited cups of tea, and one three-tier platter of goodness – scones with housemade strawberry jam, pastries, and finger sandwiches).

  • Afternoon Tea is $49 CAD per person
  • Gluten-Free & Vegan Available upon request
  • Kids Tea Menu is also available ($20 CAD per person)

Regular High Tea Menu

All of the delicacies are prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Here is what is included:

Pastry Tier:

  • Orange Cranberry Scone (Devonshire Cream, Haskap Jam)
  • Shortbread (Dried Currant)
  • Palmier (Puff Pastry, Coarse Sugar)
  • Biscotti (Pistachio White Chocolate)

Sandwich Tier:

  • Farm Fresh Egg Salad (Radish, chive, brioche)
  • English Cucumber (Garden herb lemon butter)
  • West Coast Smoked Salmon (Dill cream cheese, pickled shallots)
  • Apple & Cheese (Roasted apple, spiced butter, cheddar biscuit)
  • House smoked turkey (Haskap aioli, brie, arugula)

Sandwich Tier:

  • Chocolate Profiterole (Raspberry chantilly cream)
  • Espresso Cheesecake (Graham crumb, caramel)
  • Lemon Chiffon (Brown sugar streusel)
  • Summer Berry Tart (Summer berries, citrus curd)

Menu for Kids

Tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel also caters to young children. Instead of tea, pop/soft drinks are offered along with sweet treats. 

High chairs can also be requested. 

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Entering the Prince of Wales Hotel complex and the Dining Room + Offerings and Services

I booked our High Tea reservation online, prior to our visit. We were visiting Waterton with our friends and the dining room was amazing to celebrate our friend’s birthday! 

Upon arriving at the Prince of Wales Hotel complex, we paid for parking and entered the hotel lobby. (Note: Parking is extra). 

The lobby is very spectacular and you can get a glimpse of what is outside from the big hall! 

Prince of Wales Lobby
Prince of Wales Lobby

The lobby is beautiful, and this is where you will check in to your hotel, or dining reservations. There is a gift shop and washrooms (for him) also located here. History tours of the property also take off from the hotel lobby. 

I proceeded to check in for the afternoon tea. The host took us in, and helped us settle into a large table (we had 2 kids with us as well). If a table is available, you can request to be seated by the window with views. 

We booked the experience for 1:30 pm and it was reserved for 2 hours. There were other families, couples, and girls-only tables where everyone was having a great time. 

View from Royal Stewart Dining Hall

We were treated very well by the lady serving us tea. The tea menu was handed down to us and all of us selected our favorites. They had a variety of loose-leaf teas such as Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, and Black Currant to name a few. 

I also saw Assam tea in it and I am from this northeastern state in India, so I was excited. However, I opted for my usual Earl Grey!

A pot of boiling water, a tea bag, and a side plate were provided. Besides the teapot was the highlight of the experience – a three-tiered platter full of goodies, from sweet treats to savory bites. 

Note that they do cater to the following dietary restrictions: vegetarian, and gluten-free options. 

We were at the Royal Stewart Dining Room for about an hour and a half or so, and then paid the check and left. It was truly an amazing culinary experience – steeped in tea, history, and royalty!

Making reservations for Afternoon Tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel

It is highly recommended that you make your reservations for yourself and your party at the Prince of Wales Hotel prior to your visit. 

You can do so on their website (powered by OpenTable). You won’t be charged when you make a reservation, you will pay only after you complete the experience. 

Keep in mind, tea seatings are only available during the summer months from 12:00 pm to 04:00 pm. 

Dressing up for the occasion

The dress code for afternoon tea is smart casual. Shorts and comfortable shoes are fine.

What to do in the Waterton Prince of Wales Hotel?

After your high tea experience, we recommend spending some time at the complex. The lobby or the drawing room area is very pretty, and perfect to hang out and take pictures. 

Hang out at the lobby of Prince of Wales hotel

If you liked the tea, grab some gifts – loose tea boxes, tea sets, etc from the souvenir shop. 

Enjoy a lovely walk to soak in the views of the mountains and the Waterton lakes from above (and without a hike!) 

We visited the Prince of Wales Hotel as a couple, and with family and kids and enjoyed it! You can also plan meetings and small get-togethers, or weddings here as well!

Other things to do in Waterton Lakes National Park

There are lots of amazing things to do and see in Waterton Lakes National Park. We will list them out below, 

1. Guided Hikes

Waterton Lakes National Park has an abundance of hiking trails, ranging from easy to more strenuous routes. You can take advantage of the guided hikes on offer for a unique and educational experience as they explore the area’s breathtaking natural beauty. 

From exploring alpine meadows to braving glacier-filled valleys, these guided hikes are a great way to take in the park’s stunning sights and sounds.

2. Waterton Lakes Boat Tours

You can also take advantage of the boat tours offered on Waterton Lakes for spectacular views of the area’s majestic mountains, as well as its abundant wildlife.

These cruises also provide an opportunity to learn about the local ecosystem and its history. 

Bird watchers can keep their eyes peeled for ospreys, bald eagles, and peregrine falcons that call the park home.

3. Red Rock Canyon 

This is a must-visit destination when exploring Waterton Lakes National Park. Explore the unique rock formation and colors, enjoy hikes, and check out waterfalls as well! 

More on Red Rock Canyon here

4. Akamina Parkway

This scenic drive is a great way to take in the beauty of Waterton Lakes National Park without having to exert too much energy. 

Passing through forested areas and alpine meadows as it follows the shoreline of Upper Waterton Lake, Akamina Parkway is a great way to take in the park’s stunning landscape from the comfort of your car.

5. Crypt Lake Hike

This strenuous hike requires some scrambling but is well worth the effort for its breathtaking views. You will have to get on a ferry, and then hike all the way up to reach the stunning destination of Crypt Lake. Allow 3 hours to complete the hike.

6. Waterton Park Townsite

The charming townsite of Waterton Park provides a great glimpse into the area’s past with its hometown charm and local historic attractions. 

You can rent a bicycle and explore the town. Visit Cameron Falls, take in the view from Bear’s Hump, or explore the many shops and restaurants in town.

No matter what type of vacation experience you’re seeking, Waterton Lakes National Park offers something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s a peaceful boat cruise, a strenuous hike or simply exploring one of the area’s charming townsites, you will LOVE it here!

Note: Calgary to Waterton is just 2.50 hour drive away (so it is perfect for a day trip as well)

Was the Prince of Wales Afternoon Tea Experience worth it?

The Prince of Wales is one of the iconic vintage hotels in the Canadian Rockies. It is not a Fairmont property, but it still maintains its heritage elements and of course, the traditional afternoon tea is amazing (and one of the most affordable in the country).

This hotel is located on a promontory with a beautiful view of Waterton Lake. The lobby windows offer a stunning view of the surrounding seven-mile-long mountain range. 

The hotel itself is a wonderful sight, perfect for photography – you will love the European-style structure and the surrounding vibes! 

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High tea at the Prince of Wales hotel

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