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19 Absolute Best & Easy Hikes Near Toronto

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Many people don’t think of the outdoors when they think of Toronto, but there are so many fantastic places to hike, paddle, and camp. So it’s not hard to find great easy hikes near Toronto when you want a quick walk in the woods.

Some of the best places to hike are in the National and Provincial Parks as there is plenty of parking, they are easily accessible, and trails are typically well-maintained.

While most of these hikes are short, do make sure you come prepared and are dressed appropriately for the weather.

Do note that difficulty level is relative to each person’s fitness level, but all of these hikes are labeled as easy on Alltrails.com. Have fun exploring these trails and make sure to Leave No Trace!

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19 Top Easy Hikes Near Toronto Overview

Note: This post is contributed by Mikaela at Voyageur Tripper and edited by me (Mayuri). Mikaela has been canoeing, hiking, and camping for over ten years. She previously worked as a canoeing guide in Canada and spent a season guiding hiking and kayaking tours in the high Arctic. She is a Wilderness First Responder and Whitewater Rescue Technician.

The National and Provincial Parks near Toronto all offer good amenities and are relatively accessible which makes them perfect for a day trip.

No matter if you think you’ll only be outside for a couple of hours, it is so very important to go prepared. Make sure you take along a first aid kit and plenty of water. Snacks are always a good idea as well.

Day hike packing list

Wondering what to pack for a day hike near Toronto? Here are 10 hiking essentials

Georgian Bay – Bruce – Horse Lake Trails

  • Trail Length: 3.9 km (2.42 miles)
  • Location: Bruce Peninsula National Park (3.50 hours from Toronto)

Located in Bruce Peninsula National Park, this trail is 3.9 km if you do the loop only, but there are multiple offshoots where you can make your trip longer.

You start at the P1 Daytime Parking and can start left on the Georgian Bay Trail or go right for the Horse Lake Trail.

Either of these trails will take you through tranquil forests until you reach the coastline of Lake Huron. This is where the real treat is found.

View of coast in Bruce Peninsula National Park hikes near Toronto
Coast view: Bruce Peninsula National Park Hiking Trails near Toronto

The rocky coastline against the crystal clear water makes for an incredible sight. You can walk down the Bruce Trail to the Grotto which is a cave built into the rocks of the coast.

The Grotto is a bit out of the way so if you are short on time it might be best to head back. You’ll have beautiful views all along the Bruce Trail anyways.

Make sure to have a trail map with you as there are a few forks in the road and you’ll want to make sure you are on the right path.

Beaver Pond Trail

  • Trail Length: 2 km (1.24 miles)
  • Location: Algonquin Provincial Park (3 hours from Toronto)

Just over three hours from Toronto in Algonquin Provincial Park you’ll find the Beaver Pond Trail. This is the perfect place to spot wildlife – especially beaver dragging logs through the lake.

If you don’t luck out and see any animals, you’ll still get to see the dams and houses along the trail.

Algonquin Provincial Park sunset views at the Beaver Pond Trail
Sunset at the trail head in Algonquin Provincial Park

The trail is only 2 km and takes you through the forest, by the lakes and even across them on a boardwalk, and there are also a few good lookout points.

If you complete this trail and decide that you want a little bit more then you can check out the Hemlock Bluff Trail or the Whiskey Rapids Trail.

McCarston’s Lake – Carriage – Spillway Trail

  • Trail Length: 9 km (5.59 miles)
  • Location: Mono Cliffs Provincial Park (1.25 hours from Toronto)

You’ll find this loop located in Mono Cliffs Provincial Park which is open for day hiking only. This 9 km trail will take you by a lake, through the forest, and over the stairs that cut through the cliffs that Mono is known for.

Discover these easy hikes near Toronto, from national, provincial parks to urban centers; there are plenty of options to choose from.
Mono Cliffs Provincial Park easy hikes near Toronto

You have to pay for parking here and they will ticket cars that have not paid. If you go during the winter make sure to bring cleats as there are a few icy spots especially on the stairs.

Make sure to look at the trail map ahead of time and map out your route. There are a number of trails that criss-cross each other and you can easily get on the wrong one.

This park is only an hour outside of Toronto so it makes for the perfect day trip if you don’t want to do too much driving. It’s also perfect if you only have the afternoon to get out and explore.

The cliffs really are stunning so don’t discount this park just because it is so close to the city!

Beausoleil Trail

  • Trail Length: 8 km (4.97 miles)
  • Location: Georgian Islands National Park (2 hours from Toronto)

Georgian Islands National Park is only a two hour drive from Toronto and what a gem it is. The Beausoleil Trail is shown on AllTrails as a loop around the northern end of Beausoleil Island.

This trail begins at the Chimney Bay Dock and combines the Fairy, Rockview, Dossyonshing, and Massasauga Trails.

Georgian Islands National Park
Georgian Islands National Park

You’ll pass a beautiful lake, catch glimpses of the coast from time to time, and walk through forests of pine.

The loop is a total of 8 km but there are multiple ways that you can shorten your trip. Like always, check the trail map before you go.

A day trip to the Georgian Islands will take a bit more planning as it’s only accessible by boat. If you don’t have your own boat or kayak then there are a few other options.

You can take the DayTripper which is a shuttle service run by the park but you will have to make reservations. There are also private water taxis that you can take.

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

  • Trail Length: 1.3 km+ (.80 miles)
  • Location: Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area (45 minutes from Toronto)

At Rattlesnake Point you’ll find two good options for easy trails which is nice as it’s only 45 minutes from Toronto.

The first is a 1.3 km loop trail called Rattlesnake Vista Adventure Trail. It takes you through the forest with multiple lookout points that are breathtaking.

Rattlesnake Point Stone Walls Easy hikes near Toronto
Rattlesnake Point – Stone Walls

If you are interested in a trail that’s a bit longer then take the Nassagaweya and Bruce Trail Loop. This 7.2 km trail will take you along a river and past plenty more lookouts.

If you visit in spring or early summer, you’ll find Great White Trilliums covering the landscape. There are also plenty of interesting rock formations and quaint stone walls.

For fall hikers you’ll enjoy the stunning fall colors contrasting against the white stone cliffs. So no matter what season you come to visit, you’ll find a beautiful view waiting.

There is an entrance fee for this park as well so be prepared for that. There are a few other easy hikes in this park so check their site if you want to know more.

Bonnie’s Pond Trail

  • Trail Length: 2.7 km (1.67 miles)
  • Location: Silent Lake Provincial Park (2.5 hours from Toronto)

Silent Lake Provincial Park is one of Ontario’s best Provincial Parks for hiking. One of the easiest trails in the park is 2.7 km that takes you through the forest and by a small pond.

You’ll see beech, hemlock, and pine trees on your way to the beaver pond. Finally, you’ll arrive at a gorgeous lookout.

The trip is about 2.5 hours from Toronto and you’ll find a parking lot right on the Bonnie’s Pond Trail. Once you drive into the park just stay on that road until you run into the Bonnie’s Pond parking area on the left-hand side.

The Lakehead Loop trail is a bit tougher but offers beautiful views as well. There are lots of campsites here if you want to extend your trip longer than just one day!

Hardy Lake Short Loop Trail

  • Trail Length: 3 km (1.86 miles)
  • Location: Hardy Lake Provincial Park (2 hours from Toronto)

This 3 km trail winds along two small ponds and then follows Hardy Lake for most of the trip. You’ll be in the shade most of the time and walking through a forest of pines.

The trail is wide and flat for the most part and easy enough for children to come along. The trail is also well-marked so you’ll have no problems finding your way.

Hardy Lake Provincial Park may seem small, but it’s really the perfect place if you are a beginner hiker looking to get outside and get some exercise.

The longer Hardy Loop Trail is an option for the more experienced hikers. It’s a bit more difficult and a total of 8.7 km.

It’s about two hours from Toronto and you couldn’t find a better place for a picnic lunch. Pack what you need and enjoy lunch with a beautiful view of the lake.

Komoka White Trail

  • Trail Length: 9 km (5.59 miles)
  • Location: Komoka Provincial Park (2 hours from Toronto)

Komoka Provincial Park is right outside of London and about two hours from Toronto as well. It’s another small park and only has a few trails but it has one of the best easy hikes near Toronto.

Komoka White Trail Broad walk through the forest
Komoka White Trail

The White Trail is a 9 km trail perfect if you want to spend all day hiking. This trail follows along the Thames river for part of your journey and the other part is through forest and meadows.

It’s called The White Trail because the trailblazes that lead you through are white. Come during the spring and you can enjoy the gorgeous wildflowers put on a show.

If you park at the 503 Gideon Ridge lot then you can either take the White Trail out and back along the river or loop back around on the Blue Trail. 

Plan out your route using their trail map before you go.

Scarborough Bluffs Trail

  • Trail Length: 6.8 km (4.22 miles)
  • Location: Bluffer’s Park (30 minutes from Toronto Downtown)

Scarborough Bluffs Trail is a 6.8 kilometer easy trail located near Toronto. Whether you are walking with your dog or hiking, you will love this trail.

During late spring/summer there are pretty flowers along the path. The trail is accessible year-round. 

An update on AllTrails states that there is construction going on, so check this site, before you head there. 

Toronto Beltline Trail – Don River Valley 

  • Trail Length: 8.9 km (5.53 miles)
  • Location: Don Valley Park (12 minutes from Toronto Downtown

Don Valley Park is home to many trails (hiking and biking), and it is located within close proximity to many urban neighborhoods in Toronto.

Part of the valley is the Toronto Beltline Trail – running about 8.9 km through the northeast part of the city. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and road biking and is accessible year-round. It has some terrain but for the majority of the trail it is pretty flat and easy for casual hikers. 

Don Valley

In general, Don Valley’s paved trails are quite popular with new runners, and hikers. Hiking trails mostly wind through urban forests and community green spaces. And can be conveniently accessed via TTC from downtown Toronto. 

East Don Parkland Trail

  • Trail Length: 10.9 km (6.77 miles)
  • Location: East Don Parkland (11 minutes from Toronto Downtown)

The East Don Parkland stretches 10 kilometres in length and runs from Sheppard Avenue East and Leslie Street to Steeles Avenue East. This easy trail is a wonderful vista close to Toronto (in Markham Ontario).

East Don Parkland Trail is a 10.9 kilometer out and back trail, featuring a waterfall and a stream following through a woody forested area. 

This trail is good for all skill levels, and is accessible year-round. 

West Humber River Recreational Trail 

  • Trail Length: 19 km (11.80 miles)
  • Location: West Humber (30 minutes from Toronto Downtown)

West Humber River Recreational Trail is a 19.0 kilometer moderately trafficked and easy trail located near Vaughan. From walking, running, bird watching, hiking to road biking, this trail is great for all skill levels. 

The first phase of the trail (3.5 kilometres) has a link to the Canadian McMichael Art Collection and Boyd Conservation Area. 

Rouge Valley Loop via Vista Trail

  • Trail Length: 9 km (5.59 miles)
  • Location: Rouge National Urban Park (30+ minutes from Toronto Downtown)

Located at the Rouge National Urban Park is the 9 kilometer Rouge Valley Loop (via Vista Trail). 

This is a nice and easy hike near Toronto that features a river and is also great for running, nature trips, and bird watching. You can access the trail all year-round. Dogs are allowed here, as long as they are kept on leash.

Rouge Valley is home to an amazing biodiversity with marshes, beaches, forests and farms. You can access Canada’s first national urban park via public transport from anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area (Bloor-Danforth line to Kennedy Station, then the 86 bus to the Toronto Zoo and the Rouge Valley Conservation Centre). 

Vista Trail is great to capture fall foliage in the valley.  

Beamer Memorial Conservation area

  • Trail Length: 4.2 km (2.60 miles)
  • Location: Beamer Memorial Conservation area (1+ hours from Toronto Downtown)

Located an hour away from downtown Toronto is the Beamer Memorial Conservation area.  It is located on the Niagara Escarpment in Grimsby, Ontario.

Beamer Memorial Conservation Area Trail is considered a moderate trail, of 4.2 kilometer. But the good thing to know is that at Beamer Memorial Conservation Area many of the trails are interconnected, so you can turn around at any point. 

The Lookout Trail at the Conservation area will allow you access to stunning views of Grimsby, Lake Ontario and Niagara Falls (on a clear day). 

Mount Nemo Loop

  • Trail Length: 5.3 km (3.29 miles)
  • Location: Burlington (45 minutes from Toronto Downtown)

Mount Nemo Loop is a 5.3 kilometer trail located near Burlington. It offers a nice forest setting and is welcoming for all skill levels. 

The trail is great in the months from April through October (also perfect for fall foliage). The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and running. You can go bird watching, nature walks, and enjoy amazing views at the look out. 

If interested you check out an old quarry, hidden rock caves, and brooks. 

Trail requires prior reservations, and the entrance fee is $7 per adult. 

Elora Gorge Hole in the Rock 

  • Location: Elora (1.30 hours from Toronto Downtown)

Elora Gorge Conservation area makes for a lovely day trip from Toronto, especially for those wanting to go tubing!

There are easy to difficult hikes inside of the conservation area. One of the easiest hikes is to embark on the Elora Gorge Hole in the Rock trail. It is a short trail, and very easy to access. 

Elora Gorge Conservation park, head there for some easy hikes from Toronto
Elora Gorge Conservation park

To get to the Rock, enter the Elora Gorge Conservation park at the North end.  There is signage when you enter the conservation area directing you to the trail access point. There are stairs that allow you to walk through the hole and to a viewpoint above the Grand River. The entrance fee is $7 per adult.

Thornton Bales Conservation Area Lower Loop

  • Trail Length: 1.1 km (.68 miles)
  • Location: Thornton Bales Conservation Area, King City (1 hour from Toronto Downtown)

Thornton Bales Conservation Area Lower Loop is an easy 1.1-kilometer loop trail located near Aurora. The trail is well marked, winding through trees, plus you can see beautiful wild flowers along the way.

The trail offers a number of activity options from birdwatching, running to casual and light hikes with kids. Dogs are allowed, as long as they are kept on a leash.

AllTrails highlights “The 99 Steps” located at the conservation area which is best suited for experienced hikers or those in good physical condition. 

Leslie Street Spit Trail

  • Trail Length: 11.1 km (6.89 miles)
  • Location: Tommy Thompson Park (25 minutes from Toronto Downtown)

Considered to be an easy to moderate trail Leslie Street Spit Trail offers great views of the city, and lakes. The trail is paved and is wheelchair and stroller friendly (no dogs are allowed).

Leslie Street Spit Trail is a 11.1-kilometer loop trail located near Toronto in Tommy Thompson Park. The loop trail is used for walking, running, and road biking.

Albion Hills Black Trail

  • Trail Length: 6 km (3.72 miles)
  • Location: Albion Hills Conservation Area, Caledon (1 hour from Toronto)

Albion Hills Conservation Area is located about an hour from Toronto near Caledon, Ontario. Set on a sprawling 446 hectares, it is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream!  

You can go camping, biking, tobogganing here in the winter.

Albion Hills Black Trail is a 6.0 kilometer loop trail, perfect for casual hikers. This trail allows you to check out wildlife and is kid-friendly.

Final Words: Hikes near Toronto Ontario

These are some of the best easy hikes near Toronto that you’ll find. There are so many fantastic parks and trails to explore so obviously the list isn’t exhaustive.

Once you finish up with these easy hikes you’ll be ready to tackle the moderate hikes at many of these locations.

We hope you found this post on hikes near Toronto useful in planning your next adventure. Do check the weather before you hit the trails, and don’t forget to lace up!

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