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70+ Best Souvenirs from Canada to take back home

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Looking for the best souvenirs from Canada to bring back home? Or to give to a loved one?

Among the many little pleasures of life, bringing home small souvenirs from our travels only makes the voyage more memorable. Even for the ones back home, it is truly a keepsake of something beloved that lasts a lifetime.

70+ Best Souvenirs from Canada to gift or bring back home

Best Canadian Souvenirs to buy

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There are many places to globe-trot and take home souvenirs that leave a glimpse of the place’s journey and history. One such place is Canada, a country that is true to its culture and history in many ways.

Maple syrup and other best souvenirs from Canada
Maple syrup products and other best souvenirs from Canada

Canada is full of incredible experiences and memorable souvenirs that you can take home with you as a reminder of your travels. Whether it’s a cozy knitted sweater to keep you warm or the perfect maple syrup for your pancakes in the morning, there are plenty of unique finds in Canada.

Let’s explore some of the best souvenirs from this beautiful country, discover the unique specialties of Canada, and find the best souvenir to bring home.

Canadian Treats, Food & Drinks: Edible Canada souvenirs

Canadian food includes some of the tastiest delicacies in the whole wide world. The national dish of Canada is poutine and butter tarts, and you can imagine the yummy taste it brings to your plate. 

Canada’s most iconic treats include sweet maple syrup, poutine, butter tarts, juicy Nanaimo bars, and smoked salmon. These are identified as “Canadian” because of the ingredients used in these dishes or their elegant aroma and flavors.

The traditional staple of Canada is a mixture of farmed products, wild game, and foraged foods.

1. Canadian Maple Syrup

An ideal souvenir from Canada would be our very popular – maple syrup. It is extracted from the xylem sap of red maple, sugar maple, black maple leaf, or tree. 

Canada gifts and souvenirs Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a sweet syrup found in almost all grocery shops, supermarkets, and gift shops in Canada. Canada produces about 85% of the total maple syrup in the world. 

At the beginning of Spring, multiple Maple Syrup Festivals are organized and celebrated in various locations in Canada. During these festivals, massive amounts of maple syrup are produced. 

Maple syrup has forever been rooted in Canada, almost tying the culture together. And not to forget the historical relevance of maple syrup in Canada. The country’s early residents taught the generations to harvest sap and make maple syrup out of it.

If you are visiting Canada, then maple syrup is the perfect souvenir to bring home.

2. Maple Products

There is nothing like the sweet taste of real, pure Canadian maple syrup on top of pancakes or waffles. You can find bottles of this deliciousness almost anywhere in Canada, and it makes for a tasty memory of your time spent here. 

But that’s not all – why not pick up some other unique maple-flavored goodies? Whether it’s a jar of maple sugar, some flavored popcorn, or even a bar of soap made with real Canadian maple syrup – these products make great gifts and souvenirs!

3. Tim Hortons Coffee

Well, who doesn’t love some lip-smacking coffee and doughnut? 

Tim Hortons Canada

Tim Hortons is known for its exceptional coffee and doughnuts. Hockey player Tim Horton and Jim Charade established this restaurant chain in Canada following their successful Hamburger Restaurant. 

If sweet is love to you, there can be nothing better than the smiley cookies from Tim Hortons that will leave you wanting more.

Tim Hortons Holiday Cup

Also, the Tim Horton mug remains one of my fondest memories of Canada as Timmy’s in Canada is equivalent to coffee.

Apart from this, there’s nothing that beats the whole range of Canadian-style delicacies from Tim Hortons for all food lovers.

4. Ice Wine

Anyone who has visited Canada in its freezing winters knows that ice wine is the only stable companion you have.

Although Canada began its wine production only a few years back, there is no match to the taste and yum of ice wine.

Canadian ice wine
Canada souvenirs: A bottle of ice wine for the festive season!

From the very beginning, Canadians prepared ice wine by freezing grapes at a temperature as low as (-) 8 degrees; then, pickers picked these frozen grapes up on the cold nights before the rising of the sun.

After picking these grapes, acidic, sweet juice is extracted from them. If you visit Canada on New Year’s, you can always check out the exclusive making of ice wine.

If wine is your thing, there’s no second thought to ice wine and its heavenly taste!

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5. Canadian Wine

Bring Canada home with a bottle of wine! All the major red grapes thrive in Canada, especially the classic Bordeaux varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Malbec. 

Buy a bottle of wine from places like the Niagara on the Lake (in Ontario) and Okanagan Valley (BC) – both Ontario and British Columbia are the two largest wine-producing provinces in Canada. 

While Canada is well known for its ice wine, there are still sparkling wines worth checking out. 

6. Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo bars are a type of dessert that originates from the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia, Canada.

Nanaimo bars: Best souvenirs from Canada

They are made up of 3 layers – a bottom layer consisting of a crumb mixture, a middle layer of custard or buttercream, and a top layer of chocolate ganache. The bars are named after the city of Nanaimo because that is where they were first created.

Nanaimo bars are a very popular dessert in Canada and are often served at parties and other special occasions. You can surely buy a pack (or more) and bring it back home!

7. Ketchup Chips

Although ketchup chips have not originated in Canada, it is one of the most popular treats eaten in the country, making them a great souvenir you can bring back home.

Also, the most prominent thing about ketchup chips is that they don’t even taste like ketchup. They have a tangy flavor with some onion and garlic, which almost has a smoky aroma.

Canadian people are obsessed with these ketchup chips, and you can bring the taste and aroma of Canada with you through these ketchup chips (I am obsessed with anything ketchup or sauce related!!). And if you are a food lover, there’s no way to reconsider.

You can even purchase it on Amazon if available in your country!

8. Saskatoon Berry 

For the perfect souvenir to remember your trip, choose Saskatoon berry jam! Packed with delicious cherry-blueberry flavor, this sweet preserve is sure to remind you of your time in the city. 

Not only is the unique taste enough to take you back, but Saskatoon berry jam also contains high levels of antioxidants and fiber, so you can feel good about indulging in a treat that has both flavor and health benefits. 

With its sweet and tart flavor profile, buying Saskatoon berry jam as a souvenir will make for a very special reminder every time you find yourself enjoying this delightful spread.

9. Smoked Salmon

After a long day of work, some delicious and juicy salmon is what all Canadians wish for. And it’s no different for travelers too.

Smoked salmon from Canada is everyone’s favorite. It is coated with salt and served with some cream cheese and lemon; it is the perfect sweet-and-sour combination you can have on your trip to Canada.

The catch is, given all the hype, it can be slightly expensive but worth a try. They are a perfect treat to bring back home for your loved ones.

10. Canadian dried meat

For visitors who want to take a piece of that Canadian culture home with them, nothing is more classic than some dried meat as a souvenir. 

Whether it be Bison, Caribou, Buffalo, or even Fish, there’s no shortage of jerky options available in Canada. This treat is perfect to store away in your bag and then enjoy later, as the vacuum-sealed packages help keep the taste and freshness intact while you travel. 

11. Molson Canadian Beer

If you prefer beer among all beverages and you are in Canada, then you must try Molson Canadian beer. Made of Prairie barley and Canadian water, it is an entirely natural beer without added preservatives.

Molson Canadian Beer
Molson Canadian Beer

Every person who has ever been to Canada has tried the ever-so-popular Molson Canadian Beer.

It is one of the most-selling beers in Canada, and the reason behind its popularity in Canada is the unusual advertisement with its tagline, “I am Canadian.”

It has a crystal-clear color and crisp taste. Moreover, it is a popular beer brand in Canada. Taking home a pint of Molson beer has never upset anyone. Trust me!

12. Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey

Crown Royal is the most popular whiskey in Canada. 

Crowne Royal Bottle
Canada souvenirs: A mini bottle of Crowne Royal

The reason behind the eloquent name is that it was specially made for the first trip of King George IV and Queen Elizabeth of England to Canada back in 1939.

But in 1964, its producers started selling it in the international market, where it hit a blockbuster. 

Fifty different kinds of whiskeys are mixed in different proportions to make the Crown Royal Whiskey, which is the exact reason why it’s way too high on the pocket.

But, if you are someone who craves some good whiskey, do not give this a miss!

The Crown Royal facility is located in Manitoba, and Alberta with water mainly drawn from Lake Winnipeg for mashing, distillation, and dilution.

13. Canadian Club Whiskey

Another blended souvenir-worthy whisky is Canadian Club. It is also an affordable option, with bottles costing around $20-25 CAD. You can also buy a nice gift set with a bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey and a glass! 

The whisky is made of rye. It has caramel and oak notes, followed by a spicy finish.

14. Canadian Cider

Canadian cider is an excellent option for souvenirs from your visit! 

Crafted from apples grown across the country, Canadian ciders are as unique and varied as their origins signify. 

From Rock Creek Cider made in Calgary from Kelowna apples to the award-winning offerings of BC breweries like Sea Cider (Victoria), and Broken Ladder Cider. 

Often gluten-free and with light, refreshing flavors perfect for summer days, Canadian cider makes an ideal gift for friends and family members back home who want an authentic experience of the lovely countryside.

15. Crisp Coffee 

Although branded and marketed by Nestle worldwide, Crisp Coffee is a made-in-Canada chocolate – which is also one of my favorites!

It is a light choco bar made of vanilla wafers and coffee-flavored layers all wrapped up and covered with yummy milk chocolate. 

You can buy them for less than a loonie in Dollar Stores – they make for a nice edible souvenir to take back home. 

16. Laura Secord

Laura Secord s.e.c is a chocolatier and ice cream company. They are a Canadian brand named after the Canadian hero Laura Secord, who is known for the 20-mile journey that she undertook to warn the British about an impending American attack;

The chocolatier brand was founded in 1913, and today, it can be found in most Canadian cities and retail centers. You can choose a box of specialty chocolates or pick a piece or two in an assortment.

Traditional + Indigenous Cultures Souvenirs

17. First Nations Canadian Souvenirs: History Book | Documentaries

If you visit Canada for the first time and are not too sure about its culture and traditions, you can opt to learn about Indigenous Peoples’ cultures. In most history and art museums, you will find a wide array of souvenirs related to the First Nations or Inuit community. 

There are over 630 First Nations communities in Canada, which includes over 50 nations and indigenous languages! What makes these groups different is their unique culture, history, and spiritual beliefs.

Note that more than 1.6 million people in Canada identify themselves as a part of these aboriginal groups. 

You buy literature or books that speak volumes about their history or buy an art piece painted/created by them.  

As Canadians, we take pride in our heritage. Souvenirs and gifts include hand-carved marble bears, burnt wood loon carvings, geese carvings, jacquard shawls, and so many more.

You will never regret bringing a few of these back from Canada, which shall forever remind you of your fond trip.

18. Dream Catchers

Do dream catchers really work? In some First Nations cultures, a dreamcatcher (one made of feathers and beads) is considered a sacred item. It is often a handmade willow hoop, which is woven into a net or web. 

Dream Catchers: Souvenirs from Canada
Dream Catchers: Souvenirs from Canada

It is believed that both good and bad dreams fill the air at night. A lot of people believe dream catchers not only help you sleep better but also keep the not-so-great dreams at bay. It almost acts like a dream guardian. 

It is a belief that it does work on your mental health, giving you a peaceful night’s sleep. You’ll find a variety of them in every corner of Canada.

In Canada, dream catchers are very popular, and most houses with a bohemian feel will have them.  Taking a belief back home from the country you visit is almost like therapy. Give it a try!

19. Aboriginal Art

Art has a very different and unique essence in every part of the world. Canada is filled with aboriginal art.

Indigenous Canadian art is based on folk stories. People usually depict wildlife, summers, and old Canada with the help of this art form. 

Aboriginal art uses various symbols to display the cultural heritage of Canada. It is around 80,000 years old and has immense historical importance in the country.

You can bring back some aboriginal drawings or paintings from Canada or some sculptures as a memory. 

20. Soapstone Carving Kit

Soapstone Carvings have been in use for thousands of years. It is used as a carving material by various cultures, such as the Inuits, Native Americans, and many others in Asia and South America.

This kit by Rubble Road is perfect for takeaway back home. It is proudly made in Canada! Buy this Carving Kit here.

21. Miniature Stone Totem

Canadians believe stone totems bring good luck and stay away from all evil spirits. Stone totems have typical words written on them that mean things like bringing life back to the lifeless. 

If you believe in such souvenirs, too, get a handful of them for your friends and family.

You can get lightweight and compact totem pole souvenirs. It is never too late to bring some good luck home 🙂

22. Inukshuk Gifts

Associated with the fundamental roots of Canadian culture and history, nothing is better than Inukshuk gifts to get home from Canada.

Inukshuks have been found at archaeological sites in Canada and are related to spiritual functions. Earlier, they were used for hunting and navigational purposes. It is a symbol of human connection in Canada. Thus, it is the perfect souvenir you can bring back from Canada.

Note that this has also been placed on the flag of Nunavut which is the newest and largest territory in Canada.

Canadian Specialty Items 

You can find gift shops almost everywhere in Canada. Among the most delightful Canadian gifts are those that represent Canada’s culture and tradition.

Right from Canadian sculptures to jewelry and special collectibles. If you are an art lover, there’s no end to the exceptional artifacts, silver, and artificial jewelry.

23. Canada Post: Collector’s Coins

If you or your loved one is a numismatist (aka collects coins), you must browse the specialty coin collection from Canada Post.

Canada Post Birthday Coin Set

We used to work for Postes Canada, and admire the collector’s set. You can choose from an anniversary or birthday set.

Or pick from pure silver or gold coins to gift someone you love. These sets start at $20 CAD.

24. Anne of Green Gables-related souvenir

If you like to keep mementos from places you visit, consider picking Anne of Green Gable’s toys and books as souvenirs when you visit Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. 

Best souvenirs from Canada: Anne of Green Gables souvenir

Anne of Green Gables is an iconic Canadian classic written by a Canadian author and treasured by readers of all ages. 

The wide availability of Anne-themed merchandise makes it easy to find something special – ranging from t-shirts, postcards, and fridge magnets to dolls that all represent stories set in beautiful Prince Edward Island. 

Beautiful bookmark – Anne of Green Gables

I didn’t grow up in Canada, but I read about Anne of Green Gables in my 30s and I treasure the souvenirs I got from PEI, particularly this hand-painted bookmark that reminds me of the beautiful places and adventures ahead!

25. Red Maple Leaf | Canadian Maple Leaf souvenirs

A red Canadian maple leaf is a perfect souvenir to take back home.

The maple leaf is the defining leaf of the maple tree. It is Canada’s most well-known national emblem. You can buy them as Christmas ornaments, food/jewelry dishes, cute silver charms, or as wall art!

Souvenirs and Gifts Canada

The symbol looks amazing when worn as a pendant or a bracelet charm. Check out cute silver charms here with the Canadian Maple Leaf! 

You can also purchase a Canada maple leaf pin, pillow case, or a patch to stick to your favorite jacket! You can check prices for the following Canadian souvenirs

26. Made in Canada jewelry 

Buy fine or fashion jewelry that is handcrafted and manufactured in Canada. It doesn’t have to have a specific Canadian symbol, but the ingredients and craftsmanship make it so special. 

Like this PEI sand ring or bands, they are created in Charlottetown, the capital city of the smallest province in Canada, in a boutique named Curiosities. 

Best souvenir from Canada: Locally made jewelry (picture – Jewelry from a Calgary seller)

I love buying locally-made jewelry and supporting small businesses. It is so pretty and durable. 

You can also buy locally-made fashion jewelry that is available on ETSY. Many are tarnished free, and can be easily packed and taken home! 

Many Canadian fine jewelry makers focus on sustainability and the use of recycled material, thanks to small-scale production! This list includes gold, silver, as well Canadian ice diamonds. 

27. Sand band rings from PEI 

PEI Canada is known around the world for its picturesque landscape and lovely beaches, making it no surprise that one of the most popular and unique souvenirs from there is a sand band ring! 

PEI Sand bands: Kuriosities

Crafted by local artisans in PEI, these silver or gold rings are imprinted with sand gathered from the shores of idyllic Prince Edward Island.

You can also order custom-made rings for weddings or any special moments. 

They are often presented as tiny works of art, capturing the island’s beautiful colors and reminding owners of their time spent in this wonderful locale. 

28. Ethically Sourced Canadian diamonds

Of all the Made in Canada jewelry, diamonds are special. Canadian diamonds were discovered in the 1990s, and since then, it has become quite popular. 

Best souvenirs from Canada: This Banff pendant has a small Canadian diamond

Diamonds are mined in the pristine wilds of northern Canada, making them unique treasures. They also undergo rigorous certification and an audit process. 

Canadian diamonds are expensive. But if you love luxury and wish to buy a souvenir that you can wear every day, then you will enjoy picking up a sparkly pendant, ring, or earrings to take back home. 

Most jewelers and jewelry stores in Canadian malls will carry these diamonds in some shape or form.

29. Canada Day Gifts

Canada Day is a day of celebration and national pride. It is celebrated on July 1st every year.

Canada souvenirs: Canada Day celebrations

If you are in the country around this time, show your support for the nation by adding some wonderful Canada Day insignia to your repertoire! After all, it’s not every day that such a special occasion as this is remembered and honored. 

The perfect way to commemorate your trip is to return special Canada Day-related merchandise. You can find them in most souvenir stores with ‘Canada Day 20….’ written on it.  

30. Stuffed toys: Moose, bear, or beaver

When traveling to Canada, many people like to buy stuffed toys (for kids or just for decorative purposes). 

Best souvenirs from Canada: Stuffed toys from Canada

You can pick up a Canadian moose toy as a souvenir which is often dressed up in a Mountie uniform (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Some toys have ‘O Canada’ embroidered on them or have our flag colors with the maple leaf! 

Whichever design you like, you can easily purchase them from any souvenir shop in Canada.

31. Miniatures (CT Tower, CN Tower, Canoes, etc.)

A fantastic way to remember your visit to Canada is with a miniaturized replica of some of the country’s most iconic structures. 

Whether you seek a miniature version of Toronto’s iconic CN Tower or an even smaller rendition of the Calgary Tower in Alberta, there’s something for every Canadian city lover. 

If you’re after a uniquely Canadian experience, why not try a replica of a traditional canoe? For history buffs, there are also miniaturized versions of heritage sites like the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré in Quebec or Guard Island Lighthouse in British Columbia. 

With these delightful replicas, you’ll have a perfect souvenir with which to remember your trip for years to come.

32. Wooden Map of Canada

Wooden maps of Canada make for an excellent souvenir after returning from a Canadian excursion. 

Photo by ETSY

Assembled by artisans, each wooden map is unique, showing how diverse and beautiful our country is. 

An ideal accent piece to any home or office décor, a wooden map of Canada will continue to bring back memories of your adventures. Check out similar pieces here

33. Candles – Made in Canada

ETSY is a good platform to get handmade candles from Canada. Locally made candles will remind you of your lovely time in the Great White North! 

Photo by ETSY

You can choose from natural organic candles, filled with essential oil, dried flowers, and unique styles such as this one (from EarthsThanks, one of the ETSY best sellers).

Without waiting for a delivery, you can buy candles from pop-up stores in shopping malls.

34. Starbucks Been There Series

In almost every Canadian city, you can stop by a Starbucks to pick up a ‘Been There’ collector mugs and tumblers.

They are filled with Canadian nuances from the beaver to the Rocky Mountains and beyond. 

Starbucks BEEN THERE series: Canada souvenirs

You will also find city-specific mugs to purchase like this one for Victoria BC, and take back home as a souvenir.

35. Pandora Charm Collection

Just like the Starbucks Been There series, you can get Pandora silver charms to add to your existing collection. The Maple leaf is a popular one, followed by the moose charm and dangly hockey sticks.

You can buy these charms from any Pandora-authorized resellers or standalone stores.

36. Photo in a unique costume/outfit (like Mounties)

Canada is becoming increasingly popular with tourists from around the world, and getting a photo in a unique outfit like a period costume (in a living history museum) or Mounties can make for a truly memorable souvenir. 

Inside Fort Calgary
Wearing a Mounty outfit inside Fort Calgary

Imagine taking home a photo wearing an iconic Canadian uniform to show off to your friends and family! With bright and traditional red jackets, the Mounties are an iconic symbol throughout Canada, standing for justice and protection. 

37. Photo with Santa – during the holidays

When visiting Canada around the holidays, what better way to create a special memory than getting a photo with Santa? 

Santa photos at a mall in Saskatoon, SK

Santa is available at malls and public spaces across Canada, ready to discuss wishes and take photos with every family. 

As a souvenir experience that will be especially meaningful when visiting during the holiday season, it’s definitely worth your time to find an opportunity near you to get that perfect festive photo! 

38. Photoshoot in Canada

For the ultimate Canadian souvenir experience, why not treat yourself to a photoshoot? 

Whether you choose to do it outdoors in Canada’s stunning national parks or in one of the many vibrant cities like Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver – you’ll be able to capture and keep memories of your trip forever. 

Girl in Banff
Photoshoot in Victoria BC

We have done photoshoots in Victoria, in and around Banff, and more!

Photographers in Canada offer everything from travel photography such as skyscapes, landscapes, and cityscapes, to portrait and family photoshoots – so whatever kind of photo you’re after, the perfect photographer is out there. 

With plenty of different packages on offer, you can get exactly what you want without breaking the bank. 

39. Name-plate

This unique, personalized item is both practical and meaningful. 

Crafted from durable metal, it’s sure to stand the test of time on your wall or desk. You can choose from various designs, including iconic symbols such as the beaver or canoe. 

You can even get an Indigenous-style design reflective of Canada’s diverse cultures. 

So get inspired and treat yourself (or a loved one) to an unforgettable keepsake that will remind you of Canada for years to come.

Canadian Clothing brands + wearable souvenirs

40. Hudson Bay Blanket

The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) is a retail store in North America. They started as a fur trading business in Canada.

The Hudson blanket most often has a traditional Canadian color pattern on it. 

Canada has freezing winters, and thus, Hudson Bay blankets are the perfect choice for insulation. They are super thick and warm (and look great against a white wintery backdrop).

If you want to bring back some Canadian souvenirs, then a Hudson Bay blanket can be a perfect choice.

You will find Hudson Bay’s uniquely striped patterns in mittens, sweaters, and blankets!

41. Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats are functional and stylish, and you can buy Canadian-made hats as a souvenir. Buy them online or at Henri Henri (Quebec) and choose from a wide variety of colors and styles! 

42. Canada (maple leaf) Mittens 

If you are looking for a unique and memorable souvenir from Canada, then look no further than a pair of beautiful mittens with maple leaf designs.

These mittens will keep your hands toasty warm even on the coldest winter day and bring smiles to people’s faces when they see the iconic pattern. 

Whether you want to give them as a gift or wear them yourself, these cozy and stylish mittens are an excellent reminder of your visit to Canada!

Purchasing them is also easy; all you need to do is go to one of the many Canadian knits stores online or visit any store when in town.

43. Canada Toques or Winter Hats

Not only are they beautiful and unique, but toques with Canada-inspired will also keep you warm and cozy during colder months! These fashionable and functional beanies come in different colors, styles, and sizes to fit all. 

Made of soft and durable materials like wool with faux fur, you don’t have to worry about it going out of style. Buy a pair for yourself or your friends – the perfect gift to remind them of the Great White North!

Right from Canadian sculptures to their clothing and artifacts. If you are an art lover, there’s no end to the exceptional artifacts, mugs, silver, and artificial jewelry.

44. Cozy Sweaters and Warmers from Canada

Everyone knows how cruel the winters in Canada can be, making it one of the best places to shop for cozy warmers and jackets. So why not take home a piece of that coziness with you? 

Best souvenirs from Canada: Warm clothes from Canada

Handcrafted knits are available almost everywhere in Canada, from big cities to small towns. 

From traditional sweaters to modern accessories like hats and mittens, there is something for everyone when it comes to quality handcrafted goods. 

Whether it’s kids’ sweaters you are looking for or some for yourself, Canada has to offer so much comfort and warmth in their winter wear collections. It’s never a bad idea to stock up on some winter clothing from one of the world’s coldest places.

45. Canada inspired T-shirts

If you prefer a typical souvenir, then a T-shirt of this kind is also an option!

46. Canada Jerseys and Hoodies

Canada-inspired jerseys make great souvenirs, providing a memento of the trip and a reminder of Canada’s proud heritage. 

Perfect for athletes and sports fans, these jerseys are stylish and comfortable, making them ideal for relaxing in the comfort of your home or wearing out on the field. Not to mention, they also make excellent talking points. 

Canada fleece jacket: Best Canadian souvenirs Whistler

Whether you’re from Canada or from further abroad, nothing brings people together better than celebrating sporting traditions shared across borders through iconic favorites like ice hockey.

You can buy country- or city-inspired hoodies or university-related ones!

47. Canada inspired socks

If you are looking for a cute item to take home after your trip to Canada, look no further than a pair of Canada-inspired socks! 

These unique socks come in various designs and colors, all featuring iconic Canadian symbols like the beaver, maple leaf, and Inukshuk. 

From multi-colored stripes that reflect the beauty of Lake Louise, the snowy landscapes of Whistler, or abstracts inspired by the boreal forest – these cozy socks will not only keep your feet warm but will remind you of special moments from your trip every time you slip them on.

48. Canadian Brands: Roots

The Roots store was founded in Toronto in 1973, and now it has become one of Canada’s most famous clothing houses. Initially, Root designed the jersey for the Canadian Olympic team in red and white colors.

Best souvenirs from Canada: Goodies from Roots Canada

Roots is more of a simple and comfortable style. Undoubtedly, bringing home a few for your near and dear ones will only make them happy!

Other Canadian Brands include Canada Goose, Aritzia, and Lululemon for clothing!

49. Canadian Brands: Lululemon

On the Fly Pant Lululemon travel products
Wearing Lululemon On the Fly Pant, Bomber Jacket

Lululemon is a popular athleisure brand headquartered in Vancouver. Here, you can buy yoga outfits, hiking gear, and travel garments.

If you are looking for a travel bag, get the ever-popular ‘Everyday Belt Bag.’ Click on this link here to check it out!

50. Canadian Brands: Aritzia

Based in Vancouver, Aritizia is a popular female clothing brand. They produce sustainable clothes at a good price – they are fashionable and classic! It is actually my favorite in Canada!

Popular scarves from Aritzia

51. Canadian Brands: Dynamite Clothing

Groupe Dynamite is a Canada-based clothing company. It was founded in 1975, and you get cool formal, casual, and party clothes for her. They are well-made and uber-stylish! 

52. Canadian Brands: Canada Goose

Looking for warm outerwear? Canada Goose produces some of the finest in the country. They are headquartered in Toronto, and they manufacture everything in Canada, rather than outsource to reduce cost.

The company had been criticized due to its use of coyote fur. In June 2021, it announced that it would stop making its products with fur by the end of 2022 after years of backlash over its use of coyote fur.

53. Canadian Brands: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Rocky Mountain Soap Company is one of the Canadian (Alberta-based) manufacturers that make all-natural bathing and body products such as soaps, lotions, oils, and body creams!

Best souvenirs from Canada: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

I personally use their hand wash, foot lotions, etc., and they are AMAZING – they work so well, especially in the winter, and they also smell GREAT!

You can buy travel-size body products as souvenirs to take back home!

54. ETSY: Locally made Canadian items

If you live overseas and wish to support a local small business owner, look no further than ETSY.

Best Canadian ESTY Shops Anisofia
Handmade jewelry from a Calgary based seller – AniSofia

We shop a lot from ETSY, and can highly recommend it for purchasing handmade jewelry, paintings, and other locally-made items (including cookies!).

Canada Symbols and Affordable Souvenirs

55. Canadian Flag Patch

Canadian flag patches are a great way to show your love for the Great White North. They are also easy to carry and adorn your outfits (like a jacket) or bag. 

Canadian Flag also called the Maple Leaf
Showing off my Canada flag patch on July 1st 🙂

You can find them in most Canada souvenir stores, which cost about $2 to 5 CAD per piece.

56. Canada Flag Pin

Canada lapel pins are a great way to share your heritage or keep a piece of this wonderland close to your heart. These pins are usually made of high-quality steel and are small enough to store and carry overseas.

We love carrying a few flag pins with us when we travel overseas, as they make a perfect gift for tour guides. We gift a Canadian souvenir (along with cash) as a tip! 🙂

You can buy them in bulk from Amazon as well!

57. Canadian Flag as a souvenir 

One of the best Canadian souvenirs is the flag itself. It can be purchased in any size and material and gifted on any occasion. Flags are to be treated respectfully, so hang them beautifully in your living room, car, or backyard. 

CN Tower & the Canadian Flag: Souvenirs Canada

If the flag is ever damaged, remember to dispose of it in a dignified way!

This is the perfect Canadian souvenir as it is symbolic of the country!

58. Canada Flag Speed Bottle Opener with Canadian Maple Leaf

A bottle opener makes for a nifty gift idea – it is functional, compact, and one of the most affordable things to buy in Canada.

Get an opener with red and white colors, preferably something with a maple leaf like this one!

59. Canadian Coins

Our loonies and toonies can be great souvenirs, too. In fact, any leftover currency can be a great souvenir idea without spending any money 🙂

  • A loonie is a $1 Canadian coin. It is called so as there is a picture of a solitary loon on the reverse side of the coin. 
  • A twoonie (or toonie) is a $2 CAD coin. Toonie” is a portmanteau word combining the number “two” with the name of the loonie, Canada’s one-dollar coin.

60. Canada Posters and Pictures 

Canada-inspired posters and pictures are an amazing souvenir idea. Posters are lightweight to carry in your luggage. Once you are home, you can show off your Canada souvenirs by placing them in a nice frame and hanging them in your living room or study!

61. Postcards from Canada

Postcards are still a great souvenir and a Canada gift idea. You can choose from cities, landscapes, or a specific landmark – just take your pick! 

They are also affordable and easily packable items to bring back home!

62. Canada stamps

Stamps make for great souvenirs. You can buy a roll, a pack of 10, or a single stamp to take back home. 

You can get them at a local post office, Shoppers Drug Mart, or London Drugs.

63. Canadian History Books

I LOVE travel and history books and always pick them up locally on my trips. You can choose from concise history books to illustrations and hard-bound fancy coffee table books!

64. Magnets from various Canada destinations

Fridge magnets are a popular Canadian souvenir. They are easy to carry, and they will also remind you of the Canadian destinations you have visited.

Magnets from Canada
Canada souvenir: Fridge magnets

We love collecting fridge magnets in addition to local crafts. We have a huge collection of them (of various places we have visited), and decorate a plain magnetic board with it!

65. Canada-inspired ceramic mugs (coffee mugs)

Canada inspired ceramic mugs make an ideal purchase; they are both memorable and useful, a lasting reminder of your vacation that can also be put to good use. 

Best souvenirs from Canada: Canada Ceramic Mugs

These wonderful mugs come in a range of styles and colors, allowing you to choose one that matches not just your favorite memories but also suits your style. 

Best souvenirs from Canada: My Banff coffee mug

Imagine sipping your morning coffee or tea from these attractive Canadian mugs, a reminder of all the fun times you had on your holiday.

66. Parks or cities inspired travel mugs, tumblers & bottles

Show off your Canadian trip memories with Canada-inspired parks or city travel mugs. 

City or Canada-inspired mugs shot glasses, etc

Perfect for any traveler, these mugs come imprinted with vivid images of stunning national parks and famous cities in the Great White North.

Best souvenirs from Canada

Whether you’re taking a well-deserved break or on a business trip, these stylish mugs and bottles will make sure you never forget your vacation. 

67. Canada-inspired shot glasses

Don’t have room for mugs and bottles, get these shot glasses instead. They make great souvenirs as they depict Canada’s iconic landmarks and wildlife.

Shot glasses from Canada
Best souvenirs from Canada: Shot glasses

68. Canada inspired puzzles

Canada-inspired puzzles make the perfect souvenirs for any Canadian excursion! 

Not only can you remember the amazing times you had on your adventure, but you can keep yourself occupied with a challenging puzzle while evoking reminders of Canada’s breathtaking scenery and some of its most iconic sites.

69. More Options & Canada GiftsCanada-inspired keychains

If you prefer key chains, other knick-knacks, etc., from Canada, we have this list below. They can also be purchased online on Amazon, and you can give them as gifts for the Canada lover!

70. Canada snow globe

Canada – cold – snow go hand in hand. If you are visiting in winter, grab a snow globe depicting quintessential Canadian elements such as Mounties and moose or the flag of Canada. 

Shaking the snow globe brings me pure joy every single time, and it helps keep alive the wonderful memories of roaming through our beautiful country and being awe-inspired by the lovely landscapes in the winter. 

71. Canada inspired bookmarks

Canada has always been known for its vast and stunning landscapes, so what better way to commemorate a great trip than with souvenir bookmarks inspired by Canada’s iconic beauty? 

Bookmarks are affordable and packable Canada souvenirs you can take back home and use in your planners, books, or as a memento. 

You can buy bookmarks that feature detailed depictions of the breathtaking sights found throughout the country, from diverse forests to majestic mountains and picturesque lakes.

They will serve as everyday reminders of the amazing sights seen on the journey and priceless memories made along the way.

72. Canada inspired coasters

Show your love for Canada by picking up a nice set of coasters! 

Whether you choose a classic design featuring the Canadian flag or a modern design with vibrant colors, these coasters make great decorations in any room. Not only are they timeless and aesthetically pleasing, but also practical; ensuring drinks will never stain your tables. 

With such variety and quality to choose from, you’re sure to find one that speaks to your style and represents your trip to Canada in an unforgettable way!

Find Canadian-inspired coasters on Amazon

73. Canada-inspired reusable shopping bag

Get a cute reusable shopping bag with Canada’s iconic symbols. This is a thoughtful and sustainable souvenir for visitors. 

Best souvenirs from Canada: Re-usable shopping bags

Pick a bag with one of the Canadian images, such as a moose, loon, Mounties, beaver, or maple leaf, prominently displayed on them. Use them for daily shopping, or pack your extra goodies from Canada!

Final ThoughtsCanada souvenir gift ideas

Canada is the second-largest country in the world after Russia. Being one that’s so full of rich culture and heritage, Canada never falls short of places or things to do.

A few must-visit places in Canada are Niagara Falls, the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains in British Columbia, the Banff National Park, Maligne Lake, the Perce Rock, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

They make for excellent nature views and picturesque places to visit. Pictures from these places are also an excellent souvenir idea!

So make the most of your trip, and bring Canada home with these fantastic souvenirs for your friends and family!

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