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Visiting Canada in April: Things to do in Canada in April

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Visiting Canada in April can be a great experience, as there are many things to see and do. The weather is usually mild, with temperatures ranging from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius, so it’s comfortable to explore outdoor attractions with little care. 

Several events take place in April so that you can enjoy various activities, from maple syrup and cherry blossom festivals to music and sporting events.

Calgary downtown view

You can also expect to see beautiful scenery, as the country is known for its lush forests and towering mountains. There are many hiking trails to explore, rivers and lakes that offer opportunities for fishing, and more. 

Canada is a big country, so there is a lot to see, including various landscapes and cultures. From the cosmopolitan city of Toronto to the majestic Rocky Mountains, there is something for everyone in Canada

Visiting Canada in April: What to expect

Canada in April

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What season is April in Canada?

The month of April is the spring season in Canada. Other spring months are March and May.

Canada seasons: Canada has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. The monthly breakdown is as follows

Canada in April weather and temperatures

April is a tricky time to visit Canada, mainly due to the weather. The positive side is that temperatures are still mild (from a Canadian standard), and the daylight hours are long. 

Girl in Golden BC

Average Canada temperatures in April range from 0 degrees to 15+ degrees Celsius. 

The temperatures will generally be warm by April across Canada, so head outside for a walk or a hike. Snow melts in major cities, particularly on the West Coast (Victoria and Vancouver), and spring has arrived (in full swing).

In other cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary, you may find some snow (mostly slush here and there). If you wish to go skiing, you can still do so in Whistler and Banff National Park. 

Architecture in Old Montreal
Old architecture at dusk in Old Montreal

Overall, remember April is a transition month and probably one of the most unpredictable (like March and November). 

The weather across the country gets sun, rain, and snow (and slush!). Rain is common (10-15 days a month) in places like Vancouver, and Halifax. 

In terms of wind, it blows at an average speed of 19.7 mph (31.7 kph).

Canmore Policemen’s Creek

Below, you will find average temperatures for provinces and popular cities. 

The temperature in Canada in April in Celsius for different provinces, 

  • Alberta: The average temperature in Alberta in April is around 10-15 degrees Celsius. 
  • British Columbia: British Columbia is around 11-15 degrees Celsius. 
  • Saskatchewan: The average temperature in Saskatchewan in April is around 10 degrees Celsius (ranges 5 to 15 degrees Celsius). 
  • Manitoba: Average temperatures in Manitoba in April range from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius. 
  • Ontario: The average temperature in Ontario in April is around 10 degrees Celsius. 
  • Quebec: The same for Quebec in April, which is around 10 degrees Celsius. 
  • Nova Scotia: The average temperature in Nova Scotia in April is around 8 degrees Celsius. 
  • New Brunswick: 8 to 12 degrees Celsius. 
  • Newfoundland: 3 to 7 degrees Celsius. 

Compare Canada Weather in April: By popular cities (averages)

Rainfall (days)
Toronto11 C
51.8 F
4 C
39.2 F
Vancouver13 C
55.4 F
6 C
42.8 F
Victoria14 C
57.2 F
7 C
44.6 F
Calgary11 C
51.8 F
– 2 C
28.4 F
Edmonton11 C
51.8 F
– 1 C
30.2 F
Banff National
9 C
48.2 F
-3 C
26.6 F
Quebec City8 C
46.4 F
0 C
32 F
Montreal9 C
48.2 F
1 C
33.8 F
Saskatoon4 C
39.2 F
-2 C
28.4 F
Halifax8 C
46.4 F
1 C
33.8 F
Charlottetown7 C
44.6 F
-1 C
30.2 F

Weather data source: Weather Spark

What to pack for a trip to Canada in April?

April is typically a time of transition, with the winter weather slowly starting to give way to warmer days. This means visitors can enjoy a mix of winter and spring activities in Canada during April.

Girl in Drumheller Canada
Drumheller in April (Alberta, Canada) | Travel Canada Weather April

Items to include in your Canada packing list are 

Overall, April is a good time to visit Canada as you can enjoy both winter and summer-like activities. 

The weather is milder than in the winter but not as hot as in summer, so it’s a perfect time to explore all Canada offers.

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What can you expect to see in Canada in April?

As the weather starts to warm up, many people start to think about vacationing in Canada. And for good reason – there are so many things to see and do here!

For starters, the landscapes in Canada are incredibly varied. You can find everything from soaring mountain ranges and lush forests to tranquil lakes and sandy beaches. 

Banff National Park in April

April is not a peak tourist season, so visiting Canada before summer is great. Many of the winter sports (spring skiing) can be experienced this month, too.

If you have the Canadian Rockies or Niagara Falls on your bucket list, you can surely beat the crowds, find a nice accommodation deal, and get discounted day tours!

You might also get cheaper flights to Canada (or within the country), hotels, and tours. Since it’s shoulder season, it is easy to find good flight tickets. 

April is also great to enjoy some of the country’s festivals and events. Canada is known for its many cultural celebrations, and something usually happens in April.

Making sugar on snow or maple toffee at the sugar shack in Quebec, Canada
  • Maple Syrup Festival: Many maple syrup festivals take place in Ontario and Quebec from late March to early April. You can visit a shack and enjoy the sights and delicacies. Top festivals include Elmira (ON), Sugarbush (ON), Sunderland (ON), Festival Beauceron (QC)
  • Niagara Falls Elvis Festival: This music fest takes place in the Niagara Falls area near Toronto. You can meet Elvis Presley in action and enjoy a day of rock and roll!
  • Canadian Music Week: This event takes place in Toronto for a week (5 nights). It is one of the largest music festivals in Canada, boasting over 900 bands playing in over 60 venues. 
  • Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival: This event takes place over a weekend at the VanDusen Botanical Garden, where music and tea ceremonies await you amongst cherry trees blossoming everywhere.
  • St. George’s Day: This festival is celebrated in Newfoundland on a Monday (around April 23). 
  • Easter Sunday and Good Friday: You can also participate in these festivities depending on when Easter Sunday falls (March or April). Kids can also enjoy easter egg-hunting events. Note that the spring break of schools is in March.

Most hiking trails in popular parks will open in early April. 

Camping and backcountry sites will be open from May – June onwards. Spring skiing is possible in April (in places like Whistler or Jasper in the early days).

Why should you visit Canada in April?

Springtime in Canada is a beautiful time of year to visit. The temperatures are warming, but the country is not yet crowded with tourists. You can enjoy the scenery and attractions without dealing with large crowds.

Drumheller in April Canada
Bright and nice for April weather

April is a great time to visit Canada because the weather is still mild, making it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. 

Enjoy some of the country’s beautiful parks and gardens without worrying about extreme temperatures.

Kicking Horse Valley
Kicking Horse Valley, BC

Although rain is possible, you can still enjoy the outdoors by packing right (waterproof clothing). 

If you’re looking for cultural experiences, April is a great time to visit Canada. Many festivals and events occur throughout the month so that you can enjoy everything from music and art to food. 

Finally, April is a great time to visit Canada because the prices for flights and hotels are often cheaper than during summer. This can be a great way to save some money on your trip.

Best places to visit in Canada in April

Canada is a large and diverse country with plenty to offer tourists no matter what time of year they visit. However, if you’re looking for specific suggestions on where to go in Canada in April, here are the top 10 great places to check out.

1. Toronto 

Toronto is one of the most popular destinations in Canada, and for good reason – it has something for everyone. From world-class museums and iconic attractions to a lively nightlife scene, Toronto always has something going on. 


The city is also located on the shores of Lake Ontario, making for some stunning waterfront views. Enjoy a stroll along the lakeside or head to Centre Island on a quick cruise – just remember to dress warmly. 

Toronto does get a lot of rain in April, so if you visit on a wet day, reserve some time for visiting history museums, art galleries, shopping malls, and a game of hockey (Rogers’ Centre).

You can find accommodation for Toronto here

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2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Canada in April. This world-famous waterfall is located on the border of the United States and Canada and can be viewed from both countries. 

The Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls is taken from above on the Canadian side.

The surrounding area has plenty to do, including shopping, dining, and sightseeing.

Accommodation: Find hotel and apartment deals in Niagara Falls

3. Vancouver 

Another can’t-miss destination in Canada is Vancouver. This West Coast city is known for its beautiful scenery, with towering mountains and lush forests all around. 

Vancouver Cherry Blossom
Vancouver Cherry Blossom

Head to Canada Place for a Flyover experience, or go for a hike at Lynn Canyon Park when the weather is pretty. From early March to late April, you can also soak in beautiful cherry blossoms in iconic sites such as Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park.

Vancouver is also a major center for culture and the arts, home to top-notch restaurants and shopping.

The weather is a little damp or wetter, so packing a waterproof jacket and shoes is a good idea.

Accommodation: Find hotels and apartment deals in Vancouver

4. Victoria 

Victoria is one of the warmest places to visit in Canada in April. The flowers are blooming, and the weather is nice and sunny. You can enjoy the bustling Fisherman’s Wharf or the harbourfront of Victoria. 

Sunset in Victoria BC

Go on a sightseeing cruise, or whale watching, or attend a free tour of the iconic legislative building of BC – you will love Victoria!

Accommodation: Find hotels and apartment deals in Victoria

5. Montreal

Montreal is another great city to visit in Canada in April. This French-speaking metropolis is home to some of the country’s best restaurants, as well as a lively nightlife and culture scene. 

Montreal is also near the gorgeous Laurentian Mountains, making it the perfect day trip destination for nature lovers.

Accommodation: Find hotels and apartment deals in Montreal

6. Quebec City

If you’re looking for a city to visit in Canada in April, Quebec City should definitely be at the top of your list. There’s always something going on in this vibrant city, and the weather is usually quite pleasant in April. 

You can expect to see many beautiful spring flowers in bloom, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy including food/dining festivals and exhibitions. Make sure to check out the iconic Chateau Frontenac while you’re there!

Accommodation: Find hotels and apartment deals in Montreal

7. Calgary

If you’re looking for a city to visit, Calgary is a great option. This is also a good option if you don’t like rainy weather. Calgary is home to a wonderful downtown area with the Calgary Tower, Saddledome, and the Peace Bridge at its core.

In April, you will love the weather for a walk outdoors – by the riverside or hit the zoo and outdoor museums like Heritage Park and Calgary Fort. 

Landscape of badlands in Drumheller in Alberta
Go on road trips from Calgary to Drumheller or Banff

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Accommodation: Find hotels and apartment deals in Calgary

8. Banff National Park

If you’re looking to explore Canada’s natural beauty, there are few better places to visit than Banff National Park.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in the Canadian Rockies and is renowned for its stunning mountain scenery and abundance of outdoor activities.

In April, you won’t be able to camp, but the weather is nice for hikes. Be sure to pack your hiking boots to enjoy the trails. More Banff hikes information here

Banff townsite, still a bit chilly but good for a walk outside
Banff townsite, still a bit chilly but good for a walk outside. No leaves on the trees

Hot springs and Banff townsite museums and restaurants will be open (late April). The Sulphur Sightseeing Gondola will be taking in visitors as well. 

The benefit of exploring the Canadian Rockies in April is fewer crowds and better accommodation deals

When visiting Lake Louise, it is possible that the lake is slightly frozen and you may not see it in its pristine (turquoise color). 

Nor can you ice skate as the temperatures are warm, but the lakeside access is open all year round. 

Frozen Lake Louise in April
In April 2015, we found it to be completely frozen

In April, you can also embark on a Canadian Rockies Road trip, without having to worry about route conditions. 

Accommodation: Find hotels and apartment deals in Banff National Park

9. Edmonton 

If you wish to skip the rainy weather, head to Edmonton and spend time exploring the downtown and the Strathcona area. 

The temperatures in April are starting to warm up, but it’s not too hot yet, so it’s perfect for sightseeing and exploring all that Edmonton has to offer. 

Go on a segway tour in the River valley, visit museums and indoor farmer’s markets.

There are a number of events and dining festivals that take place in the city in April, so you can always find something fun to do. Into sports? Watch a game of hockey at Roger’s Place. 

Inside West Edmonton Mall
Inside West Edmonton Mall

Edmonton is also home to the largest mall in Canada – head there to shop from over 800 retailers and enjoy a meal at Bourbon Street. 

And of course, no visit to Edmonton is complete without checking out some of its iconic landmarks, like the Legislature Building and the Royal Alberta Museum.

Accommodation: Find hotels and apartment deals in Edmonton

10. Halifax

Halifax is a major port city in Canada, and it’s a great place to visit in the month of April. The weather is usually mild at this time of year, and you can expect to see some beautiful flowers in bloom. 

Halifax in springtime

There are also plenty of things to do in Halifax, from sightseeing to shopping to dining out. You can visit Peggy’s Cove. This charming coastal village is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the area, and there are plenty of restaurants and shops in the village itself.

Don’t forget to take a walk or bike ride along the Halifax Waterfront. This beautiful promenade offers amazing views of the harbor and the city skyline. 

Citadel Hill is another must-visit. This historic fortress is one of Halifax’s most popular tourist destinations. It offers great views of the city and the surrounding area, and there are plenty of exhibits and activities for visitors to enjoy.

Accommodation: Find hotels and apartment deals in Halifax

More Canada Travel Tips for April and Spring Weather Visit

April is a good time for us in Canada, as we start venturing outdoors (with fewer layers). The days are nice and patio dining is a possibility! This month brings in a lot of travel deals – flights, tours, and hotels – so don’t miss out. 

This is also the time to reserve campsites for the summer (reservations open in April). Having said that you can still enjoy hikes and day camp in many areas.

With the snow melting, you can expect slushy areas or muddy conditions in many cities and parks. As rain is a possibility, do pack warm and waterproof clothing.

Easter (and in some cases Good Friday) are the only days where businesses and restaurants might be operating on holiday hours, so keep that in mind when visiting Canada in April. 

Here are some more answers for your Canada trip,

Is April a good time to visit Canada?

April is a great time to visit Canada because the weather is warming up, but it’s warmer than summer. This means you can enjoy the great outdoors without feeling too hot and enjoy some amazing views. 

Pack a waterproof jacket and shoes as rain is possible (including slush and muddy conditions).

Is Canada cold in April?

The answer to this question depends on where you plan to visit Canada. The farther north you go, the colder it will be, but even southern Canada can be chilly in April, especially with the rain. The maximum temperature in the inland areas is around 21 degrees Celcius (69.8 F). 

So, if you’re wondering what to pack for your trip, bring a jacket, scarf, and gloves!

What is there to do in Canada in April?

Well, there are plenty of activities to choose from! If you’re a nature lover, you’ll want to visit some of the country’s stunning parks and gardens. 

An array of exciting events are happening in April, including music festivals, food festivals, and cultural events. 

If you want shopping or dining opportunities, visit cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal. They are also home to parks nearby where you can enjoy nature at your fingertips! 

Are ski resorts open in Canada in April?

The ski season lasts longer in western Canada, particularly slopes in Fernie, Revelstoke, and Whistler in BC, and Jasper National Park in Alberta are open until April. 

Is April cold in Toronto?

The weather in Toronto can be quite unpredictable in April, so it’s important to pack for slightly cooler weather. 

The average temperature is around 12 degrees Celsius, but it can get as cold as 3 degrees or as warm as 24 degrees (during the day). So make sure to bring a jacket, boots, and a hat, just in case! 

There are beautiful cherry blossom trees all over Toronto, and the tulips are starting to bloom, too. If you’re interested in nature and photography, you’ll want to take advantage of the scenery this month.

Aside from the beautiful landscapes, there are plenty of things to do in Canada in April. Toronto is home to various museums and art galleries, including the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario. 

There are also plenty of parks and green spaces to explore, as well as festivals and concerts throughout the month. 

So you see, April is a great time to visit Canada. The weather is great, and many events are happening in the country. Canada is a huge country, so you have many options, from cities to national parks. 

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to relax and take in the beauty of nature, Canada is the perfect destination in April.

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Canada in April guide

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