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15 Most Beautiful Lakes in Canada you MUST visit!

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Serene, calm, blue, and very scenic! This is how we describe a beautiful lakeside where the views are to die for and you can feel nature at its calmest best. And this list of most beautiful lakes in Canada will do just that.

Most beautiful lakes in Canada
Most beautiful lakes in Canada

Canada, the second-largest country in the world by area, opens its arms with a lot of fun activities to do for tourists, as well as offers some of the extremely beautiful lakes to visit and enjoy! It is estimated that this country has more than a couple of million lakes to boast of on its huge mainland, but for convenience, here is a list of 15 most beautiful lakes in Canada for you to add to your bucket list now.

15 Most beautiful lakes in Canada

Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise views

The poster-boy of Canada itself, no trip is complete without visiting this pristine and ‘straight out of a movie’ lake setting. Lake Louise in the Banff National Park is at the foot of a 1750-meter-high mountain called Mount Victoria. 

This lake with its pretty mountain backdrop, are the star attractions of the Banff National Park for their surreal beauty as well as hiking, trekking, mountain biking, boat rides, ice climbing and ice fishing adventure activities too.

Located very close by are Lake Louise Ski Area and Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise which is a famous hotel in the grand railway hotel chain.

The promenade is astonishingly picturesque and there is something unique about this place which results in maddening crowds at times. Too many buses and tourists can look like crowds at an amusement park! However, if you manage to get to the lake at sunrise, which can happen as early as 5:30 am, it can be a peaceful, and beautiful experience!

Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia

Lake Garibaldi Canada
Lake Garibaldi

Clear waters, almost like a turquoise transparent mirror, surrounded by alpine forests, Garibaldi Lake is the star of the Garibaldi Provincial Park and one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada.

The park features many kinds of natural terrain, there are mountains, glaciers, forests, meadows, trails, and more. This blue-hued beauty gets its color from the glacier melt, called glacial flour and Sphinx Glacier in the east and the Sentinel Glacier in the south. 

Views from atop the mountain, while hiking is so mesmerizing, they can feel other-worldly. The cool breeze around the lake and the mountain are truly magical. 

Moraine Lake, Alberta

Canadian Rockies Moraine Lake
Canadian Rockies Moraine Lake

Another gem to visit in the Banff National Park in Canada, Moraine Lake is also one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada and can be covered the same day as Lake Louise. Located in the Valley of Ten Peaks at a height of 1880 meters, Lake Moraine is a truly photogenic lake because tens of millions of pictures are taken and used as wallpapers and screensavers. No wonder that this is the most photographed lake in Canada

The lake also serves as the starting point to the Perren Route – a ten-hour hike to the Neil Colgan Hut which is the highest habitable hut in Canada at 2957 meters.

Maligne Lake, Alberta

Lake Maligne Alberta Canada
Lake Maligne

Lake Maligne is a pretty natural beauty in the Jasper National Park, with multiple peaks surrounding it. This lake is also the viewpoint for 3 glaciers. The scenic beauty of the place also makes it a highly picturesque lake – a dream location for every nature photographer.

The lake has a tiny island near the coastline, called Spirit Island, to which one can also paddle or take a boat during the summer months. It is a charming addition to the view. 

The nearest town is Jasper and it is located just 44 kilometers away and is quite easily accessible – thanks to shuttle buses. You can also take the Skyline Trail from Jasper to this lake. It is an interesting trek if you wish to go by foot. 

Emerald Lake, British Columbia

Emerald Lake Yoho National Park
Emerald Lake Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park is home to as many as 61 lakes and Emerald Lake is the largest amongst them all. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada and certainly the prettiest in Yoho National Park. It attracts tourists and photographers from far and wide. 

Emerald Lake is enclosed by the President range, Mount Burgess and Wapta Mountain. The geography induces frequent rains in the summer and a lot of snowfall in the winter months as the basin traps winds and storms. This phenomenon has given rise to amazing flora in the region too. Bright and happy flowers adorn the lakeside during June and July.

Emerald Lake is located at an altitude of 1300 meters and hence it freezes over in the winter months. The unique green hue can be attributed to the glacial particles or rock flour which is suspended in the water. A truly magical sight to behold!

Peyto Lake, Alberta

eyto Lake - Most beautiful Lakes in Canada
Peyto Lake – Most beautiful Lakes in Canada

Located in the iconic and hugely popular Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, Peyto Lake stands high in the mountains at an elevation of 1800 meters, named after a famous train guide, called Bill Peyto. This lake is 530 hectares in the area.

The glaciers feed this lake with water and high amounts of rock flour giving it a brightly blue-turquoise color and breath-taking views!

The viewpoint after following the trail off the road opens magnificent views for the tourists. This lake is also the origin of the Mistaya river that goes North-west from the lake.

Currently, there is construction going on along the viewpoints, scheduled to finish by 2021 and as of now, the lake is best seen from the highest point of Icefields Parkway.

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Abraham Lake, Alberta

Alberta'a Abraham Lake
Abraham Lake

This is a man-made lake that was created by the Bighorn Dam in 1972 over the North Saskatchewan River. This is in the Canadian Rockies at a 1340 meter elevation.

The main attraction of this small lake is the ice bubble formation under the frozen surface in the winter months which are formed as the plants underneath the surface of the water begin to rot and the methane cannot escape. 

Towards the west shore are Abraham Mountain, Eliot Peak, and the Cline river heliport. At the southern tip, one can see Mount Earnest Ross. 

With the formations of frozen methane, this lake is heaven for nature observers and avid photographers. 

Lake Ontario, Ontario

Lake Ontario - Scenic lakes in Canada
Lake Ontario

Lying on the border of North America and surrounded by the Canadian province of Ontario, this is one spectacular lake. The most populous cities of Canada Toronto and Hamilton (and Rochester NY) are also on the banks of this great lake.

The source of Lake Ontario is River Niagara from Lake Erie. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean via Saint Lawrence River. 

The diversity of flora and fauna around this lake makes it extremely attractive for nature lovers and tourists equally. Lake Ontario is very deep hence it never fully freezes over but a sheet of thick ice covers the surface in winters. There are little islands in the lake like Toronto Islands, Wolfe Island and Association Island to name a few but most are along Eastern and North – Eastern shores. 

This beautiful lake offers many fun activities like paddle-boarding, windsurfing, and canoeing too! It must be on your agenda during a trip to Canada.

Spotted Lake, British Columbia

Spotted Lake in British Columbia, Canada
Spotted Lake in British Columbia, Canada

This is a natural wonder! The Spotted Lake is unique in many ways and makes it one of the most unusual and amongst the most beautiful lakes in Canada. This alkali lake lies near the town on Osoyoos and you can take Highway 3 to reach there. 

As water evaporates, it leaves salt and mineral pools and eventually spots which are mineral-rich and hence look different. The lake is a naturally sensitive ecological point and is roped off, but you can take photos from behind the fencing. 

Berg Lake, British Columbia

Berg lake in Canada
Berg Lake

Also located in the British Columbia, this lake lies on the Robson River, in the Mount Robson Provincial Park. It is right next to the North Façade of Mount Robson which happens to be the highest peak in the Rockies, at 3954 metres.

The lake is extremely scenic, with the best shots being taken from Mumm Basin. It is fed partially by the Berg Glacier. 

To reach this lake, you can hike a 19 – kilometer trail that begins from the parking area. The trail is as mesmerizing as the lake itself and you can see Kinney Lake and Emerald falls on the way too. Berg Lake can be seen dotted with icebergs, be it summer or winter!

You can arrange for camping at the lakeside too, but prior permissions are required.

Lake Superior, Ontario

Lake Superior
Lake Superior

Though most of Lake Superior lies in the USA, it is still Canada’s largest lake. This lake is also one of the largest freshwater bodies in the world. 

Lake Superior is filled by more than 200 rivers and rivulets and has more than 80 species of fish. This region can be explored by doing the Lake Superior Half Circle Tour, which is the same thing but done only on the Canadian side.  The provincial parts on this tour have many parks, trails, and canoeing opportunities that can be done on the way. 

The Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario is a huge park of 1550 square Kilometres approximately and is a must-do on the banks of the lake. 

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Lake Minnewanka, Alberta

Minnewanka Lake

This stunning water body is the dream of any nature lover. Five kilometers from the Banff townsite, this small but long glacial lake is overlooked by the prettiest conical hills and mountains. Lake Minnewanka is nearly 140 meters deep. 

The lakeside was inhabited by the Aboriginals after the ice age and Clovis spearheads have been found in the region.

Cruises run on this lake and can be enjoyed by the tourists. The lakeside also hosts a lot of activities namely, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, and diving. Wildlife is also abundant in the area, making it a wholesome natural holiday experience. 

Lake Athabasca

Athabasca Lake
Athabasca Lake

The Athabasca lake is the 8th largest lake in Canada. It is located between Alberta and Saskatchewan and is 283 kilometres long! The Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park can be toured to get the best experience of this lake.

The dunes along the shoreline in Saskatchewan are very unusual and different from any other landscape you will notice in Canada and must be flown into, or you will need a boat to reach them. They are inaccessible otherwise.

Also, there are not many amenities there so pack accordingly. The dunes are active and were declared a Provincial Wilderness Park in the year 1992. 

Saskatchewan is the Uranium city and uranium and gold are mined along the coast of this lake too.

Lake of the Woods, Ontario

Lake of the Woods
Lake of the Woods

Named so because it is surrounded by the woods all around, this lake is about 4500 square kilometres in area and has hundreds of islands to hop around. This happens to be one of the most interesting attractions in Ontario as well. The lake is busy and buzzing with activity around Kenora and the lakeshore but as one goes out into the water, it is tranquil and quiet. 

Lake of the Woods is amazing for fishing too, Anglers, here is your perfect weekend getaway. Lots of fishing resorts dot the shores and guides are available easily. 

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Lake Memphremagog, Quebec

Memphremagog lake and Mont-Orford seen Wharf and observatory tower, Province of Quebec, Canada
Memphremagog lake and Mont-Orford

Located between Quebec and Vermont in the USA, this lake was created by ancient glaciers and Memphremagog is an Algonquin word that means “the place where there is a big expanse of water”.

The lake has 21 islands. 15 of them lie in Canada. The shore is extremely beautiful and scenic with hills and hillock and mountains along the sides. In the summer, there are day cruises and yacht tours. Sailing happens commonly in the summers. There is a children’s yachting club on this lake as well, called the Sargent’s Bay Yacht Club. 

Canada is home to so many amazing water bodies and these lakes are nature’s gift to mankind. So what are you waiting for? Visit Canada and soak in the dreamy lake views and stunning landscapes.

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